I have always suffered with a fast heart rate and low bp


I have always suffered with a fast heart rate and low bp. I am always wore out and fatigued. My cardiologist was no help. He had no answers after doing EKG’s, holter monitoring, stress tests and labs. I feel like I can’t take another step most of the time. Thoughts please!!!!!! :((((((

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  1. Anyone into supplements from Biotics Research Corporation or from Standard Progress? Dr. Tent is a big supporter of these brands of supplements.

  2. Your right Birdy. And I been thinking abt that. The world is so crazy that I think I will just join a women's only gym.

  3. Your going to carry a knife when you go walking? Do you know how easy it is for someone to take it off you and use it against you? May I suggest you are better to attend women's self defense classes? It's a lot safer and empowering.

  4. @Melanie Borlin, I'm so sorry, you received such a diagnosis. I'm not sure how long ago you were diagnosed, but I hope you are on a healing journey.

  5. That is very good news On CoQ10. I have had a lot of thyroid test. I have ever had one come back abnormal, 8 years ago, when I was pregnant with twins, because of the same heart issues, the neonatologist ordered a special thyroid test, while I was pregnant and out me in 0.25mcg of levothyroxine.

  6. Clara, may want to do some research on CoQ 10, little info here=Coenzyme Q10 is an integral part of the mitochondrial respiratory chain which produces energy in the cell. Coenzyme Q10 has an important role in regulating genes which in turn control energy production and other important functions in the cell. It is found in highest concentration in those organs and tissues with highest oxygen consumption such as the heart, brain and muscle.
    As the body ages coenzyme Q10 content decreases. Coenzyme Q1 is also depleted by diseases such as heart failure and kidney failure. Cardiologist, congestive heart failure (CHF) researcher and international CoQ10 expert, Peter H. Langsjoen, MD, FACC says that”. The heart muscle uses more energy than any other organ in our bodies”. Skeletal muscle, the brain, the liver and gum tissue are also big energy consumers. These organs and tissues require optimal amounts of CoQ10 for optimal energy production for optimal health. Cells use enzymes to break down chemical bonds in molecules to produce energy. Importantly, enzymes just can't perform without their supporting cast of coenzymes. Many vitamins and CoQ10 are coenzymes and without them energy production is impaired. According to Dr. Langsjoen, “CoQ10 is a coenzyme for three large enzyme systems that are essential for 90% of cellular energy production”.
    Age is a major factor in the development of CoQ10 deficiency. And elderly people that take statin drugs are at an even higher risk of the devastating effects of CoQ10 deficiency.
    Supplementing your diet with this enzyme counters this effect and protects the heart from further oxidative damage; the enzyme gives the heart energy to pump the blood more efficiently. CoQ10 is an important nutrient in energy metabolism and also a potent antioxidant.

  7. would be good to see someone 'knowledgeable' .. if money were no object.. there is good info re thyroid on a group ''Stop the thyroid madness'' facebook group .. but this is such a complex subject.. I think it needs 'diagnosis'.. and more 'stuff' to consider is sometimes too hard when you feel rotten.

  8. Hello, I feel the same…I've done EKG's and did lab test and all…and in the end they found out tumor in my left lung and its big….

  9. yea Judy, I'm thinking thyroid as well, still thinking

  10. I forget to do this often.. but when i have a drink with protein powder , rice milk, oat milk, macca , and flaxseed ground , with a banana .. it helps me feel clearer in the head.. and energy ..Thryoid stuff does things to the heart also..just my thoughts.. I think drinking a lot of water with chlorine and fluoride would not be good.

