I got off of Depo shot on the 10th


I got off of Depo shot on the 10th. I had Gained 60 lbs in the almost two years, Ive been on it. Any advice or experience with getting it out of ny system? How long did it take you to get preggo after?

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  1. I'm currently trying to get it on my system . I got one dose in oct . I didn't et another in January and periods seem to be trying to go back to normal and trying to get pregnant

  2. The Depo progestin acts like a steroid, so look up common side effects of steroids.

  3. Juliet Tallmer where.did you read that? Can you point me in the direction. Thats what I want to read

  4. It lingers in your fat stores even after your last shot expires so maybe if you make a fitness plan it may help but not necessarily.

  5. I've been off it for a long time still not pregnant

  6. Same exact thing happened to me and ive had a shitty self image ever since.. Was on it as a teenager, went from 125lbs to 170lbs in like 2 years… was never able to lose it no matter how hard I tried.. As for your question, just have to let it happen.. cant really do anything to make it leave faster..

  7. It can take 2 years for fertility to return after discontinuing depo, however my close friend had a successful pregnancy 8 months after stopping it.

  8. how long? Im just learning about all the side affects and we planned on having 2 more children. Now we dont know if we can.

  9. Time! I don't think you can get it out of your system any other way honestly.

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