I eat clean and GF but can’t get over my weight.


Ok…..so I don’t normally complain but I so need to vent this morning. My endo said I pulled the short straw with Hashi symptoms, which obviously I’m aware of. I eat clean and gluten free but can’t get over my weight. I weigh 50lbs more than when I was diagnosed and was always a fit person who enjoyed exercise.
Well, I started taking flywheel spin classes a couple months ago and LOVE it. It’s truly the only exercise I crave. I thought I needed to add some strengthening in there so I got a trainer. It’s amazing the difference. I feel like shit after I work out…..not in a good way. I feel like I have mono and can’t move (not because of being sore) it is the weirdest thing!!!!! I’m trying to work through it but now questioning if it’s really good for me.

Yikes!!!! Sorry rant over just trying to muster up the courage for my 9:30 appt. You’ve all been such a good support when no one else gets it!


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  1. Water water water. Also, have you experimented with protein? Some people do better with protein just before exercising, other right after. And as always avoid soy protein. Figure double to triple the water intake than a non hashi person.

  2. Get you me adrenals checked. I am a coach and distance runner….I got adrenal fatigue added to my list last summer after training for a marathon.

  3. There is a mitochondrial aspect to autoimmunity which is draining and creates exercise intolerance. Mitochondria are responsible for cellular energy. You might feel better if you supplement to support your mitochondria. Also, there are gene mutations, such as MTHFR, that may be correlated to developing g autoimmunity and hashimotos. Supplementing to bypass the nutrient deficiencies created by the gene mutations may also help you feel better. All of this is very complex and requires you do your due diligence and research and decide what is right for you.

  4. I was a spin instructor and then DX with hashimotos, couldn’t do any exercise until I got t3 and switched to armour

  5. Only thing working for me is low carb. Protein and veggies. Down around 20 lbs since beginning of March. I know it’s slow but in my book slow and streaky wins the race.

  6. How are your nutrients. B12 needs lithium orotate as a co factor to get into the cells to make energy.

  7. Exercising without being optimal is like getting in a car with no gas and trying to win a race. Before, when I tried to work out, I actually GAINED more weight. Your body is telling you not to overdo it. I would listen and take it easy. Add exercise back when you are better

  8. Have they checked you for Epstein Barr?

  9. I can’t exercise anymore after being diagnosed. It’s adrenals. I feel like total garbage if I do. I totally understand as I loved running before. Only thing thats worked for me is the keto diet – high fat low carb. Hashi’s sucks.

  10. Thanks everyone! There are some really great thoughts to explore!!

  11. look into Autoimune protocol/Paleo. It helped me a lot with all my autoimune issues. people with had to should go off gluten.\nand other inflammatory food. it can lower the systemic ( edit: it WILL lower the systemic inflamation) and can help with weight.

  12. I agree with the adrenal fatigue part of things…there are some supplements I take to support adrenal function and I’ve noticed a difference when I take it. I don’t have the names of them right now, but if you’re interested, let me know! I don’t sell them or anything, they’re from my dr, so I’m not trying to sell ya anything haha.

    I totally understand how you feel…I LOVE working out….but sometimes after I work out, I literally can’t move. Like, sitting on the couch, staring at the wall, kind of can’t move. And my body feels heavy and so weak and talking takes every ounce of energy, and feel like I need to crawl everywhere.

    A few things that I’ve found that help are:

    -increasing water intake (before, after, and during),

    -eating a balanced carb/protein/fiber snack before and after..protein helps build muscle and all that important stuff, but carbs are what your body runs on…fiber can help manage blood sugar levels

    -drinking a low sugar electrolyte drink, to replace electrolyte loss like sodium and potassium, especially if you sweat a lot

    -food is a big key to it for me…cortisol, one of the hormones released by the adrenal gland, can effect blood glucose levels. So for a while, I was even checking my blood glucose levels before and After

    -keeping it moderate and listening to your body. If I start to get fatigued (not just tired, but body-heavy kind of fatigue) I’ve learned it’s ok to stop…if I don’t, it can become more detrimental than beneficial.

