I had today on a separate issue. “Bloating”


Second question I had today on a separate issue. “Bloating”

So, my stomach doesn’t feel painful like some people describe. However my stomach feels full, and sort of uncomfortable. Sometimes it edges towards nausea but I don’t feel truly nauseous like I’m going to get sick. Sometimes I have difficulty telling if I’m hungry or I might feel like a bit of loss of appetite.

Before we new it was Celiacs my doctor had prescribed me Zantac acid reliever for one of my symptoms but I hadn’t taken it. Should I/ is it okay to take a Zantac and see if that helps if it is bloating?

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  1. When I get heartburn I don’t get the typical pain I get nauseous not to the point of getting sick but just uncomfortable kind of full feeling but nauseous all the same I’m supposed to take medicine for it but I hate medicine and I’m trying to treat it naturally with ginger and apple cider vinegar

  2. Yep, that’s me also, I’m using vinegar and honey with ginger

  3. my stomach is so hard and puffy and it started the last few days too. no aching or pains but its not going down

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