I have a appointment with a endocrinologists.


So i’m new to all of this stuff. i just had my right side of my throid removed it took him 3 1/2 hours cause it was higher than normal it was bigger than he thought and it was super sticky. But when i went back to my doctors appoinment he said i didn’t have cancer and he said they i have hashimoto’s disease. what! I don’t have clue with all this stuff. Now i have a appointment with a endocrinologists. I guess what i am asking is what are we looking at here and what does all this mean? I have researched so much my head hurts lol. Any advice and help would be great! Thank you in advance.

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  1. I would say the first thing is to read “Root Cause” by Isabella Wentz. It’ll help you with diet and supplements!

  2. thank you i will do that.

  3. Why did they remove it?

  4. cause they felt a knot on my right side. i went for the ultra sound and ct scan the doctor said there are for signs one was size and i dont remember the others but i had all four signs so it needed to come out. i also have cysts on the left side as well. and then while he was in there it was worse than they thought.

  5. I’m glad it wasn’s cancer. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease that causes hypothyroidism by damaging the thyroid gland. Treatment is thyroid hormone replacement.

  6. Thank you me to! That’s what I’ve been reading but what I can’t find out is since I now have one thyroid gland is it more likely that I’ll have to get that one out sooner than expected cause with the cysts and all. Or would the med help my left side?

  7. Sorry for all the questions I’m just new to all this.

  8. Asking questions is important! The thyroid gland has two lobes and you had one removed. Whether they will have to remove the other lobe depends on a lot of things. The medication is primarily there to keep you from experiencing hypo symptoms, but the meds can also sometimes shrink thyroid nodules as well.

  9. OK that makes me feel better. I also see that the med can fix high cholesterol is that true I have had high cholesterol for 4 yes now and low vitamin d

  10. OK that would be cool. Thank you again for helping me I really appreciate it.

  11. Treatment is NOT always a pill. That doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes diet and lifestyle changes are the only things that help control the symptoms. And sometimes that doesn’t work for everyone. I’m not trying to burst your bubble, but I’m giving you the other part of what COULD happen.
    And even the cholesterol sometimes cannot be controlled with a pill or even diet.
    Unless I have cancer, can’t swallow or breath, I’m keeping my thyroid. A lot of Dr’s just want to take the thyroid out and give you a pill. A lot of people have even more problems after that.
    I have 3 nodules too.

  12. No its fine I need all the information I can get I really appreciate the advice.

  13. I’m just so confused with all of this.all that was talked about was taking out the thyroid gland get test done in 3 months and ultra sound on the left side in 9 months. Now I have to see this other doctor to treat this.

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