I had a question about Epsom salts


I had a question about Epsom salts. I’ve stumbled across it and my DS11 dx developmental trauma, attachment difficulties, anxiety & depression had his first Epsom salts bath last night and asked for the same again tonight. He’s recently been diagnosed with joint hyper mobility too and he said the bath really helped last night. My question is, can he have the same bath every night or should I limit his exposure to the salts? I’ve been using 1 cup per bath.
He has GI problems too and is on Movicol paediatric (1-2 sachets) long term. I’ve read the salts can be a laxative too. Is this going to be a problem?! And finally – Epsom flakes sound more effective but stronger – anyone use these with their kids? Or Magnesium oil?
Also, any advice on Magnesium Threonate or Magnesium Glycinate dosing. I’m very confused on what’s what but these two leap out in my research as being optimal for kids with anxiety & GI problems in a daily low dose, but what’s the difference in them and what’s best for my son? Can we supplement orally and use baths?

I take Vitamin D3 too by my Endocrinologist as I’ve been dx with low bone density due to low vitamin D bloods. No one has mentioned Magnesium to me as a supplement that could help my fatigue, joint pain and anxiety. I can see from pinned post that asking about D is contentious and I don’t want to unwittingly break any protocols so please ignore the advice for me if I’ve strayed into the wrong area. I can raise it with my consultant at our next appointment in April.

Thanks everyone in advance for your wisdom and assistance. X

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  1. PS – I don't have Vit D bloods results for me as done on NHS. I can get them though but it may take some time!

  2. Morley has recently talked about vitamin d in one of his posts

    I wouldn't be taking any synthetic D. Cod liver oil with nothing added is what would be suggested.

    Low D is a symptom of low mag. Step it up and vitamin d won't be an issue…

  3. You have read the pinned post which is awesome. I highly recommend watching the videos which are linked to within it. It'll take a bit of time but it'll give you perspective on the bigger picture 'why', which will make it easier to get your head around what is discussed here

  4. We've had much success with magnesium oil for my daughter in treating her benign paroxysmal vertigo of childhood. Almost all of the symptoms are now gone. 🙂 that combined with epsom salt baths was the sole treatment that i used and i was hardly consistent.

  5. I use ES baths with my 6yo (1 cup in a small bath) about once a week. She has no health problems apart from the usual bugs, etc. We notice her behaviour calms and she is invigorated and much more stimulated and imaginative after a bath. I encouraged my friend to use them with her child who has behavioural issues, and they are absolutely convinced of the benefits now, the teachers at school have all remarked on his transformation. Be encouraged that you are on the correct path. I have also used ES to successfully remove a skin virus called molluscum contagiousum from both children, one of which had it for 2 years until the ES compresses. My own doctor sat and told me there was nothing to do, just suffer the scratching and bleeding for as many months/years as it took to go away. ES compresses and it was gone in 2 weeks. Happy New Year! Gx

  6. I have hypermobility (EDS) and have been using the protocol in this group and it helps.. another protocol to look into is "the Cusack Protocol" (there is a FB group) which is specifically for connective tissue related issues. I fine that the magnesium chloride flakes help a lot when bathing in them.

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  8. If you buy magnesium chloride ( magnesium flakes) you can bath in them and make magnesium lotion or oil or magahol.
    Making magnesium water is an inexpensive way to get magnesium in. You can cook with it also.
    Here's how to find
    graphics& food

    Photos > Albums > Magnesium Basics folder.

    Food recipes
    Go to Photos > Albums > Recipes – Food folder 🙂

  9. You can copy charts and recipes to your device. I will post the charts/ recipes I mentioned above for you. If you need more help let us know.

  10. You can share the bath water to help keep cost down. Make sure you take care of yourself so you can help your family. Get started on the whole magnesium protocol for yourself. Happy New Year!

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