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Thanks for adding me! My son has autism, and the diet helped him. Little did I know that he inherited gluten intolerance from me. I have a question about soft serve ice cream, or “custard” as it is also called. I just saw a list ingredients at one store which said there is wheat in it. Now, I am guessing that if it doesn’t say Gluten Free, I should avoid it. Anyhow have this experience? I went back to dairy because I was missing a special treat once in a while. Going GF has been a blessing as my symptoms have greatly subsided, but am still finding a bit of inflammation ongoing. I think I am having dairy issues as well. Not surprised since I have found that my hay fever got worse when I reintroduced the dairy. Just yogurt and ice cream. I guess it is time for me to start making almond milk ice cream or Dole whip.

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  1. Frozen custard and soft serve ice cream have different ingredients. You should not have to avoid all of it. Best bet is to find out what brands your favorite places use and check the ingredients either online, or, ask if they will let you read the packaging.

  2. Try Halo brand!

  3. Thank you!

  4. There are amazing coconut and almond ice creams out there.

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