I have always had very low blood pressure


I have always had very low blood pressure. My last check was 107/70. Doctors never comment on it except to say it’s fine. But I feel light-headed and dizzy throughout the day. I can’t donate blood any because I fainted the last time I donated. Could magnesium help me? Thanks.

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  1. My blood pressure is the same as what you posted and I feel great. Are you sure your lightheadedness is from blood pressure?

  2. Yeah. That actually isn't considered low blood pressure. That is considered very healthy blood pressure. I am guessing something else is going on. I am sorry.

  3. Systolic below 90 or diastolic below 60 would be considered low. Only one needs to be low to be considered low blood pressure.

  4. Now magnesium could very well still help you since most people are chronically low. I would definitely recommend taking and increasing your water consumption too

  5. You can donate again. Just eat a good nutrient dense meal the day before and two or three hours before the blood draw. And, drink some hydrating fluids and snacks immediately after.

  6. Do you use Celtic sea salt? Maybe you need more? I still tend toward the low side, like yesterday it was about 105/58 but I don't feel dizzy or lightheaded upon standing unless I haven't had good amounts of my Celtic salt and plenty of water each day. I have found between 2-3 tsp. of the salt daily really helps me feel good.

  7. 107/70 is not considered low.

  8. I wouldn't think that's low. Have you considered checking your thyroid?

  9. I feel really dreadful when my BP measures like that, low or not. I found that treating my adrenals was very helpful for getting BP up where it was useful. That was before MAG. I can tell you that working on increasing my magnesium has not caused further issues with lower blood pressure

  10. Mine has gotten like this which is low for me and I get your symptoms . However I do have severe ADRENALS issues histamine intolerance and a lot of gut issues. It's scary and can feel debilitating. Sometimes the slat
    Mentioned above has helped and sometimes it doesn't . I just thought I would share what's happening to me

  11. Before starting the protocol(s) here…I had very high blood pressure…and always felt like I was going to faint after bending over then straightening up….I would just stand there like I was thinking about something…but really trying not to faint in public…blood pressure is low now…I don't feel faint like that anymore.

  12. Lol that's high for me

  13. Adding sodium helps me when I'm so low I'm shaky.

  14. A form of dysautonomia maybe? If it is vagus nerve related then yes, magnesium especially but don't ignore the potassium, sodium etc.

  15. I donated for the first time the other day. My BP was 106/70. (normally 110/60) No problems whatsoever but I did make sure I ate and drank plenty of water first plus had a 1/4 tspoon of celtic salt first and some cream of tartar, so I wouldn't get dizzy. Then afterwards, I had more to drink and a snack before leaving. It was so quick and easy once the paperwork and questions were done.

  16. The adrenal cocktail part of the protocol will probably be the most helpful for that condition. Mine is on the low side also and I'll just put a pinch of salt on my tongue and wash it down with water if I feel I need to through out the day.

  17. Thats a Good BP.

  18. I would try the Real Salt as suggested in the Adrenal Cocktail. The Celtic Sea Salt has more iron in it. Also, I used to have high BP and was on medication, I was taking something that lowered it. When it went low like 101/57 I would feel dizzy every time. Doesn't have to be lower than that to feel dizzy. Everyone is different. The salt in the Adrenal Cocktail should help.

  19. Normal BP has a range depending on age. Mine (107/70) is right between what is considered "Low Normal BP" (110/75) and "Borderline hypotension" (90/60) Source: idealbloodpressureinfo.com Blood Pressure Chart by Age. I wanted to share this with all of you. Thanks to everyone.

  20. Mine runs about that and they say wonderful! I do take a lot of mag.

  21. Adrenals.

  22. That blood pressure is not low. When I was really sick mine was like 89/54 and Dr's didn't even care then… the dizziness must be something ekse

  23. Lay down for a few minutes. Stand up from laying position. If you get dizzy…its your adrenals….as stated above.

  24. My blood pressure is like yours and even lower. I do get dizzy.

  25. Are you dehydrated? Coconut water helps pronto.

  26. I have similar issues both lightheadedness and bp. When I am lightheaded I take a mineral drink, similar to the adrenal cocktail. It helps immediately. I add sea salt to water till I can taste it. Then add some raw honey. It probably is related to adrenals but if the adrenal cocktail doesn't help enough, try this.

  27. I had the same problem. I began the adrenal cocktail and now I'm within normal limits.

  28. Postural hypotension

  29. But if you are dizzy and having symptoms…do you drink enough water? Sometimes if my patients are dizzy I give them water and it helps. That being said, they r older n most r dehydrated

  30. Where do we buy the "real salt?" What brand? I have been using Celtic sea salt.

  31. if you have low BP magnesium could lower it further

  32. How is your iron?

  33. that doesn't seem that low to me – I'm usually only in the double digits & I don't get light headed & faint. They have mentioned to me many times over the years at check ups that my bp is low but everyone on my Dad's side of the family is the same – So, I think it's just hereditary.

  34. That's healthy blood pressure. But the lightheadedness could be anemia or another deficiency.

  35. That blood pressure isn't low, it's within normal range. Dizziness/lightheadedness can be caused by many things. Heart dysrythmia is one. Get more thorough investigation into it, be persistent and go to another gp if necessary.

  36. I have the same. Whats the connection between lightheadedness and vagus nerve like some here mention?

  37. My bp runs about the same.. ive never had a doc say anything about it either..

  38. Who told you that was low? Mine is lower than that and dr always told me it was great.

  39. Tilt table blood pressure test( I think). Google it! Among CFS it's a problem of low blood volume (and blood pressure changes according to your angle or something).. All part of the same struggle for me.. My problem was copper deficiency bringing on transferrin (iron) deficiency.. I used to come back with high bilirubin in blood tests- red blood breaking down but can't be made fast enough. That was me anyways.

  40. Ready salted crisps help mine lol

  41. I was told by an iridologist, that a too low blood pressure indicates acidity in the body. May be try adding base powder to your magnesium?

  42. I'm the same. I think my dizziness is a combo of lower pressure and sugar. Try eating regular protein rich foods throughout the day and dont shy away from salt. So get salted nuts instead of non salted for a quick snack. I don't know if nuts are part of protocol but when I'm dizzy salted almonds save me!

  43. If you're drinking OJ mid morning and mid afternoon maybe also include some protein so the sugar in the juice doesn't crash after

  44. My low blood pressure of 84/58 is supposedly a mix of previous systemic fungi/mold exposure, inability to detox properly due to HLA DR genetics & other mutations, under methylation, low stomach acid, mineral imbalances, and the list goes on. Thanks for being so helpful everyone .

  45. Not magnesium, magnesium is best for High BP.

  46. Electrolytes / sodium could be low. I know my son gets dizzy feels off when his are low also makes his bp lower

  47. Low Cortisol causes dizziness too

  48. Rhythmic movement therapy

  49. My BP is always low. I used to feel light headed when donating and now I feel absolutely fine. The secret for me is to have a sweet drink (or 2) when I arrive, a bottle of water during, and a sweet drink after. Plus I have a good meal and plenty of fluids prior. I've donated 10 times in the last 10 months.

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