I have an enlarged spleen, one 100% blocked carotid


I have an enlarged spleen, one 100% blocked carotid ( so glad we have 2) artery and Primary Biliary Cirrhosis … Liver doc has suggested I have bypass surgery to lose weight … But I do not have peace about it … Lost 30 lb June 2014 to early October been at a standstill since … what do you recommend ?

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  1. Update, I did have the gastric bypass. Doing great now! Lost one hundred pounds, surgery was 2 years ago this past July. No complications! Funny how this just came up on my feed. So, since I'm seeing for the first time, all the sweet people who reached out with solutions to my question , a big heartfelt thank you. Spleen has shrunk as has the liver, off of most meds!

  2. I've been doing (alternately) EDTA and Peroxide oral Chelation – Has to be on empty stomach so a lot done in middle of the night. . . . feeling great!

  3. black fungus to help clean your arteries

  4. Flaxseed is very good for losing weight great anti-carcinogenic qualities too. I like the capsule form the best.

  5. Counting calories work for me & walking

  6. Have you ever try milk thistle it is good for the liver when your count is off..

  7. Have you thought of herbalife it will help you lose weight and get the nutrittion that your body needs if you are interested please inbox me and I will see if I can help you take care xx

  8. Three capsules of cayenne per day or drink green tea with it ( a tea spoon) 3 months arteries will be clean

  9. Fast on urine and or distilled water… 4-5 days… I lost weight and got tumor shrinkage

  10. Start with juice fast… Get DVD, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." That should be a good motivator! Healthy blessings!

  11. Gerson therapy! You will lose weight, detoxify, and heal. It is a involved–diet, juicing, supplements and coffee enemas. A whole lot of work, but so worth it. You can feel amazing again.

  12. BettyLou I changed my diet to eliminate almost all carbs and eat high (not processed or modified) fats and greens. I also take a vegan/dairy free/organic/gmo free/gluten free supplement made from whole foods. From April to July I lost 65 lbs. Cholesterol is normal again and so is blood sugar. I was also able to conceive when I was told I was infertile.
    I recommend the book "wheat belly" As a starting point. Good luck

  13. I'm canadian. You might have boarder issues.

  14. Thanks everyone for your comments. One more, has anyone used a Canadian pharmacy? The meds I am taking for the liver disease is 500 mg Ursodiol 2 @ twice a day. Ursodiol is the genetic form of Actigal. Anyhow, it is in tier 4 on my insurance and my part is quite expensive … Dr suggested looking in to ordering from Canada

  15. BettyLou May, Have you eliminated all refined foods, sugars etc….including breads, pastas etc? I would recommend pure, unrefined, organic coconut oil for all cooking and supplement. It's medium chain tryglicerides help to increase the burning of fat….especially belly fat.

  16. Id recommend juicing / detox….milk thistle for the liver! coconut oil ! It helps you lose weight .

  17. Dr Robert Morse. Look him up.

  18. Here's Tyler Tolmans website, i'd highly recommend a whole food diet (not a fad but a way of life) http://tylertolman.com/ And here is a link to his Juice Fasters group which i've to have awesome information on pretty much any health matter. https://www.facebook.com/groups/OnlineJuiceFast/?fref=nf

  19. Cassidy is right but just avoid simple carbs, they will spike insulin levels and contribute to bouts of tiredness

  20. Keep your food whole. Stay away from processed junk. Juicing and smoothies are wonderful. I lost 125 lbs. By just removing all processed foods including refined sugar and gluten.

  21. I wouldn't recommend avoiding carbs you'll end up with adrenal fatigue, stay away from the processed stuff yes

  22. No simple carbs, all carbs are sugars! Do you know what body type you are?

  23. Join Tyler Tolman online juice fasters, with issues like this it seems like you have a failed immune system. Tyler Tolman has lots of info on resetting your system and colon cleanses then start off a fresh diet, no wheat, no dairy! I go to that group for health info and they are a wealth of info! As are Don Don Tolman & Tyler Tolman! This group also has good info which I'm sure they'll contribute 🙂

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