I definitely have Celiac


Had my endoscopy yesterday. The doctor said there’s no cancer, but that I definitely have Celiac. He said I needed to go gluten free. I feel like that’s an oversimplification based on what I’ve read, so my question is now what do I do?

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  1. Read up and learn what ‘going gluten free’ means – research like crazy and understand the new changes you (and possibly your family) are facing when it comes to food. I am always reading and learning!

  2. Have labs run to look for vitamin deficiencies, anemia, etc. Have DEXA run to determine bone density. Other than that, if there are no complicating factors, there’s really not much else. If you have kids be sure to get them tested asap, even if asymptomatic.

  3. If you have celiac you need to stop eating anything containing gluten and foods that might be cross contaminated. Diet is the first thing you should work on. It’s recommended to run cbc or rbc after a month or two to see if your gut is healing (might take up to 6 months tht) and if you’re able to process and absorb nutrients.

  4. Look for someone who specializes in treating gut disorders. I have two people in my life, both alternative docs, advising me on diet and other strategies. Celiac had me in bed during the winter…3 months of extreme illness, weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting, uch…awful. The strategy was to introduce food slowly \

  5. First, take a deep breath and be VERY HAPPY you don’t have CANCER! I had the same worry myself, it’s a tremendous relief to find out you only have to change your diet to be healthy again! It was 12 years ago for me, I know at first it seems daunting to have to change the way you eat, but trust me, you can do it! And before long it will seem like second nature. This group is a great help to people who have many questions, use us! And good luck! 😉

  6. Nancy thanks for that comment. I wish I’d said it. Last winter I was so afraid I had cancer or something life-threatening. It was awful. And I was on my knees in gratitude when all the tests came back fine. I’m still in that place of gratitude. Celiac Disease…that I can manage. So happy to have this group to commiserate and support each other.

  7. No cancer is awesome. My doctor basically said the same thing to me. It took a while to digest what needed to be done to get healthy again.

  8. Thanks so much:)

  9. Join a support group near you. Look up Seashore Celiacs in NJ. The chair of the group is in this group too.

  10. Great book to start with

  11. What were you worry symtpoms that you had cancer??

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