I have a question for all of you experienced celiacs


Hi Guys,

I have a question for all of you “Experienced Celiacs”, who have been FAITHFULLY COMPLIANT TO A GF DIET for a year or more. Just curious about whether faithfully adhering to a GF diet has made you:

A. “totally changed your life” and you feel cured by avoiding gluten.

B. “better” (but not well, yet)


C. “still very sick” and you know that something else is wrong.

I was diagnosed with Celiac 12 to 14 years ago. I spent the first 7 years coming to terms with what being truly compliant to a GF diet meant. Once I was really and truly 100% gluten free, I felt much better but eventually came to realize that I had other issues – not just Celiac. In fact, I have other autoimmune diseases and ended up spending several months on the AIP diet in order to track down other foods that aren’t good for me to eat. In my case, I also have to avoid coffee, dairy, baking yeast, bananas, turmeric and sugar. I can eat nuts occasionally but only sparingly. I also avoid all grains – even the GF ones. If I go off my medically prescribed diet, I can end up very sick for up to 6 months. I am just now getting over a major flare-up because I spent several weeks out of town this winter. Gluten is by far my very worst enemy, but the others can throw me for a loop, too. Learning to cook and eat around my sensitivities has been a journey.

I have read that a GF diet is a lifesaver for most Celiacs, but it isn’t uncommon for some people with CD to have other food sensitivities. I was wondering if others in this group have to adhere to a stricter form of the GF diet that my include avoiding other foods.

Am I the only one in this group who is carving out a customized healing diet that excludes more than gluten, or are there others? I’d love to know your experiences!

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  1. I developed 23 new food allergies, and over 100 in total after going gluten free, it is believed I had overlapping autoimmune disorders. I think a lot of us discover sensitivities and allergies and intolerances because celiac had us so sick for so long that we don’t recognise what actually healthy would feel like. In some cases like in mine, celiac was actually keeping my immune system and other auto immune disorders from going into hyperdrive. Going gluten free put those conditions into severe distress, and 5 years later , I’m still battling for basic life support like shampoo and not going into anaphylaxis because people use it and I walk past them in stores. If a person has multiple autoimmune it is definitely possible for them to be affected, diminished, increased or even ignored until celiac is dealt with.

  2. could you post it as a survey to vote it as? A B or C?

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