I eat almost everything heavily salted with “Real Salt”


I am still trying to figure out if the adrenal cocktail is necessary if I get the 3 components, in adequate levels, throughout the day? I eat almost everything heavily salted with “Real Salt”, take my food based Vit C in the morning on an empty stomach, an hour before breakfast, and load up on potassium rich foods and drinks all day long as well as a potassium supplement. I CANNOT for the life of me remember to take the cocktail :/ and I just don’t know if it’s actually necessary since I’m getting everything throughout the day, but I don’t want to throw off my electrolyte balance since I am continuing to raise my mag supplements. It’s all so confusing and I’m trying to “get it” but things like this cocktail are really throwing me! Any comments are SO appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Great question

  2. To be honest I was doing everything *but* the cocktail & I felt fine. I've now added it in, most days & not sure I notice anything?

  3. Never thought about it, but it might be the combination of the cocktail ingredients that make it work so well. And of course the recommended time you'd have to take it (when your adrenals need it most).

  4. The reason for the cocktail that I've read is that it provides the nutrients specifically when the adrenal glands could use a boost at 10 and 2. I struggle with this balancing stuff too and can't seem to get it right.

  5. Also, vitamin C only stays in your system for about 4 hours. It's best taken in small doses several times a day, not all at once. The structure of the adrenal cocktail probably helps with that too.

  6. I have wondered the same thing because I am consuming all the ingredients in adequate amounts each day but I don't take the cocktail, and I'm making good progress healing.

  7. Because I eat a ketogenic diet, I have a similar "cocktail" every day. I put 1.5 tsp pink salt and .5 tsp potassium chloride in several old snapple bottles and drink one per day throughout the day. I set one on the counter each day and that's how I remember to drink it.

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