I have a family friend who is a diagnosed alcoholic


I have a family friend who is a diagnosed alcoholic. She is the same age as me -31. If alcoholism came in stages like cancer, she would stage 4- close to death. She is in and out of hospital and has been resuscitated on several occasions.

Her mother is at her wits end and doesn’t know what to do. They have money so they have paid for her to go into several rehab clinics in the UK and abroad but she checks herself out. I know that until the person admits that they have a problem and acknowledges that they need to get better there is little that anyone else can do.

The nhs are useless and won’t section her.

So I thought I’d look into alternative ideas for her since I am pursuing this route too for my ill health.

Apart from the magnesium protocol are there any other ideas you would suggest? Could the htma test be useful in treating alcohol addiction? I feel like she needs a kick start, but from a new angle.

I’ve read that having the gene test for the mtfhr mutation might be a good idea?

And L-theanine to help with the side effects that alcohol causes in the liver?

Any other suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you.

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  1. The spirit is what needs it's illness healed. The physical part will come too, but until the spirit is healed…she will just resist or tail spin…what does she say when someone just offers to sit next to her and talk? Or just sit there and not speak at all?

  2. Milk thistle is a liver support

  3. Look up pyroluria and see if any of the other symptoms fit.

  4. These blood tests and the HTMA will help rebalace physically while she also deals with emotional issues.

  5. It wouldn't be a bad idea to test for the MTHFR variants. Here's a list of some of the associated conditions relating to it. Maybe she would recognize other symptoms besides the addiction. http://mthfr.net/mthfr-mutations-and-the-conditions-they-cause/2011/09/07/

  6. Bless you for trying. While I'm no expert in this, my husband always says, THE PERSON must make the decision for change. Has your friend?

    We have a friend in this same situation and his dear wife is at wit's end, but realizes HE must make that decision. It's all terribly difficult. I'm so sorry.

    One of my daughter's former college roommate and best friend (24 yo) had a mother who just died due to liver failure from her alcohol addiction. (Not sure the age if the mother, but you get the idea.) It's so sad. I strongly suspect my own mother had the same addiction, but she purposely took her own life in 1971, and left us three kids.

    Prayers for your family friend.

  7. I agree that this person needs a spiritual revolution. I suffered from addiction for many years. Then I started to practice the exercises of Falun Dafa, which is a type of qigong. I practiced the meditative exercises and read the books and within ten days I was able to quit smoking cigarettes, something I had never been able to do successfully in the 16 years since I had started. Other substances were also dropped. Only after this did I start healing with magnesium and other minerals and vitamins. Falun Dafa aka Falun Gong is very powerful. All the exercises can be learned from the videos on the website and the books are available for download. Nobody is allowed to make money from Falun Dafa: it is too precious to be bought and sold, and everything about it is free. Good luck to you and her, she needs nothing short of a miracle. But miracles do happen.

  8. Niacin in very high doses! Ive read and seen videos about the early days of A.A. and back in those days drs doing vitamin and nutrition therapies with high success rates!

  9. I am so sorry you are going through this with your friend. You are a good friend to try. Alcoholism destroys minerals especially magnesium, but taking them while continuing to drink probably won't do much good, especially if she is that poorly. I'm guessing her gut is probably not good at absorbing either. Unfortunately the person has to make a decision to change. We are going through the same with a family member. Despite being in ICU and almost dying they still think that they can do it alone. It is very sad. And hard to watch.

  10. Hey Tabitha Dow Check out this article. It has a lot of preventative tips, but also a lot of recovery solutions too. They all support the brain before and after alcohol abuse: http://www.optimallivingdynamics.com/blog/how-to-protect-your-brain-from-alcohol-never-be-hungover

  11. Wonderful thanks Jordan!

  12. get her to join this group, also Julia Ross in CA may have a recommendation for a cutting edge clinic-

  13. Colloidal Gold works for cravings!!

  14. I have read that Vit C changes the effect of alcohol on the brain, no longer giving it a pleasure high. I don't know how it would effect the person that had the physical addition. I pray you find the answers to her needs.

  15. Look into low dose naltrexone. High dose is used for addictions, but low dose has similar effect. It is a very safe drug (as far as drugs go!) and isn't habit forming. Many people with inflammatory conditions and go issues use it in the low dose version.

  16. Some claim that colloidal gold breaks addiction-Only a rumor not factual

  17. Unless she is looking for help, you are wasting your time. I'm not being hard by saying that but you can't do anything without her cooperation and her own want to get treated. The NHS won't section her because she is not sectionable.

  18. Glutathione or NAC, a precursor to glutathione, can help support the liver where it is supposed to be produced.

  19. L-Tyrosine is good for alcoholism because it's a dopamine precursor and dopamine depletion is the reason alcoholics can't quit.

  20. Low dose naltroxene. We use it to boost endorphins but it's also used for addiction. It would serve her on both fronts.

  21. Sometimes addiction is a symptom of other things. Example: mold.

  22. there may also be a problem with their prostaglandin cycle. If so – it is tough. Avoid all margarine and the so-called vegetable oils, and eat organic foods as far as possible.

  23. If you go the orthomolecular route, there is a great sauna detox that could be done at the same time as you need to be taking lots of supplements. It generally takes less than 2 months in extreme cases. Most are about a month. There are clinics that do this for addicts as well as emergency workers, war vets, severe chemical exposure, etc. You can look up Dr George Yu for more information on it. The church of scientology also provide this service (you are not required to join the church to do it). This gives some information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5NOEOowtmU

  24. As heart wrenching as it is for you to see your friend making exceedingly poor choices, lasting change can only come from within. Her poor Mum and you can continue throwing supports at her but unless and until she wants help I hate to say it's a waste of time. AL Anon groups are wonderful support systems.

    My blood brother was just on life support two weeks ago, struggling with double pneumonia. He's a 59 year old 2-pack-a-day smoker, alcoholic whom has been a quadraplegic since a drunk driving accident at 18 years of age. I have v family members whom have lived their lives trying to get him to behave, yet the day his disability check arrives, his drinking drugging 'friend's arrive to v spend it with him. I chose to not spend my life being codependent w him and moved across the country from them.

  25. Maybe if she knew that addictive behaviours are a symptom of some bigger biomedical picture she'd consider looking into it. Pyroluria might appeal to her.

  26. Can be related to candida. The boron water is the most noticeable treatment I have taken for candida in the last year (and I have tried most of them). Diet is also key.

  27. Ask her one question "Do you love yourself?" May be the root of her problem.

  28. Amino acids on empty stomack at least 3-4 times a day is big help. Tough for females to get cure.

  29. I prefer CBT based methods such as Harm Reduction and Risk Management over Medical Model approaches such as 12-Step programs. You can lead a horse to water, but

  30. If you have never had a true addict in your life you have no idea the depth of deception to both you and self that they do to carry on with the addiction. Sometimes Co dependency groups can you help you see the true and subtle differences between helping and enabling. I used to think I was helping him and loving him until I learned I was actually enabling him. The worst addicts will use your care and love as forms of enabling and only when every single person shuts them out do they take their addiction seriously enough to get professional help and stick with it.

  31. All the above suggestions are good, but what will really work is therapy. Finding out and dealing with what triggered her to start drinking will help a great deal. Most alcoholics drink to escape from emotional pain or trauma. The sooner she deals with it the sooner she will recover.

  32. Thank you all so much for your suggestions and thoughts.

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