  11. Hello, this is an interesting post to read but can I ask a question about magnesium? My naturopath put me on magnesium for anxiety but, on the bottle there is a warning about pyridoxine hydrochloride. Or B6
    I stopped taking them becuz I was scared of long term affects. Now when I take one if im feeling anxious it seems I get real shaky when falling asleep. Coincidence? Or real concern? Thanks 🙂

  12. You can get a good bike for less than $90

  13. I'm going to get that bike Ken. 🙂 I feel excited just thinking about it.

  14. Clare that's your new you?

  15. Hopefully I will ride in from Cleveland to Cincinnati in four days in July for the American Cancer Society http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=61578&pg=entry

  16. Thanks Ken, riding a bike does seen like it is easier on the body.

  17. "Pool water is not worse or better than tap water," ………(@@)

  18. Ride a bicycle Clare it helps get all the toxins out of your system

  19. Wow, Ken, now that brought tears to my eyes. Cause I can see the picture of where you started and where you went. Wow, wow, wow. Biking does sound fun, liberating and freeing.

  20. You wouldn't believe the shape I was in when I started May 1st last year. It was tough to ride 2 miles, by the end of the summer I rode 2800 miles. Which is good for the lymphatic system which helps rid your body of toxins like chlorine??

  21. Do you take any safety devices with you, when you bike Ken? I thought if I started walking, I should carry a knife. (I know, I watch too much news).

  22. @Ken, I am going to do some research on that chlorine bc I think I'm taking it in by the pounds, which saddens me bc hey tell u to drink water but don't tell u that the tap is toxic 🙁

  23. I could try riding a bike after I start the sea salt and supplements. Otherwise I would be beyond paranoid of having either a huge panic attack or going into aarhythmia (I have had episodes of SVT). Thank you. Then I would have o get over a fear of a wild dog, lion, mountain lion, getting me or being kidnapped. I better try a stationary bike. 🙂

  24. Chlorine is dangerous

  25. Thanks you about the chlorine, weird because I take like 3 showers a day (to stay warm), and am sinking all that fluoride and chlorine water (@@)

  26. Try riding a bicycle it has made me feel young again

  27. I just want to get better. I lived to be 40 by a miracle. But my body feels like I'm 85. Seriously. I can't wait to get my hands on the things that are suggested.

  28. Thank you, you are so right. I remember Dr. Tent talking about fluoride.

  29. Thank you. I want a filter but can't afford one.

  30. Sorry for the typos, autocorrect is nerve wracking. Will read my post before posting.

  31. But it like if I miss a dose in back at square one.

  32. I saw a posting on magnesium abt 3 weeks ago. I found a bottle I had, that expired last year. Not sure why I had them. I started taking 500 mg and I felt so normal, I thought surely my heart must be finna stop. So I started taking half or a quarter. I did notice it calms me and I can do a little bit more. In up to 200 mg twice a day now. It does pull my heart rate from 110-120's to the 80's.

  33. You are so right. I have got to get the sea salt.

  34. Listen closely, Magnesium is probably the answer. look it up on net and see symtems of not eating enough Magnesium. I sent out on my timeline the facts about magnesium.check it out.

  35. Clare, Hanneke is really good with her stuff, I'm gonna have a think for a while and get back to you.

  36. Hanneke, are you thinking blood volume so suggesting more water, like she's dehydrated?

  37. @Birdy NumNum. I am almost always short of breath. Not light headed. Walking YES. Exercising- cant do it. My hands and feet stay cold, but not much pins or needles, but I have felt that before. I sleep in spurts of 2 to 4 hours. I live in Georgia. When I was 18 my doc tried to put me on atenolol )my heart rate was 100 minimally, even then), I wouldn't agree to it bc I felt fine. No other family members suffering. And eating is avoided at high cost. It makes everything worse and I have to lay down after any meal. I can't only way very small portions cause it would feel like my heart booming out my chest and real bad shortness of breath.

  38. You know what, yap water, and I really think I can smell the chlorine in it sometimes.

  39. Do you get short of breath, find yourself panting or gasping and a little light headed? Do you find it hard to exercise or walk sometimes? Do you get pins and needles in your toes and fingertips? How early and what quality is your sleep? Do you live very high above sea level? How long has this been going on? Is it seasonal? Any family members have a similar condition?

  40. I haven't ever taken it. I keep saying I am going to buy some.

  41. I start each day with a full gallon, and drink it all day long, usually finishing it. Sometimes I wish I had a catheter so I wasn't in the bathroom so much.

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