I hate my doctor. Kind of an idiot.


UGH….. #rant. So I hate my doctor. Kind of an idiot. I have not gone to see a doctor in a year because she pissed me off so bad last time. Fast forward, I cant stand being so dang tired any more. I am tired by 10 AM, completely wiped out by 3pm, and half dead by 5-6pm. Some days I literally dont have the muscle strength to do my job. I can lift a patient just fine on monday, go to get the same patient on friday and they will feel twice as heavy. Not to mention the joint pain and flu like body aches. I made an appointment for today. Yesterday they called and said they wanted to bump be up from 3pm to 11am because the Dr was leaving the office early today. Ok, what ever I just want to go and get it over with. I take my kids to school and come home and see I have a voice mail. It is the Drs office saying she is not coming in today so, rather than letting me see someone else at the office, they cancled my appointment. I only have like 2 week days (including today) scheduled off this month and IDK my schedule for next month. It is hard for me to find the time to come in. Then they just cancel my appointment?! I freaking hate my Dr and that entire office. I cant keep dealing with this crap. Im just fed the hell up!

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  1. this is a recipe that might help with your pain. it helps me tremendously. http://turmericlife.com.au/turmeric-recipes-golden-paste/

  2. Thanks. Right now I just want to know what is going on that makes me feel so bad. Is it Hashi’s? Is it something else? Does my positive ANA mean anything? So many questions. My TPO antibodies are 9 times the ‘normal’ lab range. The last time I saw this “doctor” she said everyone has high/elevated TPO antibodies and that it doesnt mean anything. She made me feel like I was crazy and stupid. She said that, at 27 years old, all my problems (including hair loss, increasing allergies, period changes etc) are all just because I am getting older……

  3. You know, stress is just about the worst thing for AI disease?
    Have you tried anything to calm you immune system and lower antibodies? Things that work for some people are selenium, acupuncture, stress reduction, LDN, gluten free, AIP diet.

  4. You need to find a new dr. No one deserves that when u are hurting.

  5. You can request to see a different doctor. I have done that before. Also if you don’t like the doctor you should just go somewhere else. Its your choice. My doctor I actually love. But he has said he knows what’s happening with me is obove his head and he needs a specialist to help. So he sends to to a few different doctors to get there input. I wish he knew everything because he actually cares about me. I would just keep looking. You need a doctor that you feel comfortable with.

  6. High antibodys is indicitive of hashis
    Also i dont know if your on hormones like bc but that helps also. I literally have to nap daily. I cant function if i dont. I take a high dose at 175 mcg daily and hashis plauges me daily. Get a doc that listens. There are so many options you are not stuck.

  7. Can you get a new doctor?

  8. Wow, i totally sympathize with your situation! I definitely have been where you are at. It does sound like you might have Hashi’s based on your elevated TPO numbers but would have to see some exact numbers. Unfortunately, many Drs are still not trained in how to treat it. Sometimes they are open to trying new things based on evidence you bring, sometimes not. I chose to keep looking until i found someone who really understood and was trained. I know it is work and is challenging. Message me if you’d like tips and guidance for finding your way. I’d be glad to pass on what i know.

  9. Def go gluten free. It isnt a cure all but helps a lot

  10. I’m definitely going to try and find a new doctor. I called back yesterday to try to reschedule, and was told that my doctor won’t be back in the office till at least Tuesday or Wednesday. I might try to get in with somebody else before then, and I am going to try to switch to a new practice but when I switched it to this one it took four months to get my first appointment. I can’t go another 4 months without figuring something out and getting some kind of help. I’m so ridiculously tired.

  11. Yep new doctor time

  12. Called to reschedule…it will be atleast a month before they can get me in!!

  13. Check vit D level? I had same symptoms

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