I currently take 112 of Synthroid.


Good evening all! I currently take 112 of Synthroid. I recently have started working out to get back in better shape. I have been to the gym 4 times now and everyday after I workout I feel terrible. Like flu like symptoms. What’s going on? Went last night and seriously felt like death all day plus facial flushing (which Is new) all day. Any ideas?

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  1. I heard with Hashimoto’s you should not do strenuous workouts, I was told walking yoga, nothing to stress your body

  2. Weightlifting with hashis. Also your adrenals might be out of wack.

  3. Are you hydrating eating adequately?

  4. Also are you eating wheat and dairy?

  5. Unsweetened almond milk in breakfast smoothie but that’s about it

  6. That’s your adrenals – Walking, yoga, Pilates….much easier on us. Been there as a marathon runner…..I refused to cut back and stop until my last training cycle-I was sick after every run.

  7. I see you’re low carb. You are probably low on electrolytes. You need extra water and extra salt in your diet. A cup of bouillon does it for me. Especially with drinking a gallon of water you need to supplement your electrolytes. Salami and cheese is a good go to salty snack.

  8. I drink homemade bone broth and take a sea kelp supplement daily for Low iodine

  9. I would feel like crap after an intense workout and was advised to stick with low intensity and weights. I fight giving up dairy and gluten but I must admit I feel better doing so. Much luck to you, it’s been a trial and error for me, but it does get better!

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