I desperately need to be eating gluten free


I desperately need to be eating gluten free. It all seems very overwhelming. Are there any easy recipes y’all recommend to help with the transition? Snack ideas?

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  1. I've been going on Pinterest for mine

  2. There are a ton of good apps too. I use Find Me GFree to find local restaurants that have gluten free options. I also use ShopWell to scan bar codes on products in case there's a sneaky gluten like barley.

  3. As for snacks– rice cakes, popcorn, anything Van's brand is good, KIND bars, sea salted almonds, gfree pretzels, etc.

  4. I found gluten free to be easy to adjust to. Here is my pinterest page with gluten free recipes. https://www.pinterest.com/eyesforlies/gluten-free/

  5. Download the gluten-free apps for restaurant information, which grocery stores are good, etc. Then go to your grocery and look for gluten free items. There are so many that are out there to replace what you normally use. If you react to gluten-free foods, you might have some intestinal damage and you may have to remove more from your diet.


    You learn as you go on!

  6. It's reasonably easy to find gf tortilla chips and salsa – budget friendly too!

  7. Just Google & you'll find tons of recipes. It's so easy now. Plus people post stuff on FB.

  8. I find naturally gf options make it easier, potatoes, rice, corn…

  9. I dropped everything but fruits, veg and lean meats to start. Those were the safest. Then I started researching, asking questions and experimenting with "gluten free " options. I have found a cheese I like, cookies that are yummy and switched to nut based milks. Haven't found a good bread that wasn't expensive as heck. I make my own trail mixes and chocolate covered nut / fruit clusters. There are actually a lot of things that are gf…….you just have to think outside the box ( no pun intended, lmao)

  10. The first thing I suggest is cleaning out your kitchen so you don't have it there any more. Look up the names of grains to avoid and it's by-products are. Someone posted a list in here the other day. Then read labels of everything you want to buy and make sure they don't have gluten. Also, I suggest eating out for a while until you know how sensitive your body is to it.
    It's overwhelming at first if you don't know where to start.

  11. My blog is completely gluten free and has a lot of easy recipes if you are interested. Please reach out if you need help with anything and hang it there!

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