I have an itchy back!


I have an itchy back! It’s so bad that My whole back has scabs! This has been going on for years (‘it comes and goes)and I always thought it was a reaction to an epidural after I gave birth but now wondering if there’s a connection to my thyroid (I have hashi’s and hypothyroidism). My husband says there’s lots of little. Bumps on my back. My medication dosage was adjusted a couple weeks ago. Could this be why I am so itchy? Is there a way to stop this?

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  1. I have scratches on my back. I itch at night. And I don't see dead people! (movie reference)

  2. Have your pcp check it out or a dermatologist. I FINALLY got a doctors to do a biopsy on mine and it is Spongiotic Dermatitis

  3. Probably allergies.

  4. Is there gluten in your shampoo?

  5. Liver issues can case itching

  6. If it the itching started after you medication increase your probably allergic to a filler inside the medication. Happens alot.

  7. My boyfriend said i look like I got into a fight with a cat. So many scratch marks. Ugh. So itchy.

  8. SAME!!! Every day my back is mad itchy and the amount of spots I have is so depressing
    Like every day there's a million new spots

  9. I get super itchy when I'm hypothyroid.

  10. I have always thought it was due to over producing histamine, I have a back scratcher with in reach at all times!

  11. Maybe just dry, winter skin.

  12. I've tried thc salve on the bumps and they go rt away. My doc says it's contact dermatitis and it's from my immune system fighting itself.

  13. Keratosis Pilaris maybe? Look it up. Gluten allergy.

  14. I have to take an antihistamine daily as levothyroxine makes me itch like mad! Uk x

  15. I had bumps on my arms, thighs, etc. I cut out gluten and dairy, and they are gone. I had them for 30 years, and had no idea just cutting out food could cure it.

  16. Urticaria dermographism it's caused by leaky gut which includes and gets worse with major food intolerances such as gluten, grains, eggs, nuts, nightshades, sugar, vege oils, chemicals, look into aip diet elimination, reducing candida, eating an organic clean diet, healing the gut with bone broth, it's a lifelong lifestyle change, I had this itching for 30 years before I got rid of it, I am permanently scarred from it, and all it took was to change the way I eat and start a regimen to heal the gut to clear it up

  17. Oh my God !!! You are the first one who I've heard with this problem I never linked the two mine is mostly where I can't reach it but I've tried changing laundry soap I have to get unscented because all smells make me sick my back is driving me crazy but what about thyroid could do this ? If you get any answers please post I didn't have a clue what was making my back itch so bad it's left scars !!!

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