I have a pretty good alternative MD


RANT: I admit, I have a pretty good alternative MD, but man, what does it take for these Doctors to “get” it. In the beginning, she was pushing me to take tons of Vitamin D. I refused, suggested she take a look at this group (no). Said I will be taking Cod Liver Oil. So last year, exactly one year ago, I get a Hair Analysis done by our esteemed leader. He tells me what to do. I take the results and his recommendations to her and she’s all excited. But she’s unhappy about my severe anemia and suggesting Floradix and other iron supps. Nope, it’s recommended that I take Whole Food Vitamin C, per Mr. HTMA. I spent 9 years doing it the medical way I was told to do it. I’m doing it the Morley Robbins way now because clearly, what I have done for 9 years is NOT getting me well.

The definition of insanity: continuing to do what you’ve always done, expecting different results.

Follow up today: I’m on HALF the Adrenal Medication that I was on from one year ago. I have lowered my thyroid hormone (T3 only from 125 mcgs to 50 mcgs in this time frame.) My Mag levels are waaaaay improved. I am OFF Florinef (for adrenals), OFF Growth Hormone. After being bedridden for 2 years, I am out of bed, able to function, participate in life again, have energy, weaning off other meds that I was on which made me like a zombie, so I have more brain function again and I go for my check up. I’m like ready to jump out of my chair when she comes in, “I’m feeling sooo much better!” She says, oh, you LOOK so much better. Checks my ankles, your little inner tube bags of fluid retention are almost gone from around your ankles! Wow! She says. So obviously, your Iron levels must have improved, we will do those labs next month. Did you take the Floradix I recommended? (sound of needle screeching across old vinyl LP – for those of you old enough to remember what LP’s are and that sound) What?! NO. I did not take the Floradix.

I took:

NO Vitamin D — Took Cod Liver Oil, and liver capsules.

I took NO iron – Took Whole Food C by Innate Response. You know, that Ceruloplasmin thing I keep trying to tell you about, DOCTOR.

I took plenty of Maggie (malate 7-9 per day).

I took Epsom salt baths at least twice a week with Borax, Baking Soda, Lavender essential oil and soothing music, spending 30 minutes IN GRATITUDE — Prescription by Morley Robbins.

I used Mag-a-Hol on a very regular basis and when I ran out of body parts to put it on, I started putting it on my husband. (Really gives a good attitude adjustment. For him, cause he’s out of pain. Ha! Imagine that!)

I took all of the Mag co-factors.

I took Alpha Lipoic Acid to keep my liver clear and detoxed. And let me tell you, that stuff will keep your colon working!

Oh, forgot, we had to cut my BioIdentical Hormones of Estrogen IN HALF, because evidently my Adrenals have recovered enough to start making some more good estrogens (I’m 59 years old). Morley told me that when we hit menopause, the Adrenals were meant to replace what the ovaries no longer do, but most of us, our adrenals are too trashed.

So this was all confirmed by labs and Saliva tests, folks. What’s being taught by this man and this group WORKS.

My RANT is that, all she can say to me is, “Did you take the Floradix?”

My RAVE is: THANK YOU again, Mag Man, (Morley Robbins) for saving my life. Peace, love and my eternal thanks to you. My life has just started over for me! I am beyond excited.

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  1. I know I read somewhere about not taking vit d but I don't remember why not. My kids and I take Carlson's fish oil and we take a vit d3 pill. Is that ok?

  2. Just the inspiration I needed today!

  3. May Tharpe this one 🙂

  4. I hope I have good results like you. I have low ferritin, my ND wants me to take iron with copper in it. I have very low ceruloplasmin and high unbound copper. Going to up my Vit C, this gives me hope.
    Congrats 🙂

  5. I so wished i could shared this! Right to the point with proven results. Loved the definition of insanity 😛
    And clear enough for any person not paying attention.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. If I may ask, what were you diagnosed with? Adrenal Fatigue?

  7. I know you all say lots of d3 is not good It did help my bones and it did make my diabeties better I am also doing this mag stuff

  8. Time for me to get serious. I want a consult with HIM! How do I get one?

  9. x3C3 x3C3 x3C3Lisa ~ such great news!!!! x3C3 x3C3 x3C3

  10. Thanks to the overwhelming responses of everyone! I appreciate all of YOUR kind words to me, which give me great joy, to know that I encouraged and perhaps taught a little bit to everyone. Now, pay it forward to: YOURSELF first. Then share it with others. x3C3

  11. Lisa do you give permission to share with others not in this group?

  12. I will be MIA for a little while. Working on taxes which are due on March 15th for corporations. I have a year's worth of paperwork to file due to not feeling well, but now I feel ready to get it done. I LOVE being organized. So it will feel SOOOO good to get it done! Good to clear all that clutter and get some better Feng Shui going in my office!

