I eat fiber but the meds are winning.


I have a silly question but I’m going to ask anyways. I’m on several meds that cause constipation. I eat fiber but the meds are winning. I think I also have IBS bc I bloat and get cramps if I eat high fodmaps. I was taking jigsaw magnesium malate for constipation but that stopped working. I tried Calm magnesium citrate but it gave me cramps. I ordered a bottle of magnesium citrate to help with constipation but I’m afraid to try it thinking it will also give me cramps. Is this true? Is all magnesium citrate the same? Is there someway to introduce magnesium citrate into my body without the cramps or am I just doomed to do enemas until I taper off these meds that are not helping my gut? I’m on 16 mg Valium, 50 mg seraquel, 60 mg remeron, and 400 mg gabapentin . I know I’m polydrugged but I trusted my doc when he rx them and now I’m in the pits of tapering off of them.

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  1. Magnesium citrate types are not recommended as they deplete Ceruloplasmin.

  2. Potassium is also involved in constipation. See the article in Files.
    What is your Magnesium RBC?

  3. Heck if I know . Lol what is magnesium rbc?

  4. Mag oxide works great!

  5. Missy how much mag oxide do you take? I want to still take mag malate as I know oxide is poorly absorbed so I'd be taking both. Not sure how to do that. Maybe I'll post that question tomorrow …

  6. Missy when you say start low I don't know what that means as far as mg goes? Do you mean 400-600 mg a day?

  7. I prefer milk of magnesia which is magnesium hydroxide and is cramp free

  8. I get the liquid

  9. Sandi, I make mag water with the milk of magnesia and seltzer water. It's always easy on my stomach and a good source of magnesium. The recipe is in the files.

  10. broken flaxseeds will help with the constipation. put a couple tablespoons in some yogurt every day. If still constipated, up the flaxseeds.

  11. A glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning, before anything else, might help too. I have seen it recommended a lot. It's a good liver detox.

  12. Have you tried raisins, prunes, pears, nuts? Prune or apple juice work.

  13. Yes you are most definitely on too much medication-the American Way, you are not alone, but YOU DO UNDERSTAND the issue now…you may join the FB site "PARENTS AGAINST MIRALAX" to read about many safe alternatives to manage constipation. I am so sorry you are having a multitude of issues. You may also go to Dr. David Healy's site for counseling to safely wean off of the drugs you are on. RULE OF THUMB: Only start one drug at a time. Only STOP one drug at a time. http://www.RxISK.org

  14. Pear juice, kiwis, fresh squeezed lemon juice…ground flax seed, flax seed oil, probiotics especially with your IBS, stay away from all drugs with the ingredient polyethylene glycol-I suspect several you are on have this inactive or active ingredient. PEG is also known as Miralax and is DANGEROUS!

  15. Sandi Gundersen – if you are new here it is incumbent upon you to read the pinned post and learn from the files all that can be learned as it relates to your immediate symptoms. Healthcare is in your hands and is best understood from the articles found there which are written by the experienced folks here. Over time you may understand more about overlooked symptoms. It isn't a good idea to ask before learning because you may end up taking advice or suggestions from someone else still making some health mistakes in their routine. It is best to sit back and read and listen. If you don't know yet about RBC magnesium tests then it's time to read a bit.

  16. Skal Sue thanks for the advice but my brain is on overload. I'm so sick from all these meds I'm on. It's hard to concentrate. I get overwhelmed with too much info. I can't process a lot as my brain feels damaged from tapering benzos and the other meds I'm on. I know you all are very smart and I just wanted to pick your brains on this debilitating issue. I'll try and read all the files but being constipated doesn't give me much leisure time if I'm obsessed with going to the bathroom. I feel that fixing this problem is paramount to understanding the science of our bodies. I know your philosophy is totally different and altho I respect your protocol I am desperate for quicker results. I don't feel healthcare is at my hands I feel it is out of reach. Once my body can function in a way I'm not obsessed with having a bm then I can sit back and read and learn maybe if my brain can understand it. I don't know if what I'm saying makes sense. I've just got too much going on.

  17. I had to cut dairy (except cheese) and sulfites from my diet. Garlic, onions, eggs, spinach, and cruciferous vegetables shut my intestines down. :-/ I can't even do almond milk.

  18. I have slow gut transit which are triggered when I eat Fodmaps foods. It seem to slow down my digestive track causing me to feel like I am clogged up. Magnesium definitely helped and I was low in RBC magnesium test as well as numerous other symptoms. Magnesium is needed to help with the muscles in the colon. (A major part)

    Try Aussie seaminerals in your water as well as the mg Malate you are taking. The beauty of it, you can divide the dose through the day. I do 2 mls two-three times per day. I also do magnesium oil transdermally. This enables me to take high doses without hitting bowel tolerance. I make my magnesium oil very strong. All these factors take time to implement and it greatly depends on your adrenals and potassium levels. Too much magnesium can really stress these out if they are low.

  19. What is fodmaps?

  20. So you drink Aussie sea minerals and mag oil transdermally hmmm sounds interesting. Is Aussie sea minerals mostly salt?

  21. Teresa what do you eat to help with motility?

  22. Yes.

    Aussie seaminerals is mostly magnesium and numerous trace elements – low sodium.

    Sticking to low fodmaps, drinking warm to hot water first thing in morning helps (a major part of constipation is dehydration) I know I wake in morning very thirsty – because the body has used up available fluid in intestine – often we have excess water in colon due to over fermentation. Also the hot water helps to regularly trigger the bowel to move. I also do fast EFT to tell my bowels to move.

  23. It's good info it also talks about the app which I have. Thx


    Please don't take this as harsh but you need to fire your doctor find a good functional doctor who can run some baseline tests and get you off all those meds. I was almost disabled when the dr wanted to start ripping off scripts on the rx pad and thankfully I declined and sought care elsewhere. Sam e is wonderful to moderate sleep and if you eat a ton of veggies and I mean a ton and fix your gut with fermented foods and whole probiotics (kefir, homemade yogurt etc) you'll have a chance. I know its hard as I have lived it. Different from you but lived it crying every single day just to attempt to function. There have been lots of great suggestions here but I'd start with a new dr that will likely not take insurance and get your baselines. Then tackle one thing at a time. Day by day. Hour by hour is that's what it takes.

  24. I'm trying to find a good functional dr …
    I know conventional ones just writes scripts …I'm tapering off the best I can…I can't get off any faster

  25. And don't forget you are a beautiful person and you can do it!

  26. I haven't seen anyone else comment on this, but I have to say, fiber is good, but fiber is useful for bulking "BMs". Too much "bulk" and you get a lot less "M"

  27. FYI there is a benzo recovery group on FB that is awesome!!

  28. Nothing worked for me other than Mag Calm. It was hard to know how much to take. Some days needed more, some less. 3 weeks ago started Paleo way of eating, was very nervous about not getting enough fibre. No more Mag Calm, just jigsaw and no issues. It was the gluten and dairy that plugged me up. What a relief, no bloating!

  29. What about this one: (comes in tablets or capsules) Malate is the only one I can tolerate.


  30. Mg oxide in the evening will help with constipation. Start w one pill and you may increase to 2 caps if needed

  31. Many of the medications you are on contain polyethylene glycol, also known as Miralax, which is straight polyethylene glycol. Many medications (about 80%) contain PEG as an excipient…any extended release drug contains PEG. Beware!

  32. My ND prescribed Smooth Move by Traditional Medicinals. It is a tea made with Senna Leaf. It is related to the parsley family and will normally produce a bowel movement in 6-8 hours.

  33. Senna is a harsh laxative I can't take laxatives

  34. I know how you feel, I was on 13 different meds, I'm downtown to 3 please get your Bs checked

  35. I take vit b what meds did you come off of? If you don't mind?

  36. I will get my bs ck too

  37. Any extra fiber sits in my gut like cement. I suggest starting w 400 mg mag oxide capsules (NOW brand is my fave and reasonably priced) at night. Add one per night or in the morning until desired "consistency". I take 4 capsules every night. When I was on a few constipating meds I took 4 mag capsules at night and 2 in the morning. If I need to be somewhere specific in the morning I will take 2 capsules at night just to ensure I won't have an urgency issue. I've been on this regimen for 10 yrs. Nothing else works.

  38. So the only mag oxide I have is 500 mg , it's Douglas labs so it's a good brand. Is it ok to start out at 500 mg you think ?

  39. Eliminate wheat and dairy for few weeks.


    Fresh beetroot and carrot juice. pumpkin

  40. Try coconut oil or flax oil. We use OxyPowder.

  41. Nettie, Oxy powder has 2,000 mg of magnesium oxide. I think that's a bit much for me.

  42. I eat lots of coconut oil and flax seed it's the meds I'm on

  43. Maybe a lower dose to start off on calm. I have taken it for years and I have never had any cramping. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of fresh organic green juice.

  44. Yes I try to juice. I've tried calm for weeks but I always got cramps even at a low dose. It doesn't calm me at all. I'm just different I guess I wish I could!

  45. Parasites and heavy metals are huge culprits for anxiety 🙁

  46. Are you able to exercise?

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