I get calluses on inside hand before my fingers


Sorry, dumb question. I get calluses time to time on inside hand before my fingers. This never happened before until recently. Just wondering if connection or another lovely problem/disease i hav. I don’t get the whole brown circle thing. It’s not raised. No itching.

•Hashimoto’s-1mos (hypo for 10ish yrs)
•severe Vit D LOW (on 50,000mg)
• weight gain
•high cholesterol
•cardiac risk 5 (3.5 under normal)
•increased synthyroid to 112mg
Any thoughts???????

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  1. i dont believe calluses are related, but weight gain and high cholest , almost everyone is Vit D deficient but check you parathyroid, synthroid dosage should be related to your current weight

  2. I’m not certain about the brown spot on your hand. Were you on Vitamin D when the test was taken? The high cholesterol is from the disease and could be diet. Do you exercise? What type of diet\n are you on? The weight issues can be like low thyroid and again your diet.

  3. I agree w/ Karen

  4. Missy Cherry r u replying to me to someone in this thread

  5. I think that might be a wart- WebMD>guide>plantar-warts-palmer-wart

  6. I have those calluses also. Didn’t think they could be related to Hashi.

  7. Yeah I didn’t think they are. I’m very deficiant in Vit d. Mayb it’s a lack of something I need

  8. Either way it’s best to ask your doctor

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