I have bags under my eyes


Question: I have bags under my eyes that with enough sleep and eating unprocessed foods and additives I still have. After some initial research, it seems like Gastric Bypass patients with low B12 and iron suffer from this.

What kind of supplementation do I need that would help with this problem? Liver capsules were recommended (for b12) and iron. Any recommendations on brands and dosage amounts for somebody who had Gastric Bypass Roux en Y?

I am reading about intravenous or sublingual or nasal for Vitamin B12 due to absorption issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I started developing these issue a few years after I had gastric bypass at which time all my other deficiencies started being an issue.

Thanks so much and hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas.

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  1. Black circles and bags under eyes=kidneys. Support your kidneys.

  2. Some say it's if you sleep on your front you get bags

  3. I agree with kidneys

  4. Lack of B12. 😉

  5. This is interesting to me also because I am a roux en y patient also.

  6. I'd like to see your labs for b12 & full iron panel.

  7. Do B12 shot 2x week and I like blood builder for my iron!! Or B12 sublingual 5000 every day

  8. Any environmental or food allergy will cause the same symptom.

  9. I give myself two B12 shots a week. It's really easy. My doctor calls The Wellness Pharmacy 1-800-227-2627 and they ship me the vials and needles of Methylcobalamin. Don't take the cyanocobalamin form. They also have B complex vials that I also take for energy due to CFS/ME.

  10. The best form of B12 for absorption is Methylcobalomin, having said that another part of the problem with gastric bypass is low stomach acid issues, and this is needed for B12 absorption, and more, stomach acid is needed for healthy bacteria levels too. And also being compounded by other nutrient deficiencies without a broad supplementation.

  11. Greg is right – there is something called "intrinsic factor" located in the stomach and small intestine that is necessary for absorption of B-12. Intrinsic factor becomes depleted often with just natural aging, or sometimes in the case of gastric bypass. Injections then are usually the route needed to get B-12 into the system effectively.

  12. I've been told Dessicated Liver has intrinsic factor and B12.

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