I have a friend who has severe neck pain.


I have a friend who has severe neck pain. I recommended Mag-a-hol as it has done wonders for me. There has been an issue in the family with alcohol so they don’t want to try. Is there an effective alternative to alcohol such as Witch Hazel? Thanks.

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  1. Good question. I know someone like that, too. I was given lots of reasons why this shouldn't be an issue, but they obviously don't understand the recovering alcoholic mind.

  2. Try magnesium lotion.

  3. Amazon carries Mag oil as well. I think there was a post a long time ago asking this same question and the answer was you can use distilled water? Although it's not absorbed as easily. I'll try to search and find that post.

  4. Wondering about testimonials from people who have tried different ways specifically for pain. I've only used Mag-a-Hol and I love it. I've seen Mag oil, Mag lotion and Mag body butter made with Mag oil.

  5. Add one cup of Mg chloride flakes to one cup of Aloe vera gel. Stir.
    Ready to use and skin friendly.

  6. Magnesium lotion

  7. Mag oil online on amazon.

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