I have a question about bc and pregnancy


I have a question about bc and pregnancy. The last time I was on the pill (sprintec) I was fine and never got pregnant. After my 2nd daughter I went back on it. I have been on it now for almost 9 months now but for this month I have been horrible with taking it. Have had a lot going on and forget to take it or take it really late. My husband and I have only had sex like 3 times this month since he had surgery on his back but since i keep forgetting to take my pills or take them late what is the possibility of being prego? I am supposed to get my period this week. I woke up and all day feeling off and on carsick feeling I’m kinda tired and my boobs only hurt a little. I have creamy white discharge. TMI sorry. No judgement please.

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  1. Girl, you are going to be fine! If it makes you feel better, i started off with a creamy white discharge. Then i got a brown discharge. Then it turned yellow for a few days. (sorry for the info) haha. Then BAM! it showed up! Im sure you will be fine, my husband and I also didn't use protection and i didnt take all my pills either. Its probably the same.

  2. Usually by tonight it starts or tomorrow morning. And stops by Saturday night

  3. Ask your doctor to send you for a test! Home pregnancy tests can get costly plus show off results. Best bet would be to just get a final answer before starting on a new pill pack. Just in case (not saying that you are) pregnant.

    Stressing about will definitely throw your system off. Is your period usually on time?

  4. I start my next pack on Monday… What do I do if I don't get a period by then?

  5. Most that will cover the shot or pills will cover the implant or patch. Good luck!!

  6. I would have to see what my insurance covers

  7. The depo shot? If so, I'd seriously look into another method. have you looked into the implant?

  8. I was thinking about the shot every 3 months. Just have to make sure insurance covers it

  9. I think if you're really worried about another pregnancy you should invest in another form of BC. Pregnancy is preventable. IUDs are also a great, cheaper alternative to pills, and if you've given birth already, I'm sure it's an even better option for you.

  10. We just don't have the finances and everything for another and I love my girls

  11. You mean your break week? If so, use backup protection as you are not protected on your break week if you've missed multiple active pills in your pack. Is suggest you use a condom

  12. What if I have sex during my off week?

  13. Don't stress about it hun. You did say its due this week. So im sure you will get it. Hey, if its meant to be. Maybe a baby wont be so bad. A blessing in disguise? 😉

    Lets keep positive!! You will get it. If you dont in a week or so take another test. Or ask your doctor to test for it. Good Luck! 🙂

  14. Neg test this morning, no period yet

  15. I am going to tomorrow I think

  16. Do it !! 🙂

  17. I'm scared to

  18. Just pee on a stick and find out. Good luck.

  19. I totally understand what your going through. I was going through the same thing! I was crazy moody. Boob and back pains. All signs were pointing at pregnancy. I took home pregnancy test and it was negative. And my doctor was convinced that it might have been wrong. I was supposed to get a blood test done monday. And sunday morning i got my period. I hope yours doesnt delay as much as mine did! You will get it.*fingers crossed*

  20. The patch made me super sick. I just need to make it part of my routine again

  21. I hear Ya. Maybe look into less time sensitive means of bc? Implant, patch or ring? I know lots of girls love the convenience!

  22. I don't want another one right now so I'm praying i get it

  23. I wouldn't stress too much at this point, as it will only delay your period. what's done is done. I'll venture a guess that you're just fine because you do seem to be having pre-withdraw bleed symptoms. Just take precautions having sex during your break week as you missed pills 🙂

  24. I only missed 2 pills and took all the others at different times. The first time we had sex and then i missed the pill and the 2nd time I just took the pill later.

  25. There's really no way to know if you're pregnant without a test..however, it's a bit of a crap shoot. Late pills pose less of an issue ( not to say it's ok to take them late, but you know what I mean) the missed pills seem more problematic. How many have you missed? Can you remember when you had sex right before or after missed pills? Remember, you're not protected on your break week when you miss multiple active pills, so keep that in mind.

    Late pills…Lots of women rely on "typical use". They don't always get pregnant.

    Missed pills… This is when you get preggers.

    Remember, stressing out over your period can cause delays. Your body will react and your period could become late. I'm assuming since you've been having symptoms here and there (plus discharge), your withdraw bleed will come. It may be a little late due to late pills/stress, etc.

  26. Its hard to say really. Just let time takes its toll. From my experience. (This month) i started stressing about getting my period. Was worried i was going to be pregnant. Mind triggers it to be late if u stress about it.
    I was 90% convinced i was pregnant. I even felt nauseated. White. Yellow discharge. 2 weeks late. finally got it after 15 days. Thats after i tried to put my mind on something else.

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