I get exhausted, I hurt and can’t sleep enough.


I feel like no matter how well I eat (clean, soy free, dairy free, gluten free) I still bloat up like the blueberry chick from Willy Wonka no matter what. I get exhausted, I hurt and can’t sleep enough. Does it ever feel like what’s the point?

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  1. Sometimes yes, but when I go off of my diet or stop a supplement, I see how bad it can get. It is discouraging sometimes, but we really need to push forward.

  2. I know what you mean. Did you look at what’s in your medications? I’ve been gluten free for almost two years and at first few great. Then I was starting to feel exhausted again. Turns out that they changed one of the fillers in my medication and I was still getting a daily dose of gluten. My doctor switched me to Armour and I feel 100% better.

  3. Sometimes I just feel like I’m over food . Just feed me intravenously.

  4. Have you tried digestive enzymes at all? Since going strict AIP and combining it with enzymes and probiotics I’ve finally started seeing a decrease in my tummy troubles! Wishing you the best in your healing!!! Switching to a NDT for my thyroid med helped recently too.

  5. Taking a good probiotic with enzymes has done absolute wonders for my digestion! I was like you. No matter how good my diet, the bloating and pain remained

  6. Thank you all for the replies and suggestions. It feels like a,never ending battle of staying ever vigilant lol

  7. Up your antioxidants my bloat goes away with green supplements

  8. Oh my goodness Larerell! I’ve been suffering w/ the exact same problem for at least 19 years now & unbelievably you are the first person I’ve come across w/ the exact same symptoms! So needless to say – I empathize entirely! I’ve suffered so extremely w/ this that I sometimes avoid eating until I know I can lay down & rest afterwards. But in any case it is still mostly a matter of trying to get your immune system stronger (always as strong as can be) through enough sleep (challenging also for me!), exercise & or stretching & supplements (omega 3’s, probiotic, vitamin C or others that may help!). Green vegetables, plain yogurt, certain fruits (i.e. apples) & nuts are usually somewhat easier to digest – for me personally. What about you Larerell? Have you found some foods or supplements easier on your stomach & digestion??

  9. Are you still eating grains? Gluten free sometimes isn’t enough. Also wondering about healing your adrenals….

  10. have you tried digestive enzymes with every meal you eat, no matter how good you eat? i do this and it works like a charm.

  11. Do you drink diet soda or any soda? If you do, stop…soda makes me miserable!

  12. Yes, diet soda is a definite no, no (unless it has gone flat & is ginger ale or coke because believe it or not those 2 can have certain \

  13. Yes, I hear you. I feel the same way much of the time. It’s like there is something else going on.?

  14. Have you been checked for being lactose intolerant as well? You could be or you could still be eating things that are causing this even if they do label them gluten free. Also stop the sodas. I do drink ginger ale here and there. And a tea here and there but not supposed to do caffeine either.

  15. I was told I had ibs then lactose intolerance prior to diagnosis and full blown hashi now I realize it only comes during a flare. Then nothing seems to matter. Have noticed water and exercise helps prevent flares but once one starts almost impossible to force self to either exercise or swallow water. Smh. The struggle continues

  16. This is a beta class I’m taking. Dr Christine Kaczman ( the digestion Doctor) it is amazing. The class is free now it’s only two weeks in. You can watch past classes, and ask questions that will be answered! #conquerleakygut

  17. That’s what carbs do. Cut out all carbs and sugar and you’ll stop bloating. Go ketogenic.

  18. Thanks for the link (regarding Leaky gut) Kristine – It should be very helpful to many of us here! Best, 😉

  19. Magnesium is low in most of us too. I had to add bettain with pepsin with my meals, and started taking L glutamine too. Gotta avoid food sensitivities or the digestion stops. The AIP helps you figure out what to avoid.

  20. Are you still eating oats?? Even gluten free oats?? I had a problem for a week and realized the gluten free oats were causing me to balloon up like a stuff football

  21. Not eating just making tea out of the husks. I don’t eat oats. This does not cause me to swell up. Everyone is different. Try it and see what happens.

  22. Salt can make you blow up too!

  23. If you have Celiac or Chrohns, any other autoimmune digestive disease, you may not be able to eat deglutenized oats or even corn. So many false reads on the tests for Celiac needs an expanded test sometimes . Many people don’t have enough enzymes in their bodies to digest, and lack the minerals to build their immunity. I can now eat bananas again since building myself back up..but I can’t tolerate lactose..I won t go there again. That’s what the AIP is for. to find your sensitivities, but, you could also get a blood test from your Doctor to rule out known allergies then work with AIP on food sensitivities.

  24. All the time

  25. Oh and afterthought too..try taking bettain with pepsin with your food. So many of us don’t have enough stomach acid to digest, or other times we have too much acid. Trial and error on that one..but try the bettain w pepsin first, after making sure you are not constipated. These are OTC as well and cheaper than the generic Prilosec( which depletes magnesium). Good luck .

  26. I have been taking a probiotic and it has helped my stomach so much.

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