I don’t have Celiac Disease, but my endoscopy shows I do


We got my blood results back and it showed that I do not have Celiac Disease, but my endoscopy shows I do. I was told I just may have a gluten sensitivity. Now, I’m really confused!

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  1. Go from Endo results. Blood is not always accurate.

  2. You have Celiac then

  3. You have celiac. Biopsy overrides blood test.

  4. Blood test no believe the biopsy

  5. Your have CD. Biopsy is the golden ticket

  6. You have celiac

  7. You have celiac. The specific damage that celiac does can only be caused by one other thing – a blood pressure medication. The blood work can be false negative for a number of reasons including they did not run all the proper panels. \n\nI really wish we had some sort of decent advocacy group to go out and teach doctors.

  8. Welcome to the club!

  9. Doctor said that the endoscopy says that I very well have a gluten sensitivity and wants me to go gluten free for 14 days to see what it does. Thank y’all!

  10. Well did it come back as celiac or gluten sensitivity? If it came back celiac it’s celiac.

  11. Get a copy of your biopsy report and review it. Could still be celiac, but there are several other causes of villi atrophy. Also get a copy of your blood test results. Did they perform the correct tests? Did they give you accurate results?

    You’d be surprised how many people find out the wrong tests were done or they were told the wrong results. We were told my son’s blood work was fine. I was the one who got a copy and said why is his ttg-IgA well over 100. Yeah, oops. I’ve seen it happen to others too.

  12. The endoscopy showed gluten is affecting me, but the blood test said no celiac.

  13. I am in the same position but my doc is saying nsaid use can cause blunting. I only took ibuprofen for 10 days this summer and had issues well before then. Then I tested negative for the genes and she says I definitely don’t have it. But my auto-immune doc says I do. SO CONFUSED

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