I got a sore on my face


I got a sore on my face last week but didnt go the doctor until today as it got worse he diagnosed that it was shingles, i was shocked, i asked him could i get a blood test done for magnesium and he said yes, what i need to know what is the normal reading for magnesium levels, i will get the results next week. i have never posted here before but i watch the page nearly everyday as i am learning about Magnesium. Thanks I am in Ireland.

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  1. Did you specify the Magnesium RBC blood test? That is the one used here, the serum Mg test is pretty useless. Good for you for asking.

  2. Sorry you are dealing with shingles. No fun.

  3. No i just asked for mag test, i am looking at the blood request, he has just Mag and other bloods as well, can't really read his writing, i will ask the girl when i get the 11 blood tests done. Thanks MJ Hampstead

  4. Contact the doc and ask him to specify the Mag RBC blood test. The person at the lab will not be able to change the doc's order.

  5. Is all RBC tests the same in Ireland as in other countries

  6. I was shocked to hear it was shingles, especially on my face, i never had it before, hopefully the antibiotic works quick as the pain is unreal

  7. Shingles are the Herpes Zoster virus and anti-biotics are not effective.

  8. Shingles is a virus (same one that causes Chicken Pox, just reactivated). An antibiotic will not do anything except disrupt your gut biome and cause worse problems.

  9. Specifically, the Magnesium RBC test. There are other RBC tests so dont get them confused. They should be the same in your country.

  10. He gave me cream as well, what else can i use ?

  11. Ok ill contact my Doctor tomorrow morning, do i have to pay for this test?

  12. I do not know. My insurance in the USA pays for it.

  13. Shingles is often a result of stress, and an indication that your immune system is weak.

  14. I've had shingles before in college it is TERRIBLE! I just read a post from someone in my colloidal silver Facebook group and she said she sprayed it on and felt relief right away and drank it too, and it went away in a week. Feel better soon !

  15. Ok thanks ill check it out MJ Hampstead

  16. Yes Cathy McGuire Drury my friend told me that today, i am going through the menopause for 2 years now and my body has gone haywire, i stopped all medication as it wasn't working that's why i want to try Magnesium, my friend told me about this page and i love reading the posts and educating myself, i got some epsom salts and bathe my feet every night with the salts, and i put pinch in my tea, bit by bit i want to help myself without medication.

  17. Connie Williams Wieberg Is that Magnesium you are talking about? how do i drink it? sorry for all the questions i am only learning. Thanks

  18. To be honest i am so bloody tired all the time and i am getting fed up of it, Magnesium is my last resort, as my bloods are coming back clear, i have more blood tests to get done next week maybe something will show up then

  19. Here is the recommended protocol to restore Magnesium. Your adrenals may also need support.

  20. Thankyou MJ Hampstead I am so glad i posted now on this page i have really learned a lot.

  21. Usually doctors prescribe anti-virals which are more effective in arresting the shingles if you get on it within 72hrs.

  22. Thankyou Teresa Bowley I will get them tomorrow ( flucloxaccilin 500g) 3 times daily hopefully these will work.


    Lysin is really efficient

  23. Thankyou Claude Isabelle Vieillard

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