I had been having a discussion with Morley Robbins


I had been having a discussion with Morley today brought up by a different post conversation I was having with someone else. I was discussing with him my experience with cramps and how I solved my cramping depending on where the cramps were. And here is a comment he made to me. “Please know that your PBR (Potassium BURN Rate) is a function of your Iron status… They are NOT independent variables… Iron CAUSES an acidic pH… Potassium LEAVES when the pH Drops!

Does that make sense?… And as you lighten the load of Iron, there is Mo’ Maggie to manage the Potassium so that it doesn’t LEAVE causing you Palps & Muscle cramps….”

Did a light bulb just get brighter?????

So the reason why we cramp is dysregulation of Iron causing a acidic pH followed by lowered potassium status and Maggie status. So one minute you might have Leg cramps, and then finger or toe cramps. Your trying to figure out WHY! You have your answer above. Too much excess unbound Iron is lowering mineral status especially Mag and K. But if you don’t resolve the Excess unbound iron, your going to need constant magnesium and potassium in supplements or food to keep replenishing the loss. ANd that circle or tail chasing will not end until the Iron Issue is corrected.

This is why he is partly harping on the IRON Issue. The other part is it is slowly overcoming the minerals and overwhelming the Liver, Kidney’s, Pancreas and Heart and who knows what other parts of the body. and you get symptoms and wonder WHY! You will never be able to overcome this problem of excess unbound Iron without a plan because you have been for years prior in your life, ate a higher Iron fortified diet not knowing you were doing it, and storing all the Iron to the point of Excess. It takes allot of effort to correct this problem like a major change in diet and a plan to correct the Iron overload. But first you need the blood tests and HTMA to know where to start and the analysis of those tests. Your just wasting time and money otherwise. It is YOUR Health we are talking about, yours and mine. And it is your choice what is important to you. Obviously your here because you have something bothering you and trying to fix the problem as you have not had results elsewhere. I was in the same boat when the Mag Group only had 2500 members. I procrastinated for 3 years to get the tests, but it was not about money for the tests. I wanted something to relieve my symptoms in a natural way. I found Magnesium and this group. But it turned out way more than that. As I took the Mag I got more and more heart palps! Wonder why?

Anyway, I just wanted to chime in and maybe add info to those of you new and older to the group, that there is a path to success. I am in the process of going down the path to better health natures way!

Hopefully by next January I will have donated enough blood that I will see much better results. I was asked to do a follow up testimonial, but that will wait until next year. This is not a sprint, but a Marathon in length, to see results. For me I expect 18 months to 2 years and I started in March 2016 with testing, blood donations in June and supplementing started in May.

I hope for much more success. Hope you do as well.

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  1. I noticed a decrease in heart palpitations shortly after I started taking IP-6. I can't give blood. I've also increased my magnesium and potassium supplements to make up for what may be pulled out by the IP-6. Blood tests for iron and ferritin status coming up later this week!

  2. Hi Alan Eckert, I'm sooo glad you decided to jump into the HTMA/consultation and recommended blood labs with BOTH feet!! Thank you for sharing your journey and the knowledge you have gained! This will help many folks to "connect the dots," as Morley always asks us to do! I hope other members of MAG will pay close attention to your words and not wait for three years to begin their own healing journeys!!

    In your comment above, you asked: "As I took the Mag I got more and more heart palps! Wonder why?"
    I'm sure that was a rhetorical question, but just in case someone else reading this wants to know the answer to your question… the answer is this:
    1. Unbound Iron/Iron dysregulation burns through Magnesium and Potassium.
    2. Unbalanced electrolytes can cause arrhythmias.
    3. Magnesium supplements lower our sodium; sodium is required to push potassium into the cells.
    That is why taking the recommended adrenal cocktail is so important to help us balance our electrolytes. We must be sure to get the balance of the RDA of 4700 mg potassium from our diets from foods such as sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, fresh squeezed, unpasteurized orange juice, coconut water, molasses, etc. or from supplements. All of the electrolytes must be balanced.

    Thanks again Alan, it sure is wonderful to be able to share our healing journeys with each other! MANY, MANY thanks to Morley Robbins for showing us the way forward!!

  3. Apart from donating blood what other ways can we bring excess unbound iron down?

  4. It depends on how high your ferritin is. Stabilized rice bran, Food grade DE, but these remove what you recently ate. Diet is critical so your not adding to the problem. Donations lower ferritin by 30-50 mg each time. It will take a long time without donations. If you are not in menopause yet, then your naturally lowering it each month, so cutting out iron in food will naturally lower it, but you need to be strict and take the rice bran daily, 2 hrs way from food.

  5. Here is another good read in case you ever smoked or still do!


  6. Alan Eckert I read Dr. Wilson's article on Iron toxicity

  7. And was amazed to read this: " Vitamin C can lower copper significantly causing very severe problems in some people if used repeatedly" and Vitamin C enhances iron absorption. Do you think he is talking about Ascorbic Acid?

  8. Yes. I discussed this with Morley. Not an issue with whole food vitamin C

  9. Here is some info from iron disorders.org


    Hemochromatosis (HHC) or Iron Overload is an iron metabolism disorder. While many people with Iron Overload have elevated hemoglobin levels, anemic individuals can have iron overload as well.

    Worldwide, it is the most inherited condition in people whose ancestry is from Eastern Europe. In the US, 1 in 7 persons has 1 gene and 1 in 200 persons has 2 genes. They may or may not have any symptoms. Generally, some of the symptoms are fatigue, severe joint pain, an all year round tan, and depression. Iron Overload can develop under the right condition such as eating a diet high in iron, taking vitamin C in pill form above 200mg daily and/or taking iron pills, after multiple transfusions and other causes.

    The following fasting blood tests are used to rule out Iron Overload: CBC, Serum Iron, TIBC/UIBC, Serum Ferritin (SF) and Serum Transferrin Saturation Percentage (TS%). If the SF and TS% are both elevated, blood withdrawals should be initiated because this is the most effective way to lower the levels. The Hematocrit should be done and recorded before every 250ml or more withdrawal of blood. The Serum Ferritin should be checked periodically to prevent counts that are brought down too low; this can cause anemia and iron avidity, which brings on other severe problems.

    Treatment is generally very simple, give blood if you can. In the past the blood from someone with HHC whether they were healthy or not would be thrown out, but now it can be used. Anemic people are treated with chelation therapy.

    If you have undiagnosed and untreated IO, the risk for the following diseases is increased: Cirrhosis, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease (Atrial Fibrillation), Cancer, Alzheimer's, and Age Related Macular Degeneration.

    In 2010 The Iron Disorders Institute in Greenville, SC published the latest guidelines for us to maintain whether we have Iron Overload or not. A person should try to aim for a Serum Ferritin (SF) of between 50ng/dl and 150ng/dl and a Serum Transferrin Saturation Percentage (TS%) of between 25% and 35%, and up to 45% is still in range. We do not have to do a DNA test in most instances, unless a family member has been previously diagnosed. It is best to do this in a private laboratory to avoid future health insurance problems from pre-existing conditions.

    Yearly blood tests after hydrating well and fasting for 8 hours may help to detect iron overload and possibly postpone or even prevent some of the prevalent diseases.

    For information on Iron Overload:


  10. Great post Alan – I remember the light bulb moment when I finally got the whole iron overload thing 🙂

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