I had been dealing with RLS


I have a magnesium question:)

I had been dealing with rls (Third trimester, fifth pregnancy) and after some searching online, started taking a magnesium supplement (Natural Vitality, Natural Calm). I didn’t notice much of a difference to speak of but kept it up.

Then Monday I had a blood draw and found out I have low iron, which also can cause rls and that magnesium impacts iron absorption.

So my question(s)… can I/should I keep up with the magnesium but at a different time than my iron supplements? I didn’t take the magnesium last night didn’t have any problems with my legs so I don’t know as if I *need* the supplement, but if it will help other things I don’t mind keeping it up but i don’t want to keep feeling crappy with low iron and I’d rather not hemorrhage possible

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  1. Whole food Vit C and liver, or Perfect brand dessicated liver pills, will raise your iron much better and safely. Iron pills aren't absorbed well, and cause a multitude of issues.

    The pinned post can get you started on your Mg journey. Calm is citrate, and a type we avoid here. It will cause bigger problems with your iron.

    Mg will absolutely help with both the iron and RLS.

  2. If I've been prescribed to take the iron pills twice a day, would I take the Perfect brand twice a day as well or just one?

  3. And thank you for your quick response 🙂

  4. Not to highjack Laura's post, but is Pure Synergy's Pure Radiance C (listed as a whole food sources supplement) an acceptable version? I'm still a little fuzzy from dental procedure this AM and want to make sure I'm reading the label correctly. I have camu camu powder and have struggled with mixing it into things – need the C badly.


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