I desperately want to lose this weight.


Hello, I am feeling so overwhelmed. I am sorry if this post is all over the place and hard to follow. I had my 5 baby in October 15. 6 weeks later my father passed away. While I was sitting in the hospital with him for those last few weeks I was getting very bad tummy pains that would bring me to tears. I was 38 and aside from the common cold I had never been sick. During my pregnancies I had been anaemic. I went to a dr about 2-3 months later because of weight gain. I had never had trouble losing baby weight before and I seemed to be gaining more. Anyway he sent me for a blood test checking my thyroid and an ultrasound. I was told I had severe hypothyroidism (the worst he had ever seen) and was put on 50 mg thyroxine daily along with vit d and was advised to add iodised salt to my meals as much as. My ultrasound found 2 lumps on my thyroid which couldn’t be found last scan. I was given an app to check again in 3 months. This was a year ago and gradually my medication has been increased to 75mg mon, tue and wed and 150 the rest of the week. Last week I had my scheduled video conference with the specialist in Sydney and was told I have hashimoto’s disease. I was told that I would just be wasting my money if I joined a gym and I am likely not going to lose the weight. Obviously my tummy pains were constipation…everything seems to be settled except for the fatigue (I sleep fine of a night time but wake feeling I need to go back to bed and have next to no energy all day) and I have gained more weight. A few days ago my two little girls got of the bus from school crying because there was a girl picking on them that their mum was fat. I now weigh 104 kg. I I can’t say I have noticed any depression because I lost my dad 3 months before diagnosis but I have to say that I was already upset about my weight and not being able to fix it and now my 4&6 yr olds are being bullied because of it. It really is depressing. I have been reading as much as I can and I don’t know where to start. I desperately want to lose this weight.

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  1. I am so sorry, Stacey. I don’t understand the conversions or the thyroid numbers… but I am on Paxil, which contributes to weight gain AND I take Zyrtec every night.. which I found out is an appetite stimulant. But when I was first diagnosed, oh man.. I’d get out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, so sit on the couch because moving was exhausting.. then I’d sleep for another 5 hours. I did that for about 3 years until I found another doctor. Anyway, I was about 20 lbs overweight.. and last summer I was done. I didn’t like the way I felt about myself.. so what I did was first cut those two meds down half. Before Hashi’s.. I was a hummingbird and I still feel like a dodo lol. So, what I did was cut out most sugar. 100 carbs a day or less. That means, no grains, no bread, no crackers, no sugar, and I love my sugar! I increased my dairy intake.. yogurt and I drink raw milk. I don’t have an issue with dairy.. so cottage cheese, string cheese. Basically I increased my protein and veggie intake and reduced my sugar intake. It is very hard. But I lost 20 lbs. I’ll be 61 next week. My dad is on the same diet.. has been for 30 years. He’s diabetic, but on this diet, he doesn’t even need insulin. He lost 50 lbs on this diet! I need to check out the AIP.. but I’m more simple and regimented and need a routine for food. Anyway.. it was weird, as soon as I got down the 20 lbs, I actually went hyper, so I was able to reduce my thyroid. It’s good that your doctors are giving you a high dose, because so many don’t. Hashi’s is a very complicated disease, in my opinion… so I have 3 books that I constantly re-read and try to figure out what I’m doing. I hope some of this helps.

  2. For start go get some vitamin d, get outside with your kid, breathe, step back and reevaluate.

  3. Hashimotos begins in the gut. Start the AIP diet( Autoimmune Paleo) begin taking magnesium malate. Take raw honey for gut each day. Probiotics every day. Eat fermented foods, and do abdominal massage. Some people cant have dairy, Im one of them. You need to get on good supplements, like from health food store, and start reading good books, like Root Cause, by Izabella Wentz RPh. And IODINE: Why You Need It, why you cant live without it. By Dr David Brownstein.The iodized salt is missing the other component of iodine. Must have Iodide and Iodate. Very good book. Read all you can. Start Autoimmune Paleo Diet right away.

  4. Oh just look at your photo, very pale. Test For B12 deficiency, Ferritin, magnesium RBC. Vitamin D.

  5. Thank you all soo much. I am going to visit a book store on Monday and arm myself with a few of the mentioned books. And maybe buy myself a nice notepad and pen, lol, it looks like I have some serious research to do. Is this a forever thing? Are we all going to battle this for the rest of our lives or is it a matter of finding the right medication and diet and one day our thyroids will fix themselves.does anyone know the cause of their hashimoto’s problem. If so how hard was it to pinpoint? I know I am probably not asking the right questions ATM. But up until a few days ago I had an under active thyroid and my drs non importance of it made me feel like it was temporary. You know like when I sorted my medication then maybe I would be ok. Ha I sound so very naive and I apologise. I don’t mean to I am still trying to get my head around it all. My drs didn’t even mention a change in diet or foods to avoid, it is only through my own reading this morning that I know anything. And I have to say I am honestly scared and sad and nervous.

  6. I understand the feelings, all of them. The mainstream Doctors just dont fully understand the impact of Hashimotos . Izabella Wentz has FB page, so does Dr David Brownstein. Thyroid Nation, How I Healed My Thyroid. Look up Thyroid Summit, its done every year. Mary Shoman. Many many others. Dr Axe, Dr Christianson

  7. Where do you live?? These doctors sound horrible!

  8. I was diagnosed 6 months after I had my daughter, and was put on 150mg of levo. It’s been about 6 months now that I’ve been on it, and my thyroid levels and perfect now, I take it 6 days a week. And although it’s not much, I’ve already lost 10 pounds, and haven’t done any special diet, and frankly, I don’t exercise nearly as much as I should (aside from chasing my almost 1 year old around). So don’t give up hope, because it can be done. I still struggle with fatigue, but I associate that with my anxiety and stress. You’ll find what works for you! Just don’t give up.

  9. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Unfortunately, so many think weight loss comes naturally with getting your levels normal but that’s not the case, at least not for me. I feel normal when I’m on Armour 100 mcg, but my appetite increases as my metabolism does so really I end up over-eating.

    My advice – normalize your levels and look into the KETO diet. When I was on it I felt optimal. Good luck!

  10. I can’t believe someone told you it’s a waste of money to go to the gym. Shame on them!!! There are so many benefits other then weight loss…

  11. So I am sitting here this morning trying to figure out my next step.
    My Diet!
    And I am getting. A lot of conflicting information. I have read to avoid eating nightshades, kale, seeds and nuts (among others)
    But I have read to include red bell peppers, kale, chia-flax-pumpkin-sesame-sunflower seeds and Brazil nuts-almonds and walnuts. And oats. Those of you that changed or regulated your diets, what do you do?

  12. Please don’t be depressed. You need to exercise and be gluten free…

  13. Ketogenic diet works wonders for everything you have. It’s my way of life now. I won’t go back to sugar, gluten the improvements are very noticeable. Best of all you don’t have to buy any program or special supplements.

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