I do not get tired easily and work for 16 hours.



(Mag-A-Hol for oral ingestion.)

This is my 2nd Gift to all people of this and other nations who are in Chokehold of Health Industry.
Right from the doctor to hospital to pharmaceutical companies to Health Insurance companies ….all view people as
an unlimited source fat income.
No one is really worried about your well being.
People on their part are bewildered what to do when the money runs out ,
they have a question looming in front of their eyes.
To feed the family or pay the Vampire Health Industry .
They start looking for alternatives.
This is the 2nd line of Vampire Industry waiting for you.
They are Health Supplement Suppliers, Alternative medicine practitioners, so called Theory people
and supplement chemical suppliers.
All view you as a cash cow.
I saw this scenario when I stepped in this vast country and adopted her as my country.
I saw that the whole economy thrives on a single factor .
And that single factor is FEAR.
Everyone is afraid and people exploit this fear to the extreme.

I was so disturbed to see this that I thought there are no more people here who worry about other’s well being
without expecting rewards.
It is then I came to this community by chance and then saw that Morley Robbins, Myss Phytt and others were tirelessly educating people in
making people aware that there is salvation at the end of the tunnel.

It is then that I gave my first gift of MAG-A-HOL to you all and world in general.
MAG-A-HOL was meant to be a transdermal Magnesium infuser .

But over a period , I realized that people need to get Magnesium orally also.
This is because I saw people trying to know which Magnesium supplement was best,
Different companies were touting different types of Magnesium and no one was getting much anywhere getting the right supplement.
Everyone said that our pproduct is best.

I saw people paying ridiculous sums for such supplements.

So I thought that I should simplify the process of oral Magnesium by giving a fast absorbing mechanism without any side effect and other issues.
Since there is no product of Magnesium that is so effective and powerful and yet cheapest like MAG-A-HOL and people had the knowhow now to make it themselves.

I experimented by trying to take MAG-A-HOL orally .

At last I found that MAG-A-HOL internally was as effective as transdermally .
Though both systems work differently, Magnesium was reaching all throughout the body now in matter of minutes if not seconds.

After minute calculation of available Magnesium Ions in 1 cc, I determined the dosage of 4 CC to be a well needed daily requirement for an adult wanting to be in good health.
The delivery system is also very simple and very effective.
MAG-A-HOL raw cannot be ingested and I do not want MAG-A-HOL to be added to any Juice, Maple Syrup or Milk or anything.
I found that either drinking 100 ml of red wine with 1 or 2 CC of MAG-A-HOL as an effective dose which is fast acting to
using plain distilled water or RO water in same 100 ml of water to 1 or 2 CC of MAG-A-HOL.
(I prefer MAG-A-HOL made with EVERCLEAR for Internal usage orally than one with Vodka.
If you are ingesting Vodka made MAG-A-HOL , I would suggest to use with wine.

Since a month of trial I have been doing, I have never had any stomach upset or any other reaction .
My though process is very clear now, no more supplements of any other Magnesium tablets/Capsules and I have become more creative, sharp and always in high spirits.
I do not get tired easily and work for 16 hours.
I am not telling you more of what I find better in my body least you get suggestions to expect what you should feel.
Please experience yourself what you find different and better .

I am uploading directions in files section.
I hope all of you will derive benefit .

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  1. Thank you again, Hemant Trivedi for your selfless efforts to help mankind. You are an inspiration.

  2. Hi Sarah, I have bought before from maccess for topical application. But not convinced should be drinking something that's sold for topping up car batteries :-/

  3. you can make it 🙂

  4. Heidi – Distilled water is as pure as water can get. I can buy distilled water by the gallon in my local grocery store and dollar store. It's with the rest of the gallon jugs of water.

    For all of its purity, it is stripped of important minerals.

  5. Ok all. I'm not one to complain, usually, and feel a little stupid. So you're telling me its safe to consume the mag chloride that specifically states for EXTERNAL USE only and buy distilled water from the garage that is sold for topping up car batteries? Vodka i know is fit for human consumption although many would disagree

  6. Distilled water is not sold in the UK for consumption

  7. So why wouldn't you add mag-a-hol to mag water?

  8. I'll stick with the honey

  9. Hemant Trivedi: i need your help!
    So i went to the chemist company looking for the grain alcohol but i didnt get it cause i read on the label it contains 50 mg/ liter methanol
    Is that small quantity normal/ safe?
    Unluckily there are no professional chemists present just the vendors , and they dont have a clue
    about anything. Just donkeys.

  10. Chemists do not sell 95% Grain Alcohol. Liquor stores do.

  11. It is a wholesale chemist products for laboratories

  12. Ger,
    Please buy from Liquor store or ask your chemist to give you pure Ethanol.

  13. Ok ok thank you!

  14. Oh my goodness, please do not consume methanol ever.

  15. Of course not.

  16. Thats why didnt buy it

  17. I am doing currently with cachaça ( tipical beverage 39 ° vol, made from sugar cane and base for the popular drink caipirinha)

  18. Your idea makes sense.
    There is a popular potion divulgated by the monks in Brazil. It consists in a preparation where half kilo honey plus aloe vera leaves plus little.bit cachaça are blended together. This potion is stored in the fridge and ppl take a spoonful three times a day for many ailments. I used to take it for stomach pain
    So your idea of adding alcohol.to mag is soo great. I tested it yesterday and booom! It reached my system in half a minute !

  19. Every night, I add 2 cc (my MBR is high) of MAG-A-HOL with water and I find it great soother, calming me and inducing me to a fine sleep.
    I found that it takes barely a minute for Magnesium to reach my brain (as you too found it reaches your system in barely 30 seconds)

    I have now reason to believe that with MAG-A-HOL in new Avatar, I might have broken that Blood Brain Barrier for Magnesium to reach……
    Any seconders to this Hypotheses?

