I have an intolerance to red pepper flakes


Hi, I recently found out that I have an intolerance to red pepper flakes. Basically my stomach would feel on fire & then turn into really bad heartburn anytime I ate food with them in it.?
Well today I had lunch from Snap Kitchen & didn’t read the ingredients…it has red pepper flakes in it. ?
My question is does anyone in this group have an intolerance to Red Pepper Flakes? If yes, what do you take, eat or drink to help calm your stomach down? I have taken Tums, drank a ton of water & have eaten a banana but nothing is working. TIA.

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  1. Alka seltzer

  2. Plain yogurt helps me. BTW, we're both in the same area, do you have a good endo?

  3. Try a glass of milk or crust off the bread

  4. Someone else suggested Apple Cider Vinegar & it worked!!!

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