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Ok, I have an issue. I’ve just been told I have an allergy to a bunch of things. I am devastated to say the least. I’ve been trying to do research but come out scratching my head. I’m looking for a delicious (non sweet) dairy milk alternative that tastes good so I can still have cereals, etc (the most like milk, the better). Also looking for a good gluten/wheat free flour alternative so I can still fry things occasionally or make a yummy gravy or soup thickener (I just purchased an instant pot…yay). I have allergies to the following: dairy, gluten/wheat, corn, potatoes, bananas, bell peppers….sigh. The diagnosis actually made me cry, how sad is that? I already ate pretty healthy but this is throwing me OFF. I am afraid to eat at this point. I can’t have potato or corn starch (which seems to be in most alternatives. HELP! PLEASE!!

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  1. As for flours, Bob's Red Mill is pretty good for an all purpose, though there are quite a few options. Each of the substitutes imparts very distinct flavors, textures, and chemistry to a dish so I'd recommend taking some time at a local bookstore picking out a good gluten free cookbook to learn about the options. I keep about 10 different varieties in my cupboard, honestly, not including the 3 "all purpose" ones, gf oatmeal, and gf bread crumbs.

  2. I am in the exact same boat, no gluten, dairy, nightshade or allium food or bananas or avocados… basically I eat rice… on the flip side I LOVE almond milk so that doesn't bother me. I'm still trying to sort myself out so you're not alone

  3. Random question for Melissa and Deidre, how did you two figure out you had these allergies? I'm trying to figure out for myself if I have food sensitivities.

  4. I personally like Rice Milk. It's a little heavy in carbs, but tastes like skim milk. I buy mine at Costco. It's also fairly easy to make almond milk, but I feel like it's a lot of work since I don't drink milk often.

  5. Try Good Karma Flax milk! It is amazing!!!! They also have yogurt and kefir.

  6. And….also check out Bob's Red Mill's line of GF flours to see if any of them would work for your allergies. I've successfully used the 1 to 1 flour as a gravy thickener and can't even tell the difference!

  7. I'm really sorry and I understand. I can't eat sugar, grains, legumes, liquid dairy and fruit. What I've found that works best for me is to concentrate on the foods I can have. Breakfast yesterday was bacon with steamed eggs , dinner was a salad with tri tip steak, blue cheese and avocado. Once you come off the grains and dairy you will no longer crave them. Make sure to get enough sodium, potassium and magnesium so you don't feel crummy.

  8. I have dairy corn and gluten as well and you will find corn in everything so reread everything twice. And they like to use corn instead when making GF. But tapioca starch is a good thickener or agar agar

  9. Welcome to the life of a Celiac 🙁

  10. I like Namaste brand GF flour. It's at my local Costco

  11. Not sure what dairy allergy you have but area do lactose free milk if it's lactose your allergic too.

  12. Join the corn allergy group and feel free to pm me! Im allergic to milk, can't do gluten and was recently dx with peanut corn and soy allergies and OAS (no raw fruits or veggies, only well cooked). Namaste makes a gf corn free flour blend that's good

  13. If you need to be truly corn free you'll need to make your own milks or use one without additives like Mall brand almond milk

  14. I find that i dont eat bread at all but like the occasional 90 second bread from coconut and almond flour 1 tbsp coconut flour 1 tbsp almond flour 1 tsp flaxmeal 1 egg 1tbsp DF melted butter mix & 90 seconds in a microwave dish and then toast for when i need a little something or with eggs or BLT

  15. Happy camper has bread that's gf df corn free

  16. There is a good brand of Coconut/Almond milk – Califor…something. I use it with cereal.

  17. I am allergic to many things as well. Growing up I wasn't allergic to any food. I found goat milk, cheese, butter and yogurt, I can eat with no problem, thank god, bcuz I was gluten free for about nine months when I started reacting to dairy. I didn't know why I was having these issues since I never had a problem before. I found out that I have leaky gut and if you don't heal your gut while eliminating the foods you react to, your body will continue to react to all kinds of food. That's the problem I have and its been extremely frustrating. You also should do a cleanse and eat organic when you can. The good news is that after you heal completely, you won't have all these food allergies. You'll be able to have them in moderation. Go online and read about leaky gut. There's a lot of info there. I know it's tough, but you can do this. When I started I didn't have a computer and all the help and recipes that are out there. It's been very helpful to have them. Good luck to you!

