I can’t keep my potassium up. Why would this be?


I can’t keep my potassium up. Why would this be?
I can’t start the magnesium until my potassium is at an ok level. Which I can’t achieve. So I’m stuck.

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  1. Why can't mag be started until K is up? My K has been chronically low for almost a decade (possibly longer, but that's when we found it, because I started passing out).

  2. Iodine levels?

  3. Synthetic vitamins D and B cause the loss of potassium.

  4. You might try the cell salt, Kali Phos, to help clear the cell receptors.

  5. Adrenals need help

  6. Beth,
    Have you done any of these in the past?
    Ways to deplete Potassium
    From Morley:

    3 PROVEN ways to "D"eplete the body of Potassium:

    o Take Diuretics and or Blood Pressure Rx meds (The doctors obsess over the Potassium loss & IGNORE the Mg LOSS that preceded it…)

    o Take ANY KIND of supplemental B12 (sublingual, transdermal, shot or oral) which accelerates DNA Synthesis — artificially– in the body, which then places a metabolic demand on Potassium to support that cellular process…

    o Take Hormone-D ONLY supplements that CAUSE Renal Potassium Wasting… I've witnessed this in thousands of HTMAs and mineral Practioners are WELL AWARE of this mineral dynamic…

    -Moderator/Root Cause Protocol Consultant

  7. My potassium has been low for a long time. I got my magnesium until high and through everything off.

  8. Magnesium lowers sodium, and sodium is required to push potassium into the cells. Make sure you are taking the adrenal cocktails. Get the Hair Tissue MIneral Analysis(HTMA)/consultation to learn your tissue mineral levels and their ratios. -moderator

  9. You can overcome this problem by eating as much potassium rich food as possible, finding a powdered form of potassium that suits you, and using a lot of adrenal cocktails. Once all that is in place, begin the mag cofactors and then finally, start your mag using as many different types as necessary. If it sounds hard that's because it is. But once you unlock all those doors, you will be there.,,and it is worth it. RCP Consultant

  10. As a matter of interest how are people who are dangerously deficient in "hormone" d supposed to up their levels as only natural way is through sunlight. In many countries this is impossible. Thank you.x

  11. Magnesium deficiency –> leads to potassium deficiency.


    Too much magnesium without enough sodium –> leads to potassium deficiency.


    It's a juggling act.

  12. You're supposed to start at a low magnesium level and work your way up slowly so don't fret too much about your potassium levels

  13. If you are eating a ton of potassium (4,700 mg) per day and still low in potassium, go to your doctor and have your kidneys and thyroid checked. Your body is not holding onto it for some reason. It could be more serious than you know…

  14. Look at the health of your digestion

  15. To me it helped to lower my salt intake and taking potassium from natural sources like dates and coconut water. Some of the COT doesn't contain potassium, make sure to check the brand and the content of potassium;)

  16. Why do you need potassiium to take magnesium?

  17. I too, and in this same boat Beth Farr. I've a long history of Fibromyalgia, and Myofascial Pain Syndrome. As well as a blood clotting disorder.
    I don't take any additional salt to my food, and find I crave bananas & oranges (also good sources of potassium.
    I would ask the same question as Hakon Martin Byrial Bjerke. But I have not been told by my Neurologist to wait until my potassium is in Normal value range. I'm curious to know.

  18. "According to the Linus Pauling Institute, experimentally induced magnesium deficiency results in low serum potassium levels and a high retention rate for sodium that can cause muscle disorders, nausea, vomiting and personality changes."

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