I have agoraphobia and used to have panic attacks


Just wanted to stop in to say thanks to Morley for everything he does! I’m proud to say that my anxiety has decreased dramatically since following his advice. 🙂 I have agoraphobia and used to have panic attacks when I traveled more than a couple miles away from home (at one point I spent a whole year without going to any stores, even had panic attacks going to the end of my driveway). Well today I went 15 miles away from home, something I have not done in over 2 years! I feel like I’m getting my life back and I’m so, so grateful that I did not have to resort to taking any meds in order to get this far!

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  1. Jenna Ross
    That's wonderful news… And you should pat yourself on the back for stepping OUTSIDE the box of convention at addressing these issues at their CORE…
    Grab your bottle of Jigsaw & take a BOW!!!

    A votre sante!

  2. Jann Breslin
    I'm curious…
    What do YOU think the ROOT cause of Jenna's issue are?!?…

    Please advise…

  3. Wonderful!

  4. Well done Jenna ! My symptoms sound kind of similar.. I have Cfs ( yeast parasites anxiety)… So I am feeling hopeful. Morley Robbins Can't tag!! I found jig saw made me crazy, racy, insomnia … I wonder why . I find too much mag makes anxiety worse, could this be from adrenal fatigue? Many thanks

  5. Sarah Fehily, it was probably the form of b in jigsaw. Its mentioned in the comments above.

  6. Sarah Fehily
    Thanks for your comments… It may be the "B's" that didn't work for you. Also, given your symptoms, sounds like you have more of a Copper dynamic stirring your pot. (Parasites, yeast & anxiety are classic signs of low bioavailable Copper…)
    Ultimately mineral testing, HTMA & blood, will get to the mineral root of your dis-ease…

    A votre sante!

  7. Morley Robbins, good morning how are you coming with my results 🙂

  8. Joan Doane
    Swimmingly… They'll ship out today or tomorrow…


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  10. Joan Doane
    Pls tell folks that's you BEFORE we started working together…


  11. ROFL…


    x3C3 😉 x3C3

  12. Ahh thsnks Morley Robbins that makes sense … Have never been able to tolerate the bs… Make me crazy. Are the bs in jigsaw the methyl kind… Sorry don't have pack in front of me

  13. Sarah Fehily
    Indeed they are… You may do better on food based B's & chelated Mg supps…
    I'd know more when we lift your hood to assess your mineral wiring…

    A votre sante!

  14. Sarah Fehily — I had a similar reaction to Jigsaw magnesium. I took it at night and woke up at 3am with frightening anxiety [?] … heart racing…. UGH… nothing scarier than to be sound asleep and have that happen. I didn't even take the full dose. But must be extra sensitive to the B12 in it. ??? Dunno …. this was awhile ago before I knew anything about MTHFR SNPs.

  15. Jann Breslin.. I have a lot to learn but I thought if it was methyl b12 then ok if you have mthfr.

  16. Sarah Fehily — I'm learning that it's just not as simple as taking the methyl B's… at least for me. I don't have the complete answers yet – but for me… I can't handle the methyl B12 too well. It can give me headaches… and makes me 'hyper' … which if you take thyroid meds can freak you out.

  17. I can relate Jan!!

  18. Wow. Awesome!!!

  19. Carol Lucier Mahoney

  20. Jenna Ross, thank you for sharing!! I love reading posts like yours!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  21. I too suffer from going out and going away from the house so lots of info here thanks Jenna Ross I know what you have & are going through all the best let it never come back

  22. Jenna Ross can you post pics of what your using and a website plz

  23. Sherrie Christon can you share your recipe that you use to make your mag spray

  24. I can't tell you what a turnaround I've done on bee pollen, Morley. Down with the Bs, up with Bee Pollen lol

  25. Paula Cagle Russell Can I ask how much bee pollen you take a day and how often?

  26. Few grains in my fingers once

  27. Gosh..I've been taking half a tsp…while still trying to wean down on complex B's. Perhaps i'm overdoing it as usual.

  28. what brand of bee pollen and what form…and what time of day to day do you take it

  29. It said local GA. From whole foods. Whenever I think about it

  30. I always like the idea of buying bee pollen and honey from a local bee keeper because it may help improve your immune system to eat the product from bees that take pollen from local plants that cause the allergy symptoms that many of us suffer from. However many feel this is a myth…there are no studies to support this. Having said that, I support the more subtle healing aspects of nature's medicine.

  31. Victoria Harcourt
    There ain't no $$$ in a cure… why would BIG Pharma fund studies to put their anti-histamines and steroid Rx meds on the sidelines?…

  32. Melissa Rae, here is the Jigsaw Magnesium…I take other things too. Google the names and they're easy to find. 🙂 https://www.pureformulas.com/magnesium-with-srt-120-tablets-by-jigsaw-health.html

  33. Sarah Fehily, I had issues with my heart racing too…I assumed it was from the Jigsaw Mag, but I'm not totally sure if it was or not. I went off the Mag for around 2 weeks and restarted earlier this week with a small dosage. So far, no issues now.