  18. We are a multi food allergy family and I mean multi! For the cereals try Good Karma flax milk. It's our favorite…closest in texture to milk and no weird after taste or grit.

  19. Look into "open gut" my daughter tested positive for several alergies turns out she had a severe case of open gut and food was leaking into her blood stream so it showed positive on the test. She does have a true alergy to casein protien but that's it.

  20. I like coconut milk. As a thickener you can use cornstarch. Bob's red Mill has a great selection of gluten free flour alternatives too.

  21. For dairy I would definitely say almond milk they have about five different kinds so you can pick out what would specify for you the most. There's a lot of really good gluten-free brands and then there's a few I've tried that are not good. For me over the last five years has been trial and error. They have gluten-free dairy free thing that tastes better or the same as dairy and gluten products maybe Google A list of brands or if you're looking for specific item look for different types of that under Gluten free

  22. I am Allergic to gluten dairy casein whey lactose cheese eggs corn garlic red leaf lettuce carrots and grapefruit lol. Eat Whole Foods ur body will thank you

  23. Pillsbury gluten free flour is also dairy free and pretty good. I prefer unsweetened almond milk with my cereal

  24. I'm not sure if the pilsbury flour has corn or not

  25. I havnt had wheat or dairy or eggs or nuts in a very long time and healed my body..i used to be anemic now my body is absorbing it properly and storing..usually if your intolerant to wheat or dairy..which dairy is not ment for the human consumption anyways means you have leaky gut..you can heal your allergies if you do process elimination..get rid of any processed goods including processed sugar dairy and wheat..i make everything from scratch like the olden days they used to do..more then likely your not allergist to the actual veggie or fruit but the pesticides they use on that fruit or veggie that's why most people can tolerate the veggie or fruit cooked but not raw..do research it's a lot of work but your body will thank you for it..try coconut milk..i don't use any alternative milks or regular milk since it has carageen in it and not good for thyroid health plus they use see salt which has highly concentrated micro shellfish and I'm allergist to shellfish and makes me feel funky ..best of luck on your diet..this is the universe telling you to take care of your body..we are what we eat

  26. Check out what's with wheat on Netflix if you have..may even be on you tube

  27. Bob's red mill 1to1 flour is good and has no potatoe starches in it.

  28. I use vanilla rice dream. It is a little sweet, but I like it with cereal and in my coffee. It's a source of calcium which is good when you can't have milk.

  29. I use the wheatbelly baking blend recipe for breads and such and xanthan gum from Bob's Red Mill to thicken pretty much everything except coconut milk mousse (unflavored gelatin for that)

  30. I find that almond milk is good in cereal.

  31. I use this every day in my cereal. It has been the best and tastiest alternative for me so far!
    Protein Milk

  32. Organic rice milk is lovely!

  33. I find koko is the closest for milk

  34. I switched to a modified paleo diet – I have celiac rather than an allergy perse: fresh meats, fish, seafood, nuts, seeds, vegetables and some fruits etc but no grains (except I allow rice because im fine with it…but for me all other grains including wheat, barley, rye, oats and corn are a no no), no dairy (I cant digest cows dairy at all, i can sometimes consume goats dairy). I also avoid soya (am allergic to that), artificial anything including sweeteners and limit my sugar consumption as well.

    It sounds limited but I love my diet and have been healthier since eating it. I got really sick trying to follow present healthy eating guidlines, and really fat…! Paleo doesnt put weight on me and reverses a lot of my gut issues.

    For a milk replacement…is it just cows dairy thats the problem or are you ok with goats dairy instead? They are slightly different.

    As to gravy, I dont really use it but you could make something using stock from a bone broth. There may be paleo recipies that might suit you (you can adapt them if you dont like high fat) as these can recommend a lot of alternative flours.

  35. PN i do an adapted not strict paleo so still eat things like legumes and potatoes as these foods do not upset me. But basically I keep it all fresh foods only. I also like my foods quite plain (ie i think lamb tastes just fine without any other flavourings) and am not fussed about having a traditional breakfast – Last nights leftovers will do!

  36. Almond milk is exactly like regular milk. Even better

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