  13. Praise God! So happy for you

  14. Lisa Parker can u recommend the brand name for liver capsules and
    Alpha lipoic acid please ?

  15. Keep a journal, keep writing. You are a natural! =D x3C3

  16. Very good!

  17. Alicia Pitman – Amazing! xoxo

  18. What do you take to encourage thyroid to function? What replaces estrogen safely? And why no vitamin d3. I'm still learning

  19. For thyroid; Mineral Balancing — everything that's taught here, everything that I mentioned in my post. Magnesium is a mineral that drives over 300 functions in the human body and more. Minerals are the Spark of Life!

  20. Also, the thyroid is the "emotional" gland. I recommend healing emotional issues as I did using "The Healing Code" by Dr. Alex Loyd. Life changing and simple to do at home!


  21. Thank you, Ms Parker! I'm saving this post for future reference. Morely Robbins, hmmmm…

  22. I need help and much of this makes no sense:( a girl told me to do a spit test for all my harmons and it showed adrenal fatigue, low cortisol in AM and high at night, possible hypothyroidism. But there are Dr or alternative Dr to go to.. What would you suggest me to do. I've had no life for many years. In bed most of the time because I'm so fatigued. Pain also. Thanks in advance.

  23. Rena-Renee Witcher Mihaltan If I could afford it, I would go to a Functional MD—they do West Med tests, but use more alternative approaches—my 2nd choice is a Naturopath.

  24. Rena, get your thyroid and antibodies tested by a functional doctor. Also, investigate nutritional deficiencies and gut health. Those tests are not all covered by insurance, but health is not negotiable. Also, you can investigate your environment for mold and check your mouth for mercury amalgams. Make sure you don't use antiperspirants with aluminum and don't cook on non-stick. Avoid plastic, use glass instead. And make sure you avoid fluoride. All those things can create devastate our health.

  25. Candace Sneed-Studebaker
    With ALL due respect, let me take issue with your stance…

    I am SOOOOOO tired of folks saying: "If only I could find a good "functional" doctor, then I'd get better…"

    This FB Group, MAG, is designed & devoted to teaching and empowering its members to BE THEIR OWN DOCTOR. This relentless state of "D"octor "D"ependence MUST STOP!

    There is NO such thing as Medical Disease…

    There is ONLY Metabolic Dysfunction…

    Borne of Mineral Dysregulation…

    Triggered by a Moronic Diet that Elevates Iron in our LIver and then "D"epletes Maggie in our body…

    The FASTER you learn THAT METABOLIC FACT & SEESAW, and learn the mineral dynamics of how to CORRECT that mineral dysregulation, the LESS you will need of ANY doctor, now or ever.

    And what I will say in conclusion, is that I have worked with hundreds of clients who got HOSED by their "functional" or "naturopathic" doctors because these practitioners had NO CLUE about mineral metabolism or mineral dynamics, esp. the one that CAUSES Mg loss… How Iron-ic is THAT?… 😉

    Please, take a BOLD step into Health Democracy by taking control of & better understanding the mineral dynamics in our body…

    A votre sante!

  26. …those doctors.

  27. Amanda Perkins Eichenberger
    … those UNeducated Sheeple patients… 😉

  28. I absolutely agree that people need to take control of their health, which includes reading the files here !! There is so much valuable info thanks to Morley. Magnesium won't solve everyone's problems however, but for those it does, I agree many physicians are not as helpful as we'd like. I've seen many posts here that are unkind and offensive toward physicians, I absolutely do not agree most people can or should be their own doctor. Many people I personally know have a difficult time navigating and understanding the medical lingo much less interpreting how factors work in the body. Good physicians who will work with you are important to have !!

  29. Cyndie Scull, Cyndie Scull, of intrest

  30. I laughed thru the whole post !! Good for you

  31. Lisa I LOVE reading this post. Which liver capsules did you use?

  32. Awesome! I am so happy for you!!!! I am always low on iron and D and I bought some of that floradix. Yuck! I took it once and threw it in the trash. So glad I am learning other ways to heal… oh yeah…the right ways! LOL Congratulations and thanks for sharing what helped you for the rest of us here!! I really appreciate that! But very very happy for you!!!

  33. Candace Sneed-Studebaker
    No worries… I knew where you stood…

    I was just stealing a "teachable" moment and thanks for allowing me to do just that!… 😉

    A votre sante!

  34. Morley, I just paid for the HTMA so as soon as I get it, I'll get the hair cut and it will be in the mail. Also did Request a Test for the Mg Iron panel test. Not sure if the results come to me or go to you. Either way, let's get er done!!!

  35. I love this testimonial 🙂

  36. I've read this several times, every time I read it I smile! What an awesome testimony!!!

  37. following…..i need to know how to get my adrenals back ! i dont take floradex but i cannot get my sodium levels up 🙁 and my skin has aged so much i believe from adrenal issues .

  38. No !!' But I will ck into that thank you !!!

  39. I have hypothalamus issues .. My aldosterone levels are low hence the salt wasting . I'm on 37 much a day of t3


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