I get so frustrated when I’m struggling a lot


Need to vent…. I get so frustrated when I’m struggling a lot, frustrated with lack of progress and feeling like I’m slipping more and more. I don’t talk about whats going on to very many people because who wants to hear “i feel so tired, I feel like I have the flu, I have zero energy, I feel like shit, and I can’t lose a pound to save my soul”. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful our whatever the word is I’m trying to find, but I get so sick of hearing maybe if you eat better… You should exercise, take some meds to calm yourself. There are days when I want to get up and do something but physically cannot get myself out of bed. I am gluten free and eat fresh food. When I can get myself to do it, i try to do some form of exercise. People just don’t get it. And it’s not their fault. But even when you try to explain, it’s so hard to hear the comments and it’s hard not to be depressed and frustrated and angry. I’m feeling super emotional tonight and just can’t deal with all this right now. Ugh. Stupid hashi’s!!!

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  1. I do hear you, loud and clear. All of us do understand. We have all been there. Everything you say is true, real, and very hard to deal with. Don’t ever expect anyone to understand that doesn’t have Hashi. I have gotten to where I just don’t say anything. I can’t stand the comments….even if they are well meant.

  2. Not Alone.. Hugs!!

  3. Sarah, sounds like you have low thyroid. Or at least your symptoms are similar to what I’ve experienced. If you have hypothyroidism here is a link for recommended labs. http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/recommended-labwork

  4. Ha ha bring up Hashi’s and suddenly everyone in the room has a thyroid problem, knows the cure, or rolls their eyes at the “excuse”. No one gets it. When you just wish someone would listen and shut up for once. I got you girl….

  5. Sarah, to help with inflammation Turmeric/Curcumin are helpful. As well as raw organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. Are you on an anti-inflammatory diet? Gluten, dairy, and sugars are triggers for inflammation in Hashimotos patients. And soy attacks the thyroid. Are you taking 200 mg. of Selenium daily?

  6. Well 90% of Hashimotos patients are hypothyroid. That’s how I got hypothyroid. If you read what I wrote I stated her symptoms were similar to mine with low thyroid. I didn’t make an assumption. I was just trying to help. If drama continues on here, I’ll quit trying to help.

  7. I guess I don’t see venting as a solution to a problem. I’m always looking to solve problems. :/ I believe in hope and answers out there.

  8. Ohhhh I see, you thought my response was about what you wrote. It wasn’t at all. I didn’t even see yours.

  9. I know how you feel, and the great thing about this group is so does everyone else. Great for those ‘I am not alone moments’

  10. When I got told my TSH went up even after eating way better than ever & exercising 4 times a week I told myself no matter what people say I KNOW what I am doing will not cure me but it will prevent somethings getting worse and I know I feel better for doing what I do. Chin up and make sure you smile on the good days \x3C3

  11. Did you ever get your adrenals checked? It sounds like adrenal fatigue!

  12. Sounds like me a couple of years ago. I had all the same symptoms and spent days in bed. 50 pound weight gain too. It sucked! People don’t understand and I could care less what other people think or say. The doctors were of no help. So much for medical school, doc. I had to take matters into my own hands. Ate clean, juice veggies and fruit, got on the right thyroid prescription for me, cut out fluoride, coffee, soda, gluten, dairy. Only when I started to feel better did I start exercising again. Yes, you are right. It’s like having the flu feeling everyday when you are first diagnosed. I’m back to being normal me again. I run around the tennis court now. When I tell people that once I couldn’t get out of bed or walk to the mailbox they look at me in disbelief because I am so athletic now. There is hope. I am proof.

  13. I felt that way many times hypo symptoms gain weight n depressed swing to hyper symptoms n dropping pound a day n sick cant eat nothing for 40 days both sucked mine was combo adrenals n t3 …t4 not converting to t3 …if u are not converting no energy n drs sum times just up your t4 n my adrenals not working well so just made me worse other times was low on vits like vit d or b12 or iron everyone is diff n we all suffer no one understands its ok to vent but dont give up maybe u need new dr that finds your individual issue to help you be whole again xoxo

  14. It’s the worst when you exerted all of your energy just to get out of bed, take a shower, find something suitable to wear, do your make up and hair (that’s falling out), and get to where you need to be just to have someone say “hi! how are you?” Some days I just want to say “pretty awful, you?” People who suffer from autoimmune diseases understand the struggle. There are 5 million of us. You’re not alone. I could have written this post myself. One day at a time for me. I have good days and I have really bad days. Hang in there. I’m with you!

  15. Sarah how long have you been eating clean? Sending gentle hugs…..

  16. I do stupid things all the time. Like forgetting to lock the door behind me when I come home or turning things off. At work I transpose numbers… In banking not a good thing. Luckily only minor errors. I’m scared I’m going to lose my job one day bc of things I do. I busted my roommate bitching about me to his girlfriend (also our roommate) who is a very particular person. I lost it on him which I try really hard never to do. He said he did a little research on hashis. Well you don’t ever get it unless you have that and are hypo. You won’t get that getting out of bed on my day off is sometimes not an option. Oh yeah just exercise. That’ll fix it. Yeah it helps and I am, and eating properly, some days are going to be like that. Anyway, I’m grateful that all of you listened. I don’t whine about it much. But I was super angry last night. I’m Struggling to get on the proper amount of meds. It’s been a many year struggle. But it will get better. Thanks again everyone!❤❤

  17. Haha Rhonda Prentice Layman that’s exactly how I feel…f. Lol

  18. Ha ha ha that means following i had google it but f’d is my feeling too lol

  19. Get DHEA , progesterone, checked. I have sleep apnea, acid reflux, hormones are super low.

  20. I’ll very those checked too. Should be going in a month for next blood test. I get acid reflux really bad too. Just lately like last several months. Everything gives me heartburn. Like I drink wine and chase with pickle juice hahaha

  21. I had order saliva test online private lab but my new dr does them think functioning drs more likely to idk why others dont like to…zrt labs do it online i shop around n got it 148 n sent into them saved my life was high all day

  22. It was test my hormones.com n they use zrt labs n sent you bk test results u do 19 to 21 or something days after first day of period n get test bk in week after send it in

  23. Testmyhormones.com it might been 165 i cant remember lol

  24. There definitely are. It’s tough because even my one roommate, who’s mom has hashi’s too tells me \

  25. How many of you have had a total thyroidectomy?

  26. I can totally relate…cannot seem to get it together. Keep thinking I am turning the corner….I am really struggling with forgetfulness….not just things that need to be done, but with remembering what I was just about to do or getting to the end of the sentence and I cannot remember the last word….

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