I have been recommended Accutane by Dermatologists


hey everyone, so i have delt with acne since middle school and i am 18 now. i have tried just about everything and the last antibiotic they put me on for acne glutened me. i have been recommended Accutane by Dermatologists but the side effects scare me. Had anyone taken any antibiotics for acne that have helped or taken Accutane? My skin is so sensitive, even the lowest dose of topical treatments burned my skin

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  1. Have you tried any natural homemade type face washes?

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  4. My younger brother took it for a while. It helped but he didn’t like the side effects. Be careful with too many antibiotics, they can mess your stomach up. If you choose it, i recommend taking probiotics.

  5. I’ve been on accutane for about a month for cystic acne that magically appeared this year. My derm isn’t sure if it’s actually just acne or related to my lupus, but decided to start me on the lowest dose (20mg). It has helped a little, and I haven’t noticed any bad side effects – that might change once my dosage increases.

  6. I took Accutane for the full course two seperate times. I didn’t have any issues except I developed an egg allergy with the second round which is still with me. I would recommend absolutely no alcohol, and lots and lots of water over the course of treatment.

  7. My 13 year Old did the full course. Follow drs orders and you should be ok. It’s a miracle, I swear. And I know an adult who did it at about your age and she has no problems now. I still have breakouts I. My 40s. Wish I had done it in my youth. Too hard on an older body.

  8. Have you tried a personalized face wash through curology? I have really sensitive skin too, but the np that put it together took all my health problems into consideration.

  9. My daughter was on antibiotics for years for acne. If you eat dairy stop. Even people who don’t think they’re sensitive to dairy could still get acne from it.

  10. I took it when I was in my 20s and I wish I would have taken it earlier. The best thing I ever did. It dried me out even my eyes were dry but never had acne again. My brother also took and was a “miracle” for us. I do not have gluten intolerance but my daughter does. She never had to take it so I can’t tell you what side effects you may have. I would highly recommend it.

  11. I’ve taken everything except Accutane. Out of all the pills and creams, birth control pills helped me the most. I didn’t try accutane because the side effects scare me as well. It works for some people but not everyone.\nClean eating helped me more than any pill though.

  12. Accutane saved my daughters life. Her acne was horrible and we tried everything under the sun. She was considering suicide I found out later. Acutane was her last hope and it was amazing. Only side effect for her was dry lips. I highly recommend it.

  13. I have had two close friends who used Accutane and they both said they were suicidal and the most depressed they had ever been in their lives while using the drug. It also didn’t really help the acne like they expected. I personally suffered from acne for all of my adult life until a few years ago when I tried Aczone. It’s a topical antibiotic (not acid-based, so it’s not irritating) and doesn’t burn or cause irritation for me at all. I would try that if you haven’t, it was the first thing that ever worked for me!

  14. Accutane is so harsh – it helped me years ago but honestly it had major side affects. The sensitivity while I was on it was really bad. Full disclosure that I’m a rep for Rodan and Fields but our acne line is great. Gluten free and cleaner eating has helped me tremendously as well.

  15. The brand name was taken off the market and is in a class action lawsuit for causing IBS, Crohns and ulcerative colitis. I wouldn’t take it.\n\nI took it when I was a teenager and regret it. My digestive system is a wreck, but I have clear skin!

  16. I used it 15yrs ago and was so so happy with the results I also use sebamed to wash my face Which I recommend

  17. Accurate upset my stomach. My skin got better with appropriate skin care (actually had dry skin) and going off synthetic hormones in birth control

  18. Accutane is a straight up miracle drug. It changed my life. If you want more info, feel free to DM I would be happy to answer any questions you might have:) but with any medication, always discuss concerns with your doc or dermatologist!

  19. One part coconut oil to one part baking soda. Works as a cleanser and moisturiser. The baking soda neutralizes the PH in the skin.

  20. My friend told me to go get a tan. It really works! Sea and sun is the best. But sunbed are good as well. Give it ago. It takes a while if you do sunbed x

  21. i’m not dermatologist, and i know this isn’t exactly what you were asking, but i’d consider maybe just buying some really light, gentle cleanser and doing away with the medicated stuff, especially if your skin is sensitive. My skin is super sensitive and super picky and i break out the more heavy duty the products i use are. if i use a cleanser thats not paraben free, all natural, blah blah, i break out. If i wear foundation, paraben free or not, i usually break out because its too clogging. What i’m getting at is, the products your using may be making the problem worse, not better, if they’re too strong and not what your skin needs. skin is picky and acne isnt always because it needs MORE medicated help. personally, ive really liked glamglow and shea moisture, the coconut line, for face wash and moisturizers but you should find whats right for you! (no idea if either brand is gf or not, but they dont affect me negatively and they *are* paraben free so my skin is happy enough)

  22. Google the words “dermatitis herpetiformis.” DH is a skin condition only celiacs have. You may not have acne at all, you may be having this side effect caused by gluten. I have this situation and if I eat any gluten whatsoever, I break out with DH all over my face, in my ears, up inside my nostrils, on my scalp and on my neck. Be sure to Google photographs of DH so you can compare them to your condition.

  23. I took it and many antibiotics. I’m now allergic to all antibiotics. I’d avid it if at all possible.

  24. Accutane will work, but so does Chemo. You will just have to weigh the benefits. Take a look at Arbonne’s Clear Future for acne or Calm line for sensitive skin. Gluten free. The acne line uses salicylic acid instead of benzoic peroxide which is less harmful.

  25. Have you ever tried an organic oregano oil? It’s a natural antibiotic…look into it 😄🌺

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