  20. Of course! Alcohol opens the bloodvessels and is the perfect Avatar. Like any hero , alcohol reach remote areas of difficult accessibility where " weak warriors" like water cannot reach

  21. I'm not sure I like being thought of as a vampire – I am an alternative healer and my job means I offer healing treatments to peopel who come to me
    I can't say I have ever told anyone they needed more than they did to gain "extra"

  22. Sarah Sparkles,

    Why this comment ..? Beats me.

  23. Mag a win can reach the brain cells in a shot, carrying mag to do its job. Decalcification can be more drastic. And all the benefits of mag in them

  24. This is the 2nd line of Vampire Industry waiting for you.
    They are Health Supplement Suppliers, Alternative medicine practitioners, so called Theory people
    and supplement chemical suppliers.
    All view you as a cash cow.
    I saw this scenario when I stepped in this vast country and adopted her as my country.
    I saw that the whole economy thrives on a single factor .
    And that single factor is FEAR.
    Everyone is afraid and people exploit this fear to the extreme.
    I was so disturbed to see this that I thought there are no more people here who worry about other's well being
    without expecting rewards.
    this ^^^

  25. there are lots of peoplev out there who care about others health and well being
    I worked hard for my qualifications and for my skills
    very hard indeed.
    To be thought of as someone who is a vampire is quite peturbing

  26. Sarah Sparkles,

    Please do not take it to heart. It was a general observation.
    In my experience what I have seen so far is what I have written.
    Like you there are many main stream doctors who are good .

    My angst is against supplement supplying companies who are making a Dollar out of what costs 5 cents.
    This is business and has nothing to do with your well being.
    If I have been a cause of your getting hurt, I sincerely apologize .

  27. Lets get back to business..i get very upset about all this constant debating..the one up on someone else..we are adults who can take or leave information without all the debating between group members…i may have to leave group ,,as ALL this crap…

  28. Because of all the crap

  29. Charlotteb Burdine,

    Sorry about that Madam.
    Let us smoke a Peace Pipe together now.

  30. Ok so back to business. I know tap water is not ideal. But is there a reason we should not use it for this protocol? Or use the mag water?

  31. Use the best quality water you have available. If the best you have is tap water, then that's what you have. Bear in mind, though, that not all tap water is the same. I live in a place without added fluoride in the water, and my Brita pitcher removes the chlorine before I use it for drinking, cooking, making mag oil, etc. I bathe in unfiltered tap water because a shower/tub filter is beyond my budget right now.

    If there was fluoride in the water, I would do what I had to in order to get a whole-house filter that removed it.

  32. Peggy Ashley Harrison,

    If you have only tap water, please boil it for 10 minutes and cool it and then use it.
    As Ruth Lanton rightly put, I do not want Fluoride or Chlorine in the water.

  33. Ah that answered my question

  34. Heidi Berger you can buy de-ionised water in Boots or other chemists, intended for steam irons, but is quite safe to drink. Only problem is its packaged in those big plastic containers, so probably no better than bottled water. You could try Perrier or another spring water packed in glass.

  35. Thanks Seamus. I did ask that originally. Will use glass bottled mineral water

  36. Seamus Lurcher – Hemant does not want those added minerals or carbonation in Mag-A-Win…. that 's why he specified ditilled water.

  37. Is a cc the same as a ml? All the med syringes around here say ml – but I found one that says ??/cc – the ?? part has rubbed off over time…

  38. yes 1 ml=1 cc

  39. Thank you Hemant for giving us more powerful " crosses" to beat the draculas in white coats. With my 36 years i know this fact very well! This is a rule and we all know that, since we are not stupid, we are waking up more and more each day .
    Since every rule has its own exception, there are healers which are free of greed and really care about others.
    If someone here is the exception of the rule, then
    well, may God bless you and continue your good task in life. But you shouldnt feel hurt/ touchy if you are the exception.
    One can say for example : " Oh it is a dark night" But you will not hear the distant star saying: " Hey, not everything is dark, i am shining, you fool, dont you see?"
    They will not care about others comments and recognition, they will not identify themselves with the comment " it is dark"
    They will continue to shine , because shining is their nature, their dharma.
    Stars can teach us a lot

  40. By the way , it is a very very dark night. Human history has never seen something like this crazies 20 – 21 centuries.
    However there are true stars out there , some a little bit popular ( i am not refering to Justin Bieber, but real stars) and most of them anonymous.
    My sincere respect/ honour to all those real stars shining out there!

  41. What are you even talking about..u may be in wrong room

  42. Back to business: i love red wine, but i will try the other way also, i am living in a village up on a mountain and we have a well with pure water, i only boil it to kill the potential bacteria.

  43. It is called symbolism, Ma' am. Just a positive message

  44. MJ Hamp, if the choice is between bottled water and distilled (usually deionised here in the UK) stuff that has been stored in cheap plastic containers which are unlikely to be food grade surely bottled is safer, even if there is some small interaction with some of the mag?

  45. Distilled water is only purchasablebb in my country for non human consumption purposes too. I would be inclined to choose filtered water over distilled water in these cases too. Though they should be be in polypropylene containers.b

    What we are doing with the MAGAWIN shouldn't be anymore absorbablebbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbbbbbthat many of things we subject ourselves to in our daily activities, it's no different from any other thing containing alcohol, NSAIDS,bbbbb pepper,bbb phospholipids bbbbbbbbband numerous other foodsbbb

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