I get pins and needles in my hands and up my forearm


I get pins and needles in my hands and up my forearm. Leg cramps too and numb toes at times. I thought only a Magnesium deficiency, but wonder if it can be other issues. Do any of you experience any of the above and do you know what this might be. Thanks for any feedback.

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  1. Do you take b6? More specifically the pyridoxine hcl form. This can cause pins and needles, numbness.

  2. That suggests neuropathy and sublingual methyl B12 can help.
    The leg cramps suggest the need for potassium and the adrenal cocktail can help

  3. MJ Have people on here said that there leg cramps are like a snake wrapping it self around their legs. I used to get that calf stretch pain, but this is more than that.

  4. Violet sent you a FB mesage

  5. Violet George I fight all of those issues………..not sure what the answer is but I know getting the minerals that I lack into my body is making me feel more energetic and less excruciating pain as I walk only a very short distance! Best of luck to you!

  6. Have you seen a chiropractor?
    Might help. If something is tweaked in your neck or back it can cause tingling sensations
    Also if you sleep on one side that can also contribute

  7. Violet George: Adrenal fatigue and a B12 deficiency cause the pins and needles and numb toes. Mine stopped when I started taking methyl B12 and supporting my adrenals. 🙂

  8. Look at dehydration and low potassium. Also do a fasting blood glucose test in the AM. Below 100 is what you want.

  9. Do any of you drink sugar cane juice?

  10. I get those symptoms whenever I eat lots of gluten and grains!️

  11. Calcium levels?

  12. Are you on any medications that could cause perisperhal neuropathy? Statins? Antibiotics? Statins crippled me!

  13. Medications taken such as Cipro, Levequin, or Avelox (antibiotics from the Fluoroquinolone family) will cause PN

  14. Hypoglycemia can cause that.

  15. Not on any of those you mentioned.

  16. So that is low blood sugar , is this correct.

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