I have been diagnosed anemic


Help please!!!
I’m struggling, please can someone help me. I have been diagnosed anemic (very low), due to heavy monthly blood loss and I am having ectopic heart beats most of the time and it’s frightening me silly. I have done epsom foot baths and oil rubs the last few days but the heart thing is still the same. I am going to docs tomorrow and having bloods done on Thursday. I am at a loss as to what to do. I am taking Shilajit as someone said it will regulate iron up or down depending on which way it needs to go. I am so scared and feel helpless, I need to know what to do ?. If anyone has experience of this then please advise asap. Thank you.

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  1. I was told a wholefood vitamin C will increase centroplasm which will raise iron in the blood. But there is more to the protocol than that. I take the suggested Mags, B, cod liver, beef liver, and AC.

  2. In addition to the Mag protocol try http://www.happyhormones.com.au It can help to decrease heavy periods due to hormone imbalances.

  3. I've just ordered some of the stuff, and have a few things here which I'm taking such as camu camu which has high Vit C content and is food state. I'm taking the niacinamide, D3+K2 as I have to be sun deficient living in the U.K and getting no sun exposure. A More EPA fish oil. Ubiquinol coQ10,… also taking Shilajit as mentioned, and other good things such as chaga and cordyceps,

  4. I'm also in the U.K. And can't get the blood test that he recommends, so not sure what my doctor is willing to do for me.

  5. It sounds like you are iron toxic if you have a heavy period. Your body is trying hard to dump the excess iron. The issue is that you do not have enough bound iron. Increading bound, functional iron is done by boosting ceruplasmin. Focus on the parts of the protocol that boost ceruplasmin including taking the recommended brands of cod liver oil.

  6. Lorraine ….read what the protocol is about before ordering any supplements starting the protocol…1) Please watch this video…

    2) Please order this HTMA…

    3) Please order this Blood test…

    4) Start to do the Root Cause Protocol that is outlined below the Video

  7. Is there a recommendation for HTMA testing for people in the U.K. ?

  8. Ask your go to add b12 to your blood panel!!!

  9. Welcome! I have learnt in here, that your body is trying to dump the bad iron in your body with the heavy periods. You can take it slow but stop the stops asap.

  10. Before they insist on iron supplements make sure you're not losing blood or protein via urine especially if you have any family history of kidney disorders. Defective heart valves can also shear off RBC. I have had success increasing energy with the liver, and lactoferrin pills taken with whole food vit c capsules.

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