    Totally willing to talk about this more ’cause it’s one of my biggest frustrations! So sorry you have to deal with it!!

  13. I’ve been weight lifting and training in karate for over 30 years (I’m a 4th degree black belt in an extremely tough style called Kyokushin), as well as running, hiking, skiing, etc. Since my Dx, it’s been very difficult for me to do any intense workouts. Like you, I feel like shit after lifting and training. I get very sore (and not the normal DOMS), my joints ache, and my energy levels crash. I used to crave exercise, now I can barely drag myself into the gym and just plod through workouts 1/2 assed, if I can work out at all.

    I just started gluten and dairy free diets, and might start the AIP diet soon. I also switched from Levothyroxine to Armour about a month ago and have noticed a difference.

    I’m really unclear about the best approach to working out. I can train through anything. Literally. Any pain, fatigue, whatever, I will not stop. However, now I pay for it dearly where in the past I could recover very quickly. I’ve tried lower weights and higher reps, higher weights and lower reps, and am ready to just take a couple of weeks off altogether to see if that helps. It’s extremely frustrating.

    You should also have your Vitamin levels checked, particularly D3 and B12. I understand this could be a factor, as well as your adrenals and cortisol levels.

  14. Have your heart checked.

  15. So I used to work out a lot before as well and now it appears to be hard just to stay awake during the day I feel so tire and fatigued I have noticed when I started to take vitamin D and B12 with selenium garlic and magnesium it has helped alot….

  16. I haven’t read all the comments so someone may have already suggested this, but have you tried intermittent fasting? I started with a functional medicine doctor almost a month ago and have started a new way of eating along with intermittent fasting and have lost a few pounds.

  17. Sounds all too familiar. There is a problem with exercise intolerance with many people with Hashimoto’s. I had it. 19 Holes of golf would put me in bed for 3 days. My body wasn’t recharging like it used to. I tried pushing myself through exercise…the tough approach…and ended up passing out and in the ER. So much for pressing on. Then I decided that my doctors weren’t going to help me out and there was no magic pill and I started taking care of myself nutritionally. Stopped eating junk food, gluten, sugar, soy. Started juicing, eating mostly fruits and vegetables and months later I began to feel like my old self again. Joined the gym again and now I can exercise for 3 hours straight and not crash. I take Triosint, D3, Selenium, Zinc, B12. As far as weight loss…still working on that one.

  18. Sounds like Lyme to me!

  19. I am a runner and this is how I feel now…

  20. I have the same issue, 50 lbs heavier than when I was diagnosed 26 years ago and suffer from chronic fatigue, muscle weakness and joint pain. Exercise makes my symptoms worse – I feel like I have been hit by a truck, my entire body aches and my joints burn. I have been on a gluten free diet for three years which has helped with many of my symptoms, but weight gain, joint pain and fatigue have returned. I am reading The Paleo Approach and just staring the autoimmune diet. Not easy to do but will be worth it if I can ged rid of the constant burning joint pain and fatigue. I was tested for lymes and other things but everything is normal except my thyroid antibody levels. Antibodies against my thyroid were off the charts when I was first diagnosed but below 200 now. Good luck and I hear you! This is not easy and it is not easy to make others understand that I am not lazy, I am in pain.

  21. I use something called calm for the muscles. I just started wearing magnets again. I was wearing them on my wrest. This one is on my ankle. It has helped so much with muscles and brain fog. I am allergic to yeast and mold. I have moved all grain eating to just the mornings. Provides the energy I need and not as tired. Wild meats as much as possible.

  22. Well…..little update I just found out I’m pregnant so that may have something to do with how I feel

  23. I worked out with a trainer 2-3xs a week and boot camp for a entire year nothing I ate clean, I read after that if you have Hashimoto’s No extreme work outs, it stress your adrenal glands it said yoga and walking is best

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