I have an outbreak of canker sores in my mouth


I have an outbreak of canker sores in my mouth, with one on the gum inbetween my teeth. Will a Milk of mag rinse help?

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  1. Lysine capsules help a lot. So does oregano or thieves on the feet and back. Thieves in the mouth.

  2. A warm water and mineral salt rinse throughout the day. Also raspberry tea. Stay away from acidic foods until they heal.

  3. Thank you! The one between my teeth is Throbbing and painful. Hard to eat. 🙁

  4. Do you have a water pik by any chance?

  5. Honey would. Put honey in it.

  6. Lysterine is a "full-spectrum" antibiotic and can be harmful, due to its pharmaceutical ( read: chemical soup ) contents.

  7. re: honey … make sure it's unprocessed local honey.

  8. 3% (+/-) Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide as a mouth wash … diluted baking soda … colloidal silver …

  9. Allan, no one recommended listerine. It's LYSINE. Amino acid which has an inhibitive effect on viruses like herpes or others.

  10. ( FACE PALM ) !!! Sorry folks. Was careless while reading.

  11. In this group, I don't expect to see listerine recommended, lol

  12. I've been thinking the sores might be linked to candida. My son gets them all the time and when he was a baby he had horrible thrush. Breast feeding was NOT Fun. He seems to think he gets them when he eats junk food.

  13. Coconut oil

  14. You could try oil-pulling with coconut oil and Thieves or oregano as well. When I have a sore, I use Immupower with several kinds of oregano. clears it up quickly together with lysine, but also on its own.

  15. lysine pill

  16. Solgar Lysine! It's the only brand of lysine that works for me. It has a gold cap. The other brands don't work at all!!

  17. I have had luck with other brands of Lysine

  18. and no I have no financial interest in this product or any other product

  19. Twenty replies, and not one answered the OP's question.

  20. L lysine! What a lifesaver!

  21. Yes, Milk of Magnesia will help 🙂

  22. L Lysine has been an excellent help to cold and canker sore relief http://www.md-health.com/L-Lysine-Benefits.html

  23. How does it help? Coating it? The magnesium?

  24. Thieves essential oil

  25. http://www.pitt.edu/~cjm6/s98canker.html. This talks about milk of magnesia rinse, in this article.

  26. Essential Oils, Thieves by Young Living or OnGuard by DoTerra both help as well, if you Google the names there is a lot of info on them.

  27. Just what I needed!

  28. Keeping yourself well hydrated with water and an unrefined mineral salt keeps saliva active and the gums healthy.

  29. Lysine and CO Q10

  30. Vitamin B3, which is niacin. It helped me, I never have them anymore. Might as well be good to yourself and take a B complex.

  31. Oil Pulling with coconut oil, Myrrh tincture will fix this and any other infections, Myrrh is the best ever

  32. Try oil pulling with organic, extra virgin olive oil. This has numerous health benefits, including oral health, especially gum diseases, halitosis, and heart and cardiovascular health.

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