I don’t even really have desire to eat.


Ok everyone, I’m totally in a severe funk over here. I just found out that I have celiac last week…. I have NO desire to cook, I don’t even really have desire to eat. I mean… I’m starving ALL THE TIME!! But I just can’t pull myself to get up and eat, because I feel like I can’t find anything and it’s all my families food they can eat staring back at me. Did anyone else feel like this? Or am I being a total baby?

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  1. I’ve experienced the weirdest issues since I went GF. At first I was always starving, but then one day I lost my appetite and now it fluctuates. Some days I barely eat (bad because I’m diabetic) and some days I eat like 6 meals because I just can’t stop. It makes no sense to me

  2. I use to feel like that all of the time. Start taking some vitamins. Preferably b-12 & magnesium. And be open to eating more healthier stuff. Fir snacks i go to: tuna & pretzles/ red pepper hummus with pretzels/ peanut butter and pretzels/ crackers with cheese and beef jerky, shit… chips and dip! Buffalo dip, chec mex muddy buddues, The list goes on. And please please please PINTEREST! Ull find everything! I eat like a pig.

  3. Be patient with yourself. It takes time. Baked potatoes and rice are super easy. Top with cheese, chili (hormel), Bush’s beans, broccoli/cheese, etc. Eggs are GF. Make omelettes, crustless quiche (or buy GF pie crust at Whole Foods etc). Snack on yogurt, cheese, Turkey pepperoni, salami, fruit, etc. Take it one meal at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed. P.S. Costco rotisserie chickens are large, cheap and GF. Get some!

  4. I finally started getting the hang of cooking GF, then I realized that my milk allergy is also causing symptoms. Now I’m learning how to be dairy free on top of it all.

  5. Yes, for the first month I ate almost nothing. I felt like crap and had no energy to cook. It took me a while to find new snacks and meals that were tasty enough for me. My go to fast meal now is GF chicken nuggets (precooked, just microwave for a minute) paired with a bag of frozen veggies. I always have tortilla chips on hand as well.

  6. I did too. I was SO HUNGRY at first. ):

  7. It is overwhelming ar first but it does get easier.

  8. I used to cook all the time. Every meal. Now kids are grown and gone. And I have this gut problem, I don’t cook at all.

  9. Most foods don’t sound good anymore since I can’t have the foods I’d been used to. I’ve been eating those Little Cuties because they seem to satisfy. Maybe someday we’ll get the hang of it.

  10. The hardest part about Celiac, in my opinion, is the initial few months before you get the hang of what you can eat. In the beginning I craved sweet things even though I didn’t eat many before diagnosis.
    This group is great for asking questions like I need a gluten free version of (insert food). I’ve also started a note page with GF food I found that I like so I remember in the future. And I also keep a list of food people recommend on this page.

  11. it os going to be very challenging for a while. but it does get easier over time

  12. i eat a lot of soup and oatmeal and smoothie every morning. keep it simple. i think i get adequate nutrition

  13. It’s overwhelming, but you will need to learn to cook, or someone in the family will. Dining out is risky and $$$.

  14. Absolutely. It’s hard because you don’t feel well And have no energy to prep and cook. There are a lot of GF things you can get that are quick and easy. They’re processed and that’s not really the best for you to eat all the time BUT when you’re starting out and feeling so badly, sometimes you just need to do what you can until you start feel better.


    Felt the same way. I’m just at my one year today. Still gets frustrating but you can do it. I never thought I would make it. Hang in there! Just got a cookbook that looks amazing. Cooking for Isaiah. Gluten and dairy free, but they look simple and really good. Made one last night and it was great. Using recipes from it the rest of the week.

  15. It’s been a month for me and I ate what liked that was gluten free but after a while of eating the same foods they seem blah. lol

  16. I stick to fresh meat veggies and fruit salads with eggs and other veggies no bread as I have not found one I like and no pasta I was not a fan of it any way so I don’t miss it. What I do miss is a good sandwich but I now use leaf lettuce and use that in place of bread.

  17. At first yes absolutely but I did build food confidence. I was scared to eat. But it does get better and easier One day at a time 🙂

  18. I feel like this daily. Especially when i just want to grab something quick thats not a pop tart. Im 4 months into diagnosis. I also want to just be able to order food from a pizzeria when i dont feel like cooking. Thats when I get angry at the disease.

  19. I found out last week, too. It’s overwhelming.

  20. I lived off of homemade chicken soup with a little rice and applesauce for weeks. Then as I got stronger I started juicing ginger, spinach, celery & carrots. I used a chunk of ginger, a handful of spinach, 2 pieces of celery & one carrot. You only get about a 1/2 cup of juice but it’s healing at a cellular level.

  21. Yes and my parents make a big deal if I cook. It’s pretty much impossible to cook here. I’d rather starve than deal with the hassle. Plus, I have no idea how to prepare meals for work or how to package/store them.

  22. Hang in there as it does get easier. My son’s go to is chicken, rice and veggies. All yummy and all gluten free.

  23. I was very overwhelmed and insanely hungry for the first month as my body adjusted.

  24. same. I am still trying to work through it all.

  25. Ive been a diagnosed celiac for 17 years. It gets easier with time. You have to learn to cook just keep it simple. Throw a couple of chicken breasts witn bone in the oven and bake till done. Bake 2 or 3 potatoes at the same time. Couple of meals there. Hard boil a dozen eggs, make egg salad, tuna salad, frozen veggies in microwave. It can be done.

  26. Nope, I spent the first year feeling like I would starve to death becsuse of no food. Then it got better. It is a learning curve. Check out Gluten free on a shoestring, she really helped me.

  27. Yes get a juicer

  28. I take one afternoon a week and pre prep all my food for the week , chicken and rice , sweet potatoes and veggies …then I just need to reheat and can take my meals anywhere

  29. A diagnosis of a life long chronic illness causes grief and grieving. The steps can’t be avoided if you want to adapt. This feeling is normal.

  30. I cried almost every meal for the first year, it’s a grieving process

  31. I was overwhelmed and had no energy the first couple weeks. I still get tired and don’t want to cook.

  32. I felt like that for a few months. There is an adjustment period but then you’ll find you can still eat a ton of stuff as long as you are willing to make it at home. Eating out is more difficult but there are so many good gf products now that really helps. This is a great page to get recommendations on different brands and stuff. It gets better the more you get the hang of it. Hang in there and keep learning, it truly does improve over time!

  33. Find some delicious whole food recipes, I am even managing to get my picky daughter to eat better. I am the one that is celiac and diagnosed less than 3 months ago and its tough as my family likes their carbs which are usually full of gluten. Start simple. I love Pinterest for finding gf receipes.

  34. I just found out last week too and am feeling the same way. I wonder if it’s also because it’s right before the Holidays and I’m hosting Christmas this year… I hope you start to feel better soon!

  35. Pick up a large veggie tray to keep you with easy snacks for a few days! Hummus was my best friend! \n\nNow I am Paleo and feel the pain all over again. \n\nKeep nuts and dried sweet potatoes and apples handy!

  36. Get some fresh fruit or GF dried fruit, cheeses if you can eat, Schär bread, mayonnaise, deli sliced meat, lettuce, GF dressings, corn chips, GF dip or salsa. Bacon, eggs, hamburger meat, skin-free chicken to broil or grill, canned tuna, chicken, or salmon to make (chicken) salad. Buy celery, bananas, apples, pears (canned are great), any other fresh veggies. Order a hot GF pizza with fave toppings, & you’ll enjoy it SO much! (Red sauce, idk about white! Get excited, when you reach that point, about What you CAN eat!

  37. I get the same way.

  38. I’m in this funk currently, and I’ve been starving myself because it’s that much more difficult to get a gf meal

  39. Buy a juicer and drink healthy food

  40. Gluten free is not that hard. There is a grieving period, a denial period, and finally acceptance. Most recipes can be easily adapted to be gluten free. I will admit, gf bread sucks. Eating out is stressful, so I just don’t except for a couple places I trust. Parties and get togethers are challenging. But, once you accept the dietary limitations, it falls into place. You find out GF food is really pretty good. It’s really fairly healthy if you limit the processed foods. You got this. You can do it.

  41. I agree, being gf is only as bad as u allow it to be, if u eat healthy and clean u won’t miss it, look up recipes with sweet potatoes and rice , I don’t eat gf bread anyways cause it’s horrible but I do keep a package of gf English muffins in the freezer just in case I crave a sandwich and if it’s toasted it’s not too bad…a person shouldn’t be eating all that processed junk anyways whether it be gf or not!! I find being gf pretty much forces me to eat wholesome clean foods and in the long run I feel fantastic for it ☺️ a blessing in disguise really !! There are those days that I just would almost sell my firstborn child for a regular cinnamon bun but sheer will power gets me through those few times :))

  42. Start with naturally gluten free foods that you’d eat anyway (think potatoes, rice, polenta, with meat and fresh vegs, fruits, dairy etc.) If you google keto bread recipes you’ll find they are gluten free. The canyon bakehouse 7 grain bread is the best I’ve found at the store (tastes less like processed rice flour to me). Make huge batches of stuff you like (egg casseroles, soups with beans and lentils etc) then you’ll have something ready all the time. Tacos are easy and gf, salads etc. You’ll find most of the processed, packaged gf foods are gross anyway so don’t pay the money for them. There are gf pretzels that are good and kind/luna bars are quick.

  43. You have to retrain yourself to see food as nutrition and not just for pleasure. Before you eat anyhting, think is this nutrition or is this sugar and simple carbs? Your body will thank you for picking nutrition and eventually you will thrive on good healthy real food. You have to do some homework and it hurts at first until you find new go to foods

  44. Nope all normal. It will get easier

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