I have a 3rd degree burn on back of my thigh


I have a 3rd degree burn on back of my thigh. A 2 inch square in size. I went to doc and he is sending me for wound care and says I may have to have a skin graph. UGH! Question is… Does anyone know if I can take a Magnesium FLakes tub bath with a burn. The burn happened about 2 weeks ago. TIA

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  1. Good question?? Maybe just soak feet till wound heals!!

  2. Not a 'magnesium' answer, but bentonite clay wraps work wonders on burns.

  3. Aloe is good but not a Dr.

  4. Unless other people will see the burn I would skip the graph I burned myself but nobody sees the scare.

  5. Susan Marbut Sheffield – if the skin is open, remember that Mg chloride is a salt. Would you want salt in that open wound? Better to cover the guaze that has a few drops os essential oil of Lavender.

  6. I was told quite some time ago that organic honey, especially Manuka, heals burns best. Some of the commercial burn dressings contain it!

  7. Another non magnesium, but I read that colloidal silver is very beneficial because it's similar to what is used in burn treatments, not sure of the ppm count.

  8. That would be OUCH !

  9. Not sure how you burned yourself or how deep the wound is, but Agreeing with Judith kading. I burned both my thighs when I was a teenager… pretty serious. I doctored them myself because my family could not afford to take me to the doctor… blistered for months. (easily 5 in by 7 in? on both legs) I don't really remember all of the details but I do remember that i kept them moist whenever I was home and often put giant gauze over them to protect them when i was out and about….. They did scar but the scars are all gone now. I also read that Magnesium is a good for lessening the effects of scars – which I am experimenting with at the moment, because I fell and injured my legs pretty seriously this summer. "To induce the healing of scar tissue, massage essential oils frankincense, myrrh, and magnesium oil into the scar."

  10. Silvadene is what we use for burns. Keep it sterile as it could easily get contaminated n infected. May rinse with Normal saline solution which your Doctor should provide for home care till you get your graft Either pig skin or from your own skin.

  11. Helichrysum is the essential oil you will want to use.

  12. My mom had an open wound and was sent to Porter hospital burn uniit on an ongoing basis for several months. They used melaluca honey and it healed nicely.

  13. I've heard about that great honey.

  14. That's not going to be terribly pleasant. It might even cause enough irritation be an actual problem rather than merely uncomfortable.

    Take mag internally if you need it. Also suggest high dose glutamine, which is actually a fairly common burn treatment (but not common enough). It will help with the healing process.

  15. You might research comfrey poultice. Rather than packing the ground herb on a burn, you can make a tea and soak a rag in it and place that on the area. Comfrey is a cell proliferative and will greatly speed the body's ability to make and regenerate new cells to heal skin, bone etc. You might look into it and see if it is something that might work for you. Good luck.

  16. Manuka honey or aloe Vera

  17. Organic Lavender Essential Oil applied neat is the best for burns!

  18. Manuka honey works great on burns.

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