I got some additional tests at Morley’s suggestion.


Okay, I got some additional tests at Morley’s suggestion. I’m going to make an appointment to discuss the results with him – like now – but I’m putting this out there in hopes that someone can tell me what the heck caused Request-a-Test to be so concerned. As in, they called me to make sure I got the results and she seemed concerned. She would not tell me what the results typically indicate; she just repeated twice that contact “my doctor” to discuss the results. I’m not looking for a diagnosis, just some basic info until I can get on the phone with Morley Robbins.
Iron Bind. Cap. (TIBC) 427 ug/dL
UIBC 401 ug/dL
Iron, Serum 26 ug/dL
Iron Saturation 6% (This is what caused the alarm, I think. It says “Alert” on my results.)
Ferritin, Serum 5 ng/mL
Transferrin 340 mg/dL

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  1. Aaaaand, my tags never work.

  2. Yes, definitely work on getting iron up asap. Raise ceuroplasm and get liver in asap.

  3. Healthy women should be at 35% saturation for iron

  4. Okay, so does this indicate anemia? I've been working on raising Cp for over a year and have gone from 18.4 to 21.8 so far. Just started taking liver pills yesterday.

  5. Soooo, no one wants to scare the crap out of me and say what this indicates? That's actually scarier… Just scheduled appt. with Morley, but it's not until Jan. 6.

  6. I don't see Ceruloplasmin nor the Magnesium RBC values.

  7. Do you have thyroid disease? Hashimoto? What is your health like other than this test?

  8. Cp 21.8, MagRBC 4.1

  9. Does Morley do online consults and how do I contact him !!

  10. I've not been diagnosed with anything. I've been getting the Mag Panel done every few months since Sept 2014, just got the HTMA last month. I'm always tired, but generally feel mostly fine other than that. I just know that things are "off," and during the HTMA consult, Morley suggested these further tests to figure out exactly what's going on.

  11. Do you know your calcium level?

  12. Only HTMA results, not blood test levels.

  13. Have you had a hair mineral analysis? This would be a good idea. And cortisol tests.

  14. Calcium would show on the hair analysis.

  15. HTMA last month, had consult on that with Morley already which led to these particular tests. I'm just looking to find out real quick what caused the lady (nurse?) at Request-a-Test to be so concerned. I'm assuming that I'm anemic or dangerously close, though I don't know what that means for me right this minute, since I feel pretty good. Other than the fact that my mom almost died from anemia when I was around 10…that's all I really know about anemia.

  16. It could indicate chronic medical conditions or malignancy. Wide array of possibilities according to site i just looked at. Really just speculation until diagnostic testing.

  17. Looks like normal saturation should be between 25-35%. http://www.irondisorders.org/tests-to-determine-iron-levels

  18. I had similar iron numbers to yours a year ago and I'm still alive so don't panic. Do you have heavy bleeding? Do you know your hemoglobin level?

  19. Thanks, Michelle. I just got off the phone with my mom, who tried not to freak me out, but said, "You need to get to a doctor." Maybe she wasn't the right person to call, considering her experience with anemia. I don't have heavy bleeding. I have strange periods that include spotting sometimes for up to a week, but nothing I'd consider "heavy." I don't know my hemoglobin level.

  20. Have you been tested for celiac? Do you eat red meat?

  21. Anne no freaking out allowed.
    Up your iron intake asap. You may need a iron transfusion but that is dangerous in itself.

  22. Haven't been tested for celiac. I eat red meat pretty much everyday.

  23. Talking to my mom usually helps, as she's the no-freaking-out type. It didn't help in this case. She's talking about possible blood transfusions. I guess I'll go ahead and take the 4 liver pills/day recommended on the bottle (Perfect brand; I was starting slow just in case) and look up what else I should be eating. But with the low ceruloplasmin, I feel like it's even more of an uphill battle.

  24. Thanks, y'all. My husband is out of town hunting, so I'm just dealing with this by myself. Telling him would help, but no cell coverage.

  25. Get tested for celiac – I was surprised it was contributing to my anemia. Over time the intestinal lining is obliterated, diminishing its capacity to absorb dietary nutrients – particularly iron. Celiac serology should be mandatory when investigating the cause/s of iron deficiency.

  26. I also tested positive for blastocystis hominis – another contributing factor to my anemia.

    Blastocystis hominis is a -natural' inhabitant of the human gastrointestinal tract. However when over-colonisation of this parasite occurs, it can cause chronic diarrhoea, fever, nausea and abdominal cramping. B. hominis utilises iron from the host's body to mature and replicate, thus depleting the person of iron for their body's needs. Many chronic anemia patients are found to be infested with this parasite.

  27. thyroid disease also causes low iron as well. Have your thyroid tested.

  28. I just got some ashwagandha in the mail. (Morley recommended it based on my HTMA.) I didn't start it immediately because I wanted to research whether or not – if I have anemia – I should still take it. I came across info in multiple places that it's high in iron and will help with iron-deficiency anemia. Very interesting!

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