I drink a whole bottle of wine and not get a buzz ?


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I can drink a whole bottle of wine and not get a buzz ?~!! could be hashi
I realized I became alcohol friendly I was never like this ! before hashimoto I could have 2 glasses of wine and that’s all it took , anybody??

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  1. That’s odd. I wouldn’t think Hashi’s would have anything to do with that.

  2. I have allergy to sulfides so one glass of merlot and I’m out 🙂

  3. Probably nothing to do with Hashi.

  4. analyzing my eating habits always has been healthy and workout like crazy, I have hashi for 12 years now, slowly but shortly my body doesn’t metabolized foods like it should!! strong harsh medications I became allergicI have can’t sleep, I end up taking 2 benedryl it takes hors before I feel sleepy , years ago only half woud put me out in 30 min I never ubenedryl sed to be like this, alcohol my favorite wine and martinis is like water ………….. go figure!

  5. I’m only like that since meds are optimal.

  6. I hope so, Suzy Price Phillips !!! that’s the only thing is keep me sane I don’t smoke so a glass of wine is my go to thing when I’m stress out

  7. Lol! I get it!

  8. I’m the opposite… Can’t handle alcohol at all since Hashi… Was fine with drinking before

  9. I have never been able to handle alcohol ever. a quarter can of beer will give me just enough buzz that I can go to sleep without problems. A whole can of beer and I will be drunk as a skunk and black out. I wasn’t diagnosed with Hashi’s until this last Nov.

  10. I’ve been like that lately, I lost count of how many glasses of champagne I had at a wedding, plus 2 shots of vodka, and I never got high. Interesting to think it’s related to hashis, since I’ve had it for 15 years but changed the treatment lately.

  11. This is interesting as I have had the same result. I drank so much I should have been trashed but I wasnt even close….so weird! And it was Vodka

  12. I’m the opposite. I have zero tolerance any more, especially for wine

  13. I was like that for almost 2 years and then my body did a complete switch on me. Now I get a buzz with 1 drink. I can no longer drink beer, as my sinuses instantly swell. I believe it’s the wheat. (I try not to eat anything with gluten in it, so having a beer breaks the rules)

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