  34. Angela Bowling, the adrenal glandulars were given to me by my chiropractor for adrenal fatigue. Have you tried figuring out exactly what is giving you the anxiety when you go out? Any specific thing about being away from home that triggers it or does it seem completely random?

  35. Totally awesome!

  36. Melissa Rae, I bought food grade magnesium chloride flakes .. ½ cup Magnesium Chloride Flakes
    ½ cup distilled water
    A glass bowl or glass measuring cup
    A glass spray bottle (plastic will work too)
    Boil the distilled water. It is important to use distilled to extend the shelf life of the mixture. Put the Magnesium Chloride Flakes in the glass bowl or measuring cup and the pour the boiling water over it.
    Stir well until completely dissolved. Let cool completely and store in the spray bottle. Can be stored at room temperature for at least six months. I keep in my bathroom to use daily.

    To Use:
    Spray on arms, legs, and stomach daily. I use 10-20 sprays per day. It will tingle on the skin the first few times it is used, and this is normal. It should fade after a few applications, but you can dilute with more water if it bothers you too much.

    You can leave on the skin or wash off after 20-30 minutes. I usually apply after a shower and then use coconut oil or a lotion bar to moisturize about 5 minutes later.

    Warm Regards

  37. You can also feel worse on magnesium if you take too much, too soon. This usually happens if you have (adrenal) fatigue and weakness from magnesium deficiency. Anyone in this category should start very slowly on any new supplement or drug. If you take a high dose of magnesium right from the start it's like using muscles that powered a bicycle and expect them to power a jet. Your body might just be so weak that revving up 800 enzyme systems all at once makes you feel jangled and even anxious or depressed because you don't know what's going on. Please try to understand that this may actually mean that you really do need more magnesium. Start with one quarter of the recommended dose of magnesium and work up as your body adapts.

    3. You have low blood pressure from long-standing magnesium deficiency and adrenal fatigue. You may have heard that magnesium can lower your BP so you worry about that happening when your BP is already low. Here's what is likely happening: Magnesium deficiency can cause an under-active autonomic nervous system leading to low blood pressure and poor circulatory system performance. This is another instance where you must begin by supplementing at about one quarter the recommended dose of magnesium and slowly build up. The other minerals offered in ReLyte are important in this case as well to support adrenals and thyroid and improve potassium levels.

    Warm Regards

  38. My fear is from having panic attacks too often out of the house so afraid to go out Jenna Ross does this make sense ?

  39. Jenna that is so awesome.

  40. Carol Lucier Mahony, yes…that is what happened with me too. I haven't been having them now since doing all of what I mentioned. Actually getting over the hesitation to go out was the hardest part, but I had gotten that far before finding this group. I took baby steps and also used a homeopathic remedy for a little while. When I was finally able to get out, it was a matter of pushing myself to go out more frequently because when I would stay in for several days, the hesitation would be greater. And like I said before, my fiance would turn the car around if I asked. Meditation helped some and other times if I would have a panic attack I would try to ignore it by repeating words in my head or snapping a rubberband or hair tie on my wrist when it happened. I also found out which organs my anxiety was connected to (a chiropractor was nice enough to help me with this and make a house visit). It was kind of like Neuro Emotional Technique, but a bit different since she was not trained in NET. Basically she used muscle testing to find out which organs were related to my anxiety and then she taught me to tap the specific points on my body while thinking of going to places that give the anxiety. She also let me try some Standard Process supplements for adrenal fatigue, which lessened the anxiety too for a certain amount of time. All of this helped a lot but following the advice from Morley was the icing on the cake. I've been way more calm when going out and haven't had a panic attack in a bit now. 🙂 One other thing…I recently purchased a fixer upper RV camper van (one of those Clas B, 19 ft ones…not much different from a conversion van) and I find that that has made me feel more comfortable too. Knowing that I have a place to relax if I start to panic helps. Home seems to be comforting to most of us with anxiety, so I figured if I get a mobile home…problem fixed, lol. Truth is, it took months to repair the thing, which is how I know it was the minerals that got rid of the panic, not the van! The van helped me take things to the next step though, by making me feel comfortable enough to try going further away than I have in a long time.

  41. Congratulations to you Jenna! You are so far ahead of some of us who went the medication route and now having to wean off all that garbage in the process of trying to get nutrients in order. So happy for you and thank you for sharing that story of encouragement!

  42. Lisa Parker, I spent all of my teenage years on meds for the most part. Got off of them around the age of 18. 24 now. I told my fiance if this mineral balancing thing didn't work, I'm going to try one more natural thing and after that if nothing helps, meds. I'm so happy it didn't come to that!

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