I feel like I have to yawn in order to take a deep breath


I was diagnosed with Celiac at the end of April and have went gluten free since I found out. My question is has anyone ever had a shortness of breath or feeling that you can’t take a deep breath? I feel like I have to yawn in order to take a deep breath. This has happened to me in the past, but now it has been going on since last Monday. I am trying to figure out if it is something I am eating that could be triggering or not. I am being seen this afternoon by my doctor, but was curious to know if anyone else has this or what you have done to help.

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  1. I have had that issue, it tends to come and go with me, regardless of what I eat tho.

  2. That is EXACTLY how i felt before giving up dairy! I had always thought it was bad air quality or anxiety, but it seemed so random. I haven’t had it since giving up dairy (several months).

  3. I was diagnosed (celiac) at the same time, age 40. Shortly thereafter, diagnosed with uncontrolled allergy induced asthma. Never had history of breathing problems…seems like with celiac, when it rains it pours? Lol. Hugs and hope you find some answers/relief!

  4. It you get time, check out the Mayo Clinic symptom checker for adults with Celiac Disease,,, real eye opener…and yes, I believe your problem is listed but please check it out as my memory is not the best…

  5. I can’t eat corn.

  6. Victoria Marie Rose

  7. Omg the same thing has been happening with me. My docter told me it was “Gerds” after the scope they told me it the celiac that does that.. I am basically down to eating fruits vegetables and protein I am scared to eat anything else because of these breathing issues I have.. I

  8. Yes, but I have asthma so it isn’t related. I use an inhaler as needed.

  9. Yes, my husband has experienced shortness of breath. The Dr can’t find anything wrong with his lungs a b d are now testing his heart. Don’t tell me this is part of celiac disease!!

  10. I had that about 6 months ago, and my dr. said it was anxiety. Wondering now though….

  11. My doctor reminded me that this could be caused by my hiatal hernia. I had totally forgot about that, and she wonders if it and acid reflux is causing this. So, I am going to try some medicine to see.

  12. How did doc apointment go?

  13. Sometimes- it happens on days with bad air quality.

  14. I have it

  15. Cassie Nehmelman, did you follow up on this? Being short of breath is nothing to mess with! I was dx’s with anemia and vitamin deficiencies, Fibro, Celiac, POTS all in 4 months. I thought my being short of breath was part of those conditions. Turns out it was two lungs each 1/3 full of blood clots. I have never had an embolism in my life. I am only in my forties. \n\nPlease please be careful evaluating medical advice that doesn’t come from a doctor. The point being if I had waited even a week to see a doctor or to try a new elimination diet I would have died.

  16. Iron deficiency.

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