I have a Dr. Appt. WEd.


I have a Dr. Appt. WEd. I just ate some bread will it be enough if I ask for a blood test. Ate it 20 min ago already feel my stomach expanding from the heavy feeling I get after eating gluten and pains have started in my tummy. Are a few slices of bread enough to get a positive blood test? If I eat too much gluten I’ll have to cancel my appt. because I’ll be living in the bathroom

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  1. Wow, my heart is racing too

  2. No you have to eat bread every day for 6 weeks I’m afraid, it’s an awful experience and I felt sick every day, no so glad for a positive result and will never eat gluten again, good luck x

  3. No it takes weeks of eating it to get accurate test results

  4. My question is? Why do you need a blood test? Why can’t you just cut gluten and if you feel better… there’s your result. If you don’t feel better then I might be something else? Just curious why everyone on this page HAS to have the blood test done? Half of you guys know what the issue is it sounds like.

  5. If you get hospitalized then they can feed you by your diet which is ordered by your doctor.

  6. I think if you eat gluten for two weeks they can do a colonoscopy and find out if you are Celiac.

  7. No, They can do a Endoscopy and look at the villi to see what condition it’s in and do biopsies and DNA blood work

  8. Nope. Need to eat a lot more. Why are you eating it?

  9. My follow up appt is the 6th. I already have results they sent me and it clearly says Celiac. I didn’t have a lot of gluten in my system like most say they need. In a months time I ate chicken nuggets and half a calzone. I hadn’t been worried at that time about cross contamination but I did steer clear of bread and stuff because I’ve known for years it doesn’t agree with me. I plan to speak with GP about this topic for sure!

  10. Emma – not one doctor or hospital never questioned my diagnoses over the last ten years. I simply tell them I have Celiac Disease. They ask a few questions about it. I express my concerns to make sure they check the medication is GF. If I have a problem, I talk to the head nurse or administrator. It is your decision just understand no one including the insurance company has asked for proof.

  11. You cannot take the test if you are gluten free.

  12. If you feel better going GF do it. If a Dr tells you to eat gluten for a positive test result. Tell him to eat shit and get a new Dr

  13. A blood test alone isn’t always accepted anyway. I’ve always been told biopsy or none. But why bother? With healthcare so iffy, why give yourself a preexisting condition for them to discriminate against? You have celiac. Staying clear of gluten solves the issue. No need to elaborate.

  14. Please try reading the book at the following link. It may provide you with some valuable information on Celiac Disease. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07567HDF1/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1503961150&sr=1-2&keywords=gluten+freedom

  15. So before my skin biopsy I stopped eating gluten then 8 days before my test I was like oh F!! I have to eat gluten!! So I ate 1.5 pieces of bread a day and it came back positive.

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