I get fatigue from higher doses of vitamin A


I get fatigue from higher doses of vitamin A (taken in a 25:1 ratio with vit D). Might that indicate need for more copper to go with it? I know I’m deficient. I get some vit C deficiency symptoms too, but taking wholefood vit C doesn’t help, or makes things worse.

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  1. What CLO are you taking?

  2. Do u take ur clo and vit c together like literally at same time? I find taking together and then taking black seed oil helps!

  3. Hmm, good question, Katie. I'm not sure – will give that a go!

  4. Katie Fisher which CLO do you take?

  5. High copper blocks the absorption of vitamin A and D. So seems to me low copper would be a good thing for absorption. For me I am finding vitamin C is the answer to inflammation of all kinds. Seems hard to get enough. It gave me headaches when I started, but I took that as a detox and the headaches went away after a week. Vitamin C is also crucial to the usee and control of copper and the health of your liver. Chorella seems to be an awesome source of vitamin C…vitamin C also puts iron into play. How is your iron intake?

  6. Yes I'm curious to what CLO you are taking Katie

  7. Because Nordic naturals and Rosita are 10:1 vitamin a to d ratio

  8. Cheri which one do you take? I'm on Nordic Naturals but heard Rositas is much more potent and effective.

  9. I started Rosita last night I just got it

  10. Oh cool! Please keep us posted. I heard it's wonderful.

  11. I don't notice any flavor. I get more flavor from coconut oil.

  12. I meant that it works wonderfully but good to know about taste! How much is the recommended dose of Rosita per Morley's recommendation?

  13. Thanks everyone.

    I'm not using CLO as such since that causes us unpleasant symptoms – joint pain, fatigue, yellow stool & 'congested liver' puffy eyes. I'm using a vit A supplement from fish liver oil (Carlson's or Good Life) and a separate vit D.

    I thought Morley now recommended a 25:1 ratio of A:D? – I'd assumed that was the ratio in Rosita. We used to use a 10:1 ratio CLO but it made our vit A deficiency steadily worse, presumably because of too much vit D. We weren't eating any vit A or D rich foods at the time, so that was the only factor. Taking more CLO made no difference – and one of my family had already been taking the tolerable upper limit for vit A for their age in it – but adding extra vit A made the deficiency symptoms go away. I've experimented with more / less and found that all my family do best on a 25:1 ratio.

    Our bloodwork shows very low zinc, very high copper and high ceruloplasmin; no free copper – but symptoms are of pretty bad copper deficiency.

    Eating liver and supplementing wholefood vitamin C (camu camu) both cause manganese deficiency symptoms. We do take some Mn, but if we take enough to fix those deficiency symptoms, it causes worsened copper deficiency symptoms.

  14. I used to get headvahes with vit c. Think taking at exactly same time as clo helps

  15. I must try that, Katie. I know vit C is supposed to increase nitric oxide production via the iNOS enzyme, and fish oil is reckoned to inhibit iNOS activity, so that might be one reason it helps.

  16. So your taking synthetic d?

  17. The D is from lanolin.

  18. I have to stop Clo again. Everytime I take it, it makes me so incredibly dizzy that it's awful…

  19. +1 to what Kathleen said about vit c. It has been proven over and over again in real studies to reduce inflammation. It is nature's anti inflammatory. You really need to be in the 3000 mg to 4000 mg per day range for it to do much good IMHO.

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