I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend


Hi I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and I recently just started a low dose of estrogen birth control pill. He came in me twice and I was wondering is there a possibly I could get pregnant? I’m on week two of the row. Thanks Melissa

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  1. Wooaah simmer down prople. People on birth control are not the only ones posting in this group. Scroll down and look at the posts.

    I personally think birth control is not meant for everyone. It messed up my system completely too. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    The job is to guide people in this group, not to tell them to leave. Maybe some of her info was wrong or incorrect. We are all grown adults. The immaturity level should be taken down a notch.

  2. Nicole Moore, why the fuck are you on a birth control page if you are entirely against it?? Just to cause arguments and spread misinformation??

  3. Everyone is welcome to join this group because all questions are welcome here – not just those about birth control. That said, misinformation is not welcome here (see rule 3 in the description section).
    Plan B is NOT an abortive pill. Pregnancy is medically defined as starting when a fertilised egg implants into the lining of the uterus. Plan B works to prevent the fertilised egg from implanting. It does exactly the same thing as one of the avenues for prevention that regular (plan A) birth control enforces.
    The failure rate of the contraceptive pill when taken perfectly is 0.3% (based on sex 3 times a week – if you have sex less than that, the failure rate is less). The vast majority of 'pill babies', including I imagine everyone I have come across who has told me they got pregnant on the pill, are the result of misuse of the pill. It is so easy to use it incorrectly and not even know about it. For example, storing it at a temperature above 25C will render it ineffective and very few women realise this (including my mother, who lived in Saudi Arabia for 10 years (so was storing it at >40C) and was really surprised when she got pregnant). I am a perfect pill user, I know my pamphlet inside out, and I know so much more about my protection than is in the document that is supplied. If I got pregnant, I would STILL be inclined to blame myself for user error.

  4. Melissa Taylor, Juliet Tallmer has given you some really good help. If you're really concerned the best thing you can do is go see your doctor as soon as possible sweetheart. NO form of birth control is 100% effective (except abstinence). You just have to find something that works for you. It can take a while. You absolutely do increase your chance of falling pregnant by not taking your pill/mini pill on time.
    Do you have access to the morning after pill?

  5. Yes I was confused 🙁

  6. She just had a misunderstanding.

  7. I'm confused Nicole… If you're not on birth control then why don't you leave the group? There's absolutely no point being in a group called 'BIRTH CONTROL Questions' if you're not taking it & you're entirely against it?
    All you've done is confuse this poor woman!!! LEAVE!!!

  8. I joined it when I was going to get back on birth control but I didn't end up doing it

  9. Why are you in this group then Nicole Moore if you are entirely against birth control? Surely not to help others.

  10. No problem! Good luck

  11. Nicole you seriously need to do more research before spreading such awful advice to people like seriously it is blasphemous to all sexually active women everywhere

  12. Nicole Moore it saves a lot of women's butts lol

  13. I don't have my pamphlet

  14. Melissa your pills are only effective when they are taken correctly. Again like I said. The pamphlet. Read it. It will tell you if you did everything right or not.

  15. I didn't say when you are pregnant I said when you think you may become pregnant

  16. It is effective Melissa if taken correctly. 🙂 meaning on time and don't take medicines that may interact.

  17. I don't use birth control I'm entirely against it only because of when I took it I got messed up and 14 months later I am still trying to conceive

  18. No you get Plan B Nicole when you forgot to use a Plan A. Not when you are pregnant.

  19. So is my birth control not that effective?

  20. Its not but its seems like it is only because most woman take it once they think there is a high chance of pregnancy.

  21. Nicole no you are supposed to read your pill pamphlet and it will tell you the instructions. A lot of pills advise to take the missed pill as soon as you remember even if that means taking 2 on the same day or at the same time. Please go back and read your pamphlet over again before providing false and damaging information.

  22. Nicole Moore if you think plan b is abortion then birth control must be too. Not to be rude.

  23. That's what you get once you know its a high possibility you could be pregnant

  24. All Plan B is is a super doses of levonorgestrel – already found in hormonal contraception. It's not an abortive. It works to thin uterine lining so any eggs won't be able to implant to your uterus. And it makes sperm harder to swim through by thickening cervical mucus. That's it. If there is already an implanted egg then it will not affect it. Even the Plan B website explains this information as well.

  25. Plan b is still abortion in a way

  26. That's good I'm 18 so I don't chance it lol

  27. Melissa sending you a message

  28. You are never supposed to double up

  29. Awwww you all are just so nice I like it here. I mean if it's meant to be that it get pregnant then I'm not against.

  30. Well most schools dont**

  31. No you don't. I learned this all on my own and from being in this group. You will learn too 🙂 I blame schools not having a Sex Ed course!

  32. Oh ok I'm sorry if I sound stupid

  33. It isn't abortion. Abortion would be ending the pregnancy. Plan B is stopping the pregnancy before it starts.

  34. It's not like abortipn?

  35. Plan B stops the pregnancy before it starts.

  36. Just set an alarm on your phone. I carry my pills in my wallet. Wherever I go my wallet goes.

  37. Plan b I really don't like it's like abortion to me .

  38. Ring iud patch already tried hated them

  39. Again read your pill pamphlet. It has instructions on missed pills. Since you don't have a buffer of 7 active pills and if you absolutely can not risk a pregnancy right now – I would honestly consider Plan B even. If missing pills turns into a habit please either use backup protection or ask your GYN about less time sensitive options (ring, patch, IUD, or arm implant).

  40. Do you like it Katie

  41. Melissa I'm on the same pill

  42. Ok I will thank you. 🙂

  43. I also set an alarm on my phone.

  44. Just make sure you are taking them around the same time. I always take mine around 7pm it works for me. Find a time that works for you.

  45. I just took Mondays pill

  46. The reason I asked because Mini pills need to be on time.

  47. I just looked it up. It is a combination pill. Missing a pill increases your chance of pregnancy.

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