I have Celiac Disease. Can I chew gum?


Another huge question for anyone who has the answer — can I chew gum? My celiac app says my gum can contain gluten (all popular brands such as trident, orbit, etc) but google says it is gf. If it isn’t, what gum can I chew? Mints? Toothpaste? Also, what about coffee from my keurig? (K cups) or Starbucks or Dunkin? I know wine is gf but could it be causing my every day stomach issues? Or wondering if dairy is my issue. I am constantly unsure……So many questions I have. I am only 24 and can’t fathom living like this for the rest of my life.

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  1. I know how you feel, but it gets better and easier with time. I’m interested to see the other comments by those more knowledgeable than me about the foods. As for me, I chewed extra with no problem. I believe Trident is GF. I use Crest toothpaste.

  2. I am thankful that at least we have the internet to be able to check on things, though it isn’t always accurate. I have used the K-Cups from Costco, Pacific something, with no issues.

  3. Regular-sized Altoids are GF, however the minis are not GF. Love my wintergreen Altoids!

  4. I have been chewing orbit gum for years and no issues

  5. I haven’t chewed gum in years, but did a quick website search for gf gum & found one called verywell.com. Don’t know anything about the site or how reliable it is. Nothing helpful found at Orbit, except it’s made by Mars.

  6. Celiac app? Do tell…

  7. I have chewed Wrigley’s all my life-still do- it is gf- have tried the gf gums- dang-they are terrible

  8. The wrappers they say can contain gluten, due to dusting flour used so gum won’t stick to the wrapper. I chew pur it’s in a small sealable bag

  9. I chew Wrigley 5. No problems. I use K cups but only plain coffee, nothing with added flavoring.

  10. It’s me again…the only way to know if dairy is your issue is to go without and see if you feel better. Wine could be the sulfites. Same would apply. I can hear your heavy sigh. We understand and many of us have walked a mile in your shoes. Truly it does get better but not overnight. Hang in there You got this!!

  11. When in doubt, check the manufacturer website.
    I’d be wary if the apps and if webpages that are not medical or Celiac Association related.
    There’s just so much mis-information out there…

  12. I drink the Eclipse car cups and haven’t had any issues that I’ve recognized. Also, referring to a previous comment about the flour dusting on wrappers, the car cups are not wrapped so you would avoid that problem if you are worried.

  13. Pur gum is pretty good flavor doesn’t last long though..I get my coffee pods at staters the organic ones the breakfast blend is really good

  14. I love that app. I know they aren’t 100% reliable but it helps my struggle a little.

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