I got rid of my 40 year old psoriasis back in 2014


The skin
I got rid of my 40 year old psoriasis back in 2014, after quitting the big “offenders”; namely gluten, dairy and refined sugar. However, I got a new skin problem; which is skin flaking all over my body. I put on clean clothes in the morning, and when I take them off at bedtime, the clothes close to my body are covered with white flakes, smaller than sugar grains. My hands look like I have been into cold weather for hours without mittens, they are dry, sore and crack easily, it’s like touching sandpaper. I’m so tired of hoovering all the time, of washing my clothes that are not even dirty, merely covered with white flakes.
My bathroom floor tiles are dark gray of color, but after 24 hours after hoovering it, it’s covered with white dust. It is everywhere! Someone said the other day that I might lack fats. Well, I take coconut oil daily, I use fat in my cooking, I love fatty meat, I do take cod liver oil from Rosita – a tablespooon – each day. I never had this problem, even with my psoriasis. Is this skin condition a symptom of some “disease”, or will it go away with the RCP? I have followed the RCP religiously since November 2017, but my skin is worse/more flaking than it was when my psoriasis was active.
I would really appreciate some ideas, suggestions (solutions!!) to this very annoying phenomenon. I really hate my body and all the cleaning right now ?

Maybe I’m just an “overachiever”, but that is often the case with people who have had health issues for a long time <3 Right?

Thanking you in advance, and wishing you all a Happy Easter!

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  1. I'm curious too cuz I also have dry skin. I'm 50 so idk if it's related to hormones n aging. I know ppl will say eat more healthy fats. I don't take anything for my skin so I am curious what others will suggest which I haven't heard of yet. Yeah it sure sucks n unfortunately I understand. Happy Easter.

  2. Hello! I share the same issue hope someone has some good ideas to help. Happy Easter!

  3. Vitamin A I reckon! And potassium are the first one that come to mind as being responsible for dryness

  4. What do you use to moisturize? I like various oils blended together. How often are you applying moisturizer? I live in the prairies so I use a humidifier as well. Shower filter? The additives in the water don't help either. Cool showers are much better for your skin.

  5. Have you begun the last start of the RCP? It sounds like you are iodine deficient. It's like my entire world came together when I implemented this one. Clarity, energy, and internal peace were a bonus with this start, but it was amazing to rid myself of the dry skin.

  6. Vitamin A does exactly that to me, even the A in Rositas so I only can take it once a week.
    I put a pinch of celtic sea salt in my drinking water as that helps getting the water inside the cells and that's enough for me to have soft skin if not taking vit A.

  7. I've read here recently that Vit E full spectrum helps with this, do a search for the recommended brand, I think its Standard Process. I started Vit E= less dryness!

  8. Check your kidneys

  9. Two things that strike me through your answers is checking my kidneys and look into vitamin E food.

  10. When your psoriasis disappeared, did it do so all at once or did the patches become smaller and smaller and shrink into nothing?

  11. Cocosnut olie works wonders.

  12. My husband has the exact same condition as you have described. He is on protocol also. He dealt with the "psoriasis" (altho not one Dr or specialist he saw called it that. They said they didn't know what it was.) for about 15 years and has had the flakes for about 10. It is like sand all over the house and I am constantly cleaning and sweeping. At least his condition now does not hurt, where before he had pain quite a bit of the time. We have tried EVERYTHING. Still seeking answers. I also have a friend with the same condition. She is not on protocol and gets laser treatments from Dr. Hers has gotten worse, so at least we are holding steady.

  13. I would think your skin would have a lot of rebuilding to do after 40 years of psoriasis. Follow the protocol exactly. Do not cut corners without getting approval from a Consultant (iodine) RCP Consultant

  14. My dry skin and nails seem better after starting diatomaceous earth.

  15. Oh I have similar thing. My skin is literally dying on my face and neck. I could not move neck because skin is too tight and not moistured. My skin is refusing any cream. Horror. I had to take prednisone and now I dont know what to do. Long story short I started traveling, all of sudden rheumatoid arthritis, I refused conventional treatment, gluten free, sugar free, rubbish free. Came back and eczema started and now this. I work with theory that is it topical steroids withdrawal syndrome, bit not totally convinced. I am trying CBD and LDN .. good help me.

  16. Do you have a filter on your shower to take on chlorine?

  17. maybe you need a heavy metal detox?

  18. Try applying (very lightly) tallow to a test area i.e. one arm and it should absorb & rehydrate. Feeding like for like. Coconut oil could be having a salicylate or amine reaction.

  19. Have you had the recommended testing and HTMA with consult?
    -Moderator/Root Cause Protocol Consultant

  20. Increase high quality protein, iodine and betaine and enzymes and high quality flavonoids. Sounds also like copper not become properly available yet.. so more giving blood if not already. Also after years of poor skin.. liver and lungs need some help, acupuncture will help correct improper digestion, energy flows and connections and help over come the stress that long term health problems accumulate in the body/mind

  21. We recommend only food sources of iodine. Please read the last start on the Root Cause Protocol.
    -Moderator/Root Cause Protocol

  22. I would like to thank you all, kind and beautiful people, who have taken the time to answer my question.x3C3 I will read through all your suggestions, advices and comments. A skin problem obviously, is not the end of the world. And now, in my country, the sun is coming back…. So, maybe it's only a question of filling the D vitamin account?

  23. Could be digestive or even autoimmune – seeing that you have had RA. I would also have your thyroid and adrenals checked. When my body was doing that my thyroid was underactive.

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  25. How much water do you drink? And do you use moisturizer? I highly recommend the HEMP brand it's the best

  26. I wonder if dry brushing your skin would help to stimulate the skin, with circulation to the skin… there are brushes on Amazon. They're not too harsh, feel really good the one I got is about $7 and leaves skin rosy.

  27. I have the same problem of very drie skin and what has helped me is using a cream of magnesium, it helps also with the psoriasis problem and with the inflamation and pain in my hands and knees.
    Here is a picture of before and after using this magnesium cream.

  28. This is the picture after a week of using Magnesium Cream and the inflmations and pain have ceased also.

  29. Head dandruff can be fungal, so maybe fungus?

  30. taking fish oil or flax seed oil internally really helps to soften the skin & stop flaking

  31. Dry brush before shower/bath? Do you have chlorinated water? Shake out your clothes instead of washing? Almond or coconut oil on skin? Maybe the shedding is a good thing? Your body is shedding dead skin cells and toxins at a high rate…?

  32. If you are not allergic to a good pure coconut oil, then it may help to add to foods. Be sure to regulate your omegas too

  33. You need more oils in your diet. Grass fed butter, CLO, coconut oil, Wheat germ oil and olive oil. My skin was so dry and flaky when I first came to the protocol. Now I eat coconut oil off the spoon every morning while I cook breakfast. I am using CLO and red palm oil too. And loads of grass fed butter.

  34. Take flax seed capsules it will help a lot

  35. When I hit 40 and gave birth to my daughter my dry skin was so bad that my face and neck looked like a turtle's neck skin…just terrible…it did pass but I chalked it up to hormones, although I did also at the same time switch to vegan and high quality suppliments a few months before improvement. I still wonder if it had deeper health root causes…thyroid or something else…it was so bad. My skin was beyond leathery…terrible it aged me 30 yrs…easy.

  36. I have collagenous colitis, so I sit on the potty a lot. Even when my gut is "calm

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  38. If you haven't checked your kidneys and liver, I would.

  39. Maybe the skin issue is a way of detoxing? Just trying to be a little positive here x3C3

  40. I healed from psoriasis by eliminating wheat, dairy, and nightshades. I would also suggest to eat less meat and lots of vegetables.The supplements that I found helpful are turmeric, milk thistle, oregano oil, flax seed oil, and lecithin. Epsom salt bathes and saunas are also beneficial. There are also several Facebook groups that are very helpful. You might also want to read Healing Psoriasis by John Pagano. Hope this helps.

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