I had a lump removed. 33 treatments of radation


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I had a lump removed. 33 treatments of radation. Yes I know I wouldn’t have, if I knew then what I know now.
I went for my 6 month check up my surgeon wants me to do a mammogram. I said no. He days he needs to check behind the lump of scar tissue. And needs to do that with a mammogram. The scar tissue lump is larger than the lump that was removed. What can I do to get rid of the scar tissue. ? Thanks

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  1. You guys are awesome.

  2. Broomall in is a naturally occuring anti-inflammatory found in pineapples found close to and in the core. You can also buy it as a supplement but I prefer the core sliced thin and either dried into wafers or juiced with the rest of the fruit.

    Scar massage is also good. Find someone who can teach you how.

  3. Everything I've read about thermograms says they're way more accurate than mammograms – and no radiation versus tons of radiation from mammograms

  4. Thermogram is not as accurate as a mammogram.

  5. Mammograms have many false positives and negatives, and radiation exposure. Check out thermography.

  6. B17, apricot kernels as already stated, high dose vitamin D, Vitamin C, baking soda, graviola, juicing, iodine (there is an iodine group on facebook – see Iodine crisis by Lynne Farrow and Iodine: why you need it by Dr. David Brownstein – wealth of great info), great nutrition… scars will heal whether they are there or not once you boost your immune system with great nutrients…. focus on wellness rather than illness….

  7. No bras unless completely necessary especially wired. They restrict the lymph system. This is for preventative too. Apricot kernels also preventative. There are so many groups here that have a wealth of info for prevention and survivors…just read, ask and gather all you can. I've been researching and reading to help my friends…its been worth it.

  8. Essiac Tea.

  9. Take apricot kernels…read up on it.

  10. Please look into Black Salve…or at least read up on it. Serelium is a must. There's a closed group you can join called black salve. Worth a look and tons of reading. Several ladies used it to remove the tumors. Just a thought.

  11. I had a thermography 3 months prior to having an ultrasound. Which showed nothing. So now I'm a bit leary of the Thermography.

  12. Whole Breast Ultra Sound. Hummm

  13. call your local hospitals and see if they have installed the new whole breast ultra sound machine.. or thermogram

  14. I'm going for thermography. No more mammograms for me. I've had too much radiation already!

  15. comfrey root and maybe castor oil are pretty hardcore when it comes to stuff like this 🙂

  16. Do ultra sound or thermography instead of mammogram. St. John worth oil for scaring.

  17. Karen that sounds awesome!

  18. Try thermography instead of mammogram

  19. They are proteolytic enzymes which digest scar tissue as as well as the fibrin coating on cancer cells which make them otherwise difficult for the immune system to detect.

  20. I've never heard of thoes things. But I will try to find them.

  21. Serrapeptase and nattokinase. Bromalain